MentalFloss: Demolish Your Appetite With Facts, Fun Trivia, and More (Scam or Legit?)

Mental Floss Review

This is my Mental Floss Website Review. Find out if the Mental Floss Magazine is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. Since the outbreak of the “Rona” Virus, I have been looking at all the different ways people are figuring out what to do with their lives. Now, this is important to know as we all know, we are basically turning to the Internet now for everything we need. I have read online about the true hikes in terms of online marketing and how online sales are climbing larger and better for online retailers than ever before. But what about courses and studying? Do people still like to study, and what is the impact that the earthly trends are doing the places in public where we study? All study halls have been shut down, and this means that students who like to keep learning now have to turn to online resources and basically anything they can get their hands on.

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What is Mental Floss Magazine?

Mental Floss (stylised mental_floss) is an online magazine website based on educational concepts for ways people can learn, since when it was launched there wasn’t much around for that type of learning or education. Although Mental Floss was created many years ago, back in 1996, it wasn’t actually launched until 2001. It was launched in Birmingham, Alabama, and has other offices in Midtown Manhattan. It was when two friends and entrepreneurs both William E. Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur were at the Duke University studying that they came up with the concept of wanting to start an entertaining educational magazine. Their ideas and conversations would take shape in the Duke cafeteria, and According to Hattikudur, they wanted to “distil” some of the best lectures from our favourite college professors. We thought if we could bottle their enthusiasm and deliver it in monthly instalments, it’d be great”.

The Mental Floss Website frequently publishes books and sells humorous T-Shirts. One of the other interesting elements to this site is it also developed a license trivia board game called Split Decision, which is similar to Trivial Pursuit. Also, don’t be surprised to find out you can even buy from the Mental Floss Online Store quirky home and office supplies, games, and toys.

Dennis Publishing bought Mental Floss in 2011.

Mental Floss was acquired by Minute Media from the Felix Dennis estate in September 2018.

Now that you’re ready that Mental Floss Magazine is no small timer, can you guess how many Likes they bring to the table on Facebook? Their Facebook Fan Page boasts over 2.4M Likes alone.

But before we jump down to the next section, keep in mind that Mental Floss stopped printing magazines in 2016, and this is what the founding members had to say “While this is the final issue of mental_floss magazine, we’re hoping it’s not the last you’ll hear from us, We’ve loved creating a print product, but fighting for space on the newsstand and Pony Expressing issues to doorsteps are no longer the best ways to get you the stories you want. There are more than 20 million Flosses reading and watching mental_floss online, and for us, it feels like there are so many opportunities for new adventures.”

Eligibility: No age restrictions, WorldWide.

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How does Mental Floss Magazine work?

Mental Floss is an American magazine turned website that tests the knowledge of its users with interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain-teaser games. The Mental Floss Magazine doesn’t offer any reason to create an account, as it is solely for reading and learning. However, you can sign up to their weekly newsletter that I’m sure would send out some pretty quirky materials.

This is a popular website if you want to improve your knowledge, and you won’t regret browsing it.

Now, when you get to the Mental Floss Website, you will have a homepage that has a big picture on it. As usual there is a main menu directly above the site where it has five options to choose from that say:

  • Smart Shopping
  • Quizzes
  • Lists
  • Videos
  • Amazing Facts

What I like about this menu is that it is basic. Cohorting a basic menu is the number one thing that I like about any blog, as it helps with navigation and is not too complicated. I was actually looking the other day when I came across a post that said big menus are not good, so try not to have a big menu. Now, for a moment I thought it was right, but it was when I couldn’t access anything on my site I began to realise the post I read most of not meant what I thought it had meant. I changed my menu back around and learned something new. Menus are good, but need to display only what you need so that the webmaster can keep everything on their site under control. This is important for ranking, which is important for you to learn now in case you also decide to build your site and start an online business during or at the end of this Mental Floss Magazine Review as well.

If you love facts, then you will love the Mental Floss website as well. As the menu has the categories to each section of the site, and with no print edition left anymore, all you have to do is on over to their site and check them out.  


Now with everything having been spoken about I’m sure you can understand that this site is not too bad. I can now conclude that the Mental Floss Magazine Website is not a scam and members won’t get tricked into some paid subscription where they get scammed and receive no value, which is anything unusual on the internet.

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Pros And Cons About Mental Floss Website


  • Mental Floss is a Popular website
  • Long-standing history on the internet, which makes it a trusted source of information
  • Tons of free information including, puzzles, quizzes, lists, and more
  • The Mental Floss website beholds relevant learning information


  • Can