Modere Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Modere Review

There are many reasons to want to make a successful future and to start a business of your own is a way to increase probability and create success. There are different ways you can start a company and this is something I did not know for many years. I thought you had to have some sort of in depth knowledge before building.

However, in MLMs you just have to buy in and receive your package and then begin selling it, presumably to your friends and families.

There are many different types of franchises you can buy into as well.

But What is and how can you sell Personal Health & Wellness Packages from home the easy way? By building a website.

There is no need for hard work anymore, because the internet platforms are providing so much to make use of. You just have to build a website to receive free Google traffic. No warehouses and no products that you own, just wrote content with links.

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What is Modere?

Modere is a Multilevel Marketing company and retailer that sell Health & Wellness products, that which consists of personal care, household care, and weight loss supplements.

The Modere brand has sported quite a few name changes within their timeframe in business, and I’ll start by telling you their previous company names. Modere was first called “Images and Attitudes” and then renamed Neways International. After these two names they finally embarked on the name “Modere” in 2014 after being acquired by Z Capital within 2013, which also lead to an expansion on business planning and re branding. Changes also included products, management, and prices.

Modere claim their products are chemically healthier and safer than so many other brands. Their brand claims to produce products that would help “you reduce or eliminate your exposure to controversial chemicals so your family can enjoy a safe, healthy home environment.” They even have a program called “Modere Cares”, their own charity that aims to provide nutrition to children who are in need worldwide.

Learn more about the original business foundation at Wikipedia.

Now, with Modere and MLMs, the Modere brand of chains is very big. I don’t know what it is, but they certainly understand a few things about marketing. For example, they sport Facebook Modere Live (their conference media chat) with over 3.9K Likes, Facebook Fan Page (34.7K Likes), Twitter (4.4K Likes), YouTube (884 Subscribers), and LinkedIn (7.4K Likes).

Modere has a really good profile at the Better Business Bureau whereby they score an A+ Rating alongside an Accreditation with over 28 years experience in business.

Modere, Inc.’s main competitors are DERMAE, Tatcha and Andalou.

Modere industries and categories of business include Personal Health, Multi-Level Sales, Nutrition, Retail, and Wellness.

As you can already see with everything I have written, this company is very large boasting more than what one could ascertain on their own, which makes way for their loyal fan base. Do you think working from home selling Personal care products is something that you would like to operate inside of? then keep on reading to find out how to start.

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How does Modere work?

Learning how to sell personal health & wellness products from home is something that may take some time and getting used to.

Finding successful MLM to work for can make all the difference when getting started. You need a good and easy to use website which shows you all the elements to their compensation plan. I believe that Modere does offer this, and you can check this at their website.

To get started with Modere, you need to pay $29.95 for their training, marketing materials, and to become an official “Social Marketer”. But this is for the membership fee alone. For the products, you need to purchase the “Builder Collection Package” which costs $399. Therefore, to become a member and to make money selling their products, your Startup costs are almost $430. There are also some cheaper ways to get started such as purchasing one of the lower-tier packages costing around $49.95. There are also standard monthly orders that which cost around $99.99. According to the latter, however, you’ll need to spend more in order to actually start making money with this aspect if you really think about it.

Keep in mind that the products offered at Modere are as follows:

  • Health And Wellness – Supplements for weight management, anti-aging, and general nutrition.
  • Personal Care – Hair and body essentials like shampoo, lotion, serum, soap, exfoliant, etc.
  • Household Care – Laundry powder, dish wash, fabric softener, etc.

You basically just need to spend some money within order to make some money and launch.

Google Trends:

If you were really smart, you’d opt for some SEO and Content marketing training which will bring you up the ladder so much so, that you won’t even need to work hard or leave home.

All you have to do now is check the site out and see if it is something you’ll be willing to explore. The only real perk you get now, by being at this website, is that I can help you with gaining your first customer and seeing real success a lot faster than usual. You’ll need to begin with my #1 training and when you get on the inside, I will quickly show you how to open a powerful WordPress website where you can add products and get free traffic.


After carefully finishing my Modere Review I can now fully conclude that this business is legitimate and you’ll be able to earn if you pay and follow what they teach and show you.

Overall, You need a company that respects you, keeps you updated on what’s going on, and gives you full disclosure before and after you join. If this company or any other company you long to work for does not do this, then you must renegotiate who you need to work for, and with this being said, I can give you your first pipeline of employment starting with your own online business. Keep on reading below to get this orchestrated.

Modere Pros And Cons


  • The company Uses Social Media To Market Their Offers
  • The company sports an Accreditation alongside the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Their products seem Safe And Effective
  • The business is on an uphill trend according to Google Trends
  • Modere is involved with Charity work
  • Modere uses Natural ingredients in their products
  • Modere products are all Eco-friendly
  • Modere doesn’t Completely Rely on Face-to-Face Selling, as there is also the retail side to their company.
  • Modere sports Satisfied Customers along with a huge audience who engage constantly


  • There have been some web pages that say Modere has some Poor & support Training
  • There are some Expensive products according to other sites
  • There are some Hidden monthly expenses
  • According to some other sites, 1 out of 149 members earn over $30k a year
  • There are some Negative Modere reviews
  • Are the products reliable?
  • Is the market competitive? – even with this, there is always enough room to gain entry because of the algorithms of Google which works to show every brand
  • There is a lack on information about their compensation plan
  • Are there side effects that can happen from taking the product?
  • MLMs are bad for beginners which is very obvious, there is no such thing as hard work unless you have qualifications.

Build an online business and base your whole network from home

You do not have to work hard anymore, and this is all thanks to platforms (like the one I use, and the one you’re on now) to help you learn the secrets. You just need somebody who can show you how. If you want to make money you don’t even need your own product you simply sell other peoples.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling personal health & wellness products from home? Have you worked or tried working for Modere before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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