Mode Earn App: Is Mode Earn Phone Really Worth It? (Scam or Legit?)

Mode Earn App Review

There are many reasons why people want to earn money and by seeing the constant need for money, I see why people go to extraordinary lengths to get it. 

Just think of everything you can do when you have more money? You may be someone who has quite a bit on and doesn’t see the need for more money, but in the internet world, there are stacks of opportunities to make money online.

Sometimes I’ll come across comments online of people expressing how they just like to pass time with apps that pay. Great way to make some extra side income, hey?

There’s also another industry people are booming over called affiliate marketing. If you want to make more money than what microjob pay, then this could be the sweetest thing for you. Malinda made $100 the first time she tried it!

But if you enjoy sitting back on your mobile device doing a little work, then keep on reading!

Product Name: Mode Earn App & Mode Earn Phone

Website: or Google Play Store


Price: Free or $9.99 per month

Overall Rating: 67/100

What Is Mode Earn App?

Mode Earn Phone is a seemingly huge company that offers a rewards app and mobile phone for people to enjoy and start earning while sitting around doing nothing. As big as the company is, there is little information about them, other than being known as Mode Earn Phone and Mode Earn App. 

From the evidence I’ve gathered, I understand that the Mode Earn App is the super app reward engine that powers their proprietary smartphone, Mode Earn Phone.

There is no information on who founded this company.

We will continue along with what the Mode Earn App and Earn Phone each offer.

How Does Mode Earn App Work?

At, there is a subscription plan that can be purchased in order to receive the Mode Earn Phone and start earning. The Mode Earn Club amount is USD $9.99 per month. You can also purchase Mode Earn Phone on Amazon outright for $120. By doing this, you can then earn by using their Earn App on Google Play.

Mode Earn Phone claims users get up to $300 in exclusive offers for purchasing this mobile plan.

However, the Mode Earn App is available worldwide, as long as you have PayPal you can withdraw your earnings. Just go to Google Play to download, connect, login, and start playing. 

There are multiple ways to earn and withdraw your earnings, which we’ll cover in the next section.


Mode Earn Phone Plan –

(Must be living in US, Canada Or Mexico for the mobile phone plan).

  • Mode Earn Club
  • New Mode MEP2 Phone
  • Free Case ($29 Value)
  • Data Cable
  • Wall Charger
  • Stereo Headphones
  • Micro SD Card, 64 GB
  • User Manual
  • Worldwide Unlock Upgrade

As part of your Mode Earn Club membership, enjoy $300+ in exclusive subscription offers, upgrades, and bonus cash. These benefits are available immediately after checkout.

  • Earn Club – Earn 1.5x faster on Mode cost $0 worth $900
  • Bitcoin – Earn $33 worth of crypto (Get BTC, ETH, & More) Cost $0 worth $33
  • Robinhood – Earn $90 in cash + stocks (Bonuses from Stash, Public, and much more) costs $0 worth $90
  • Tidal – Up to 2 months of free streaming (Tidal, Skillshare & more) costs $0 worth $49
  • Warby Parker – Earn 16 free meals & a free shave kit (Hello fresh, Harry’s & more) costs $0 worth $39
  • 18 months warranty – (Limited warranty) costs $0 worth $50
  • Free phone upgrade – (every 18 months) cost $0 worth $150

Cost: $9.99US Monthly.

16 Modes to Earn –

  • Music mode – Get paid when you play your favourite music
  • Games Mode – Get paid when you play your favourite games
  • News Mode – Get paid when you read breaking news
  • Surf Mode – Get paid when you browse the internet
  • Charge Mode – Get paid when you charge your phone
  • Share Mode – Get paid when you share the app or other products
  • Weather Mode – Get paid when you check the weather
  • Task Mode – Get paid when you perform tasks
  • Cash Mode – Cash out rewards whenever you like
  • Crypto Mode – Get paid when you sign up for Crypto services
  • Finance Mode – Get paid when you sign up for financial services
  • Data Mode – Get paid when you opt in to share your data
  • Lock Screen Mode – Get paid when you use the lock screen
  • Watch Mode – Get paid when you watch videos
  • Save Mode – Get paid when you sign up for savings services
  • Fitness Mode – Get paid when you provide location

