Conversion Crimes: Is Testing Websites a Real Way To Earn? (Try This Instead)

Conversion Crimes Review

There are ways people can make money online if they need to. However, getting the right path going on doesn’t show any results until a few years away. This means many people sit around trying out different ways to make money, and then, in only a few years, they look back and think, “what is going on”?

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The lockdowns showed people that being able to work online is very important.

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What Is Conversion Crimes?

Conversion Crimes is a platform that pays individuals to check over websites and apps in order to receive a salary.

In case, you’re new to this, when a website developer is looking to get feedback on a particular web application, Conversion Crimes and their members can be quite useful.

If you like looking at websites and apps and think you can pick out things that need fixing, then maybe this is for you.

For others, who, indeed, wish to earn more money, you’ll need a different approach. If you want to become an affiliate, I can give you free coaching, and there are tons of proof: Would YOU Sell Your Site for $28,000?. This is just one article about a person who built a website and is now being offered over $28K to sell it.

How Does Conversion Crimes Work?

Getting started with Conversion Crimes is as easy as going to their website and creating an account. The, Just log into your account, and fill out an application form. This gives Conversion Crimes all the details they need and will be able to focus in on what jobs to send you.

Most tests take 10-20 minutes to complete. Conversion Crimes does not hold back on how much you can work. Members can work as long as they like, it’s just if they have the available work ready.

While researching, I read Conversion Crimes is not as big as UserTesting, but they’re growing, so stick with them.


How To Earn –

  • User testing projects – in the members dash area are projects that are available to the tester.

How to get paid –

  • Payments are processed every week to PayPal

How much can you earn?

  • Pay ranges from $18-60 per hour and averages around $28/hr.
    • There are 4 types of tests lengths:
      • 1-5min – 1 task = 1 USD
      • 5-10 min – 3 tasks = 3 USD
      • 10-15 – 6 tasks = 5 USD
      • 15-20 min – 12 tasks = 7 USD
  • The highest paying projects are those that have 12 tasks or possibly more
  • For Mobile tests, user get $1 USD bonus.
  • The amount of money testers earn is based on the pre established length, not the actual length of the content.

How are test videos recorded?

  • On desktop, videos are recorded with VidGrid. Simply press the record button and start the test. On mobile, you need to use your native screen recorder.

Key Features –

  • Conversion Crimes offers security, protected under stringent privacy policies and regulatory guidelines.
  • A dedicated dashboard equipped within Conversion Crimes provides adequate metrics covering the essential business processes.
  • A simple and affordable user testing tool for small businesses.
  • Its one-click test templates are of great use, enabling seamless outcomes.
  • Access to an 80/20 setup wherein users can incorporate customisable metrics and save time on set setup accordingly.
  • Provides managed QA arrangements besides fully completed user testings relevant to individual organisations.
  • Websites, software, applications, Amazon listings and ad funnels can be tested using the no-code platform.
  • Inbuilt test templates include checkout flow, product discovery, trustability, ads and expectations, brand connection, first impressions, competitor comparison, product discovery, brand connection 2, double-blind A/B competitor comparison, SaaS Free trial signup, media buying funnel, first impressions, Amazon listing hero review, booking and affiliate.


Is Conversion Crimes safe? Yes. Conversion Crimes is completely fine to work with.

Does Conversion Crimes have payment proof? Yes. After doing an in depth search on Google, I was able to see many individuals are uploading payment proof for people to see.

Sub-Reddit: r/usertesting (Payment Proof)

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. Members are paid weekly into their PayPal accounts.

Is Conversion Crimes a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Many developers are required to get websites tested and need people who are willing to do this type of work.

Does Conversion Crimes have any bad reviews? No. Since researching for this review, I have not seen anything bad about this company.

Does Conversion Crimes have an app? No. They do not have an app.

Would you recommend Conversion Crimes to a friend or relative? Yes and no. I think it’s a good way to earn, and Google has payment proof, but there are other ways to make money. I see earning money as something that is serious and should be treated the way it seems.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Get Paid By PayPal.
  • Don’t need to qualify
  • Members can work when they wish
  • Supposedly there’s more at Conversion Crimes
  • Individuals can Improve their user Testing Skills
  • Great Side Income Source
  • Pants Not Required (Work At Home)

What’s not to like –

  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Must Use Native Recorder for Mobile
  • Low rewards
  • Some Tests Take Longer than Expected
  • Tests Not Always Available
  • The company is only 2 years old, so there is only one developer (not much to do considering the whole world)
  • Many, Many things to start fixing before they come out and start acting big


If Conversion Crimes was a bigger platform and had more being invested into it, it would be a good side gig. However, I saw the founder complaining over on Reddit about not being as big as UserTester.

In my eyes, I say to go with affiliate marketing. This is where you build a website and begin writing content. It can be about anything. As you do this, traffic starts coming to your website, and you make money.

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Now that we have been through some of what Conversion Crimes has to offer, is Conversion Crimes a scam or legit? This is the true question, and it helps to learn everything right now.

No, I don’t say that they’re. What I say is, they need to grow a little more before going public because I’ve seen many members complain about not having anything to do once they sign up.

However, if you want to make some extra money, then Conversion Crimes will pay you to do their work.

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