Mint Surveys: Are You Earning Enough? (A Must Try Instead!!)

Mint Surveys Review

Surveys can be a great way to make some extra money from home, even when you have nothing better to do. As long as you’re happy earning very low income, then so be it.

Taking surveys generally requires the person to have a computer. You can also do the surveys on your mobile device if the survey platform has this opportunity.

If you’re at this stage and beginning to look around for ways to make money online then taking surveys is only a small part to this idea. Its because the earnings are so low. 

I would suggest doing surveys is mainly for individuals who wish to help out with applying their own personal opinions.

But for the ones who are serious about earning money online and have the time patience, then come with me and begin a new adventure. I’ll also show you payment proof, something that is rare to find online: Month 7 – $4550. This is no joke, the owner of this site started earning 5 figure digits in only 7 months of starting the site. Huge difference when comparing with doing surveys!

Product Name: Mint Surveys


Owner: The Online Research Unit Pty Ltd (The ORU Pty Ltd)

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 17/100

What Is Mint Surveys?

Mint Surveys is a Market Research Platform that receives quesionaires regarding business models and products from large corperate companies and it is your job to answer these surveys.

Mint Surveys is based in Australia and is only available for people living in Australia.

Not only do you get to provide feedback on Australian businesses but you earn a small reward for doing so.

Mint Surveys is also a part of the Australian Market & Social Research Society. This makes their legitimacy a probability.

How Does Mint Surveys Work?

Getting started with Mint Surveys is different to most others. It requires you to be invited before joining.

If you’ve been invited, Mint Surveys will send you surveys. You’ll need to log into your dash area every so often to see your current earnings.

Mint Surveys: Are You Earning Enough? (A Must Try Instead!!)

The currency threshold to withdraw is a high $20. This is very high compared to some other survey panels, but maybe they might send out more surveys.

Also, members are only allowed to have one survey account.

Mint Surveys uses a points based system. When they send the survey out, you’ll also see the payment in which you’ll earn for completeing the survey.

Mint Surveys is a high paying survey website, whereby each point is worth $0.10. Members will see the points being paid with every survey sent out.

All rewards come in the form of a Coles Myer Gift Card and arrive within 28 days of being requested.


Steps to getting started –

  • Receive Invitation
  • Create account
  • Login to view available surveys
  • Sit and Wait for surveys to be delivered
  • Complete Surveys
  • Get Paid

Key Features –

  • Payments Offered: Retail Vouchers
  • How to Participate: Online Surveys
  • Redeeming Rewards: Earn 200 points to withdraw a Coles Myer Gift card.
  • Similar Panels: Univox Community, MyOpinions, Panel Champ


Is Mint Surveys safe? Yes. Mint Surveys is a high value survey panel with high rewards.

Does Mint Surveys have payment proof? No. There is no payment proof available.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. After participants have earned a minimum of 200 points they can request a Coles Myer Gift Card which is sent out to them.

Is Mint Surveys a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There is a large portion of businesses looking to get answers related to the value of their products and services.

Does Mint Surveys have support? Yes. Mint Surveys customer service has a contact link at the bottom of their website.

Does Mint Surveys have any bad reviews? No. After doing an in depth review, I did not see any bad remarks about this survey panel.

Does Mint Surveys have an app? No. All their surveys are sent by website only.

Would you recommend Mint Surveys to a friend or relative? No. I don’t think it offers a high enough way to be paid.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Offers a simple way to earn rewards
  • Offers high paying rewards
  • You will still be rewarded even if you are disqualified from their survey

What’s not to like –

  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Limited payment options available
  • High payout threshold
  • Their site is not mobile-friendly and does not have an app.


At Affiliate Training Now it is very important that we teach only the real way to earn money online. 

You’ll always come past ways that offer to give you a gift card for answering surveys but this isn’t enough for what adults need. 

As grown individuals, we need at least $500 a week and a survey site will never pay this much. 

Survey sites also offer their referral program. This is a way for the member to tell people about them and earn more. 

This is what I teach on but in a much bigger way (using a website).

Check out how much people are making here before you consider: $100+ In One Day! My First Time!

For the ones who enjoy doing surveys here is some alternatives: surveys that really pay cash!


Now that we have been through some of what Mint Surveys has to offer, is Mint Surveys a scam or legit? It is not a scam. 

During this review we discussed Mint Surveys is a part of the Australian Market & Social Research Society which makes them 100% legit.

We went over a few more things which you will find helpful. 

But, can you earn enough from carrying out these tasks at Mint Surveys? A Coles Myer Gift Card is nice, but after a while you’ll wonder if this is truly the right direction.

I would advise only earn commissions that equate to real currency. 

I can give you more info on this below.

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