Ways To Cashout – 

  • PayPal
  • Crypto – Link your wallet or create a new one at Coinbase.
  • Gift Cards (Target, Starbucks, Amazon and Google Play, etc)

Refer A Friend –

  • Refer A Friend – Get $50 for each one (Est. $50)
  • Earn More – Get $50 for 25 referrals (Est. $1250)
  • Mode Earn Club – Get $1 for every new sign up

Earn Mode Referral Examples –

  • Weekly – Referring 3 friends per week = $150 (*52 weeks)
  • Monthly – Referring 12 friends per month = $600 (*52 weeks)
  • Mode Earn Club – Referring 10 friends in a month = $10 (*52 weeks)

All the referral bullets combined = $6,000+ USD In 1 Year.


Is Mode Earn App safe? Yes. After reviewing a lot of the material within this review and on Google, I can say it is 100% legit.

Does Mode Earn App have payment proof? Yes. If you go into Google Images, you’ll be able to see different uploads of payment proof.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. It offers PayPal as one of the ways to cashout, which is convenient.

Is Mode Earn App a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Monetisation through advertising is one of the ways getting big attention right now. 

Does Mode Earn App have support? Mode Earn app customer service can be found at the bottom of their website where it says contact, or you can use this

Does Mode Earn App have any bad reviews? No. After doing all this research, I didn’t find any unhappy customers.

Does Mode Earn App have an app? Yes. Earn Phone is available on Google Play Store only.

Would you recommend Mode Earn App to a friend or relative? No. I don’t like these types of earning methods because I already know about ways that pay a little bit more. If you’re interested, try this.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Offers a reliable way to earn
  • Seemingly successful company
  • Tons of ways to earn
  • Has PayPal.

What’s not to like –

  • Only available in US, Canada, or Mexico (For the Mode Earn Phone Plan)
  • Low-income potential
  • Exaggerated earning potential


The Mode Earn Phone is a good way to make money with monetisation, but it isn’t good for people who are new to the online world. 

I mean, you could have heard about affiliate marketing and be totally new to this; Earn Phone doesn’t care. It also can’t help.

Why should I tell you about alternatives when this technique doesn’t help complete newbies?

There is a booming industry happening right now. People are making incredible amounts of money with long-term success, and things will never be the same for them! 

Everyday people like Jerry Huang is earning thousands and thousands of dollars monthly!

I think you know where to go from here!

But if not, then try reading and learning more: Apps to make money.

Conclusion – Is the Mode Earn Phone/App Really Worth It?

Now that we have been through some of what Mode Earn App has to offer, is Mode Earn App a scam or legit? 

After going through this whole opportunity, I have to express how Earn Phone really puts a lot of its earning emphasis on its affiliate program (referral a friend program).

They have a huge page showcasing how you can earn $1200 for bringing in new people to earn. This is huge. But what if you don’t know anybody? This is a huge con. I mean, with so much emphasis on referral programs, they should go into what it actually is a little bit more so that it actually works for them!

I’m guessing people will just see the referral program offer and be like “Oh Yeah”.

However, there are uploads of peoples earnings in Google, but it isn’t very much! Most I saw was around $9. Huge difference compared to what they’re saying.

What I recommend – Take Up Affiliate Marketing And Get Paid To Sell Other Peoples Products

If you’re anything like me, I like to work for my keep. But when it’s paying small dribs and drabs here and there, then I don’t see it being worth it. 

I see myself as running an online business and raking in at least $10K per month. 

Anyone can make money in affiliate marketing and there are countless amounts of people doing it. 

How are you going to pay for your rent, food and essentials without a decent income!? 

Have a look at Roses’ story, she knows for a fact you need at least $18 Grand to start your own business, but this was back in the 80s. If you don’t have a spare $18 grand and want to make money online, then do what Rose is doing!

The strategy has a few simple steps –

  1. Choose an interest 
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media follows or LIkes.

Here’s the link to get started. 

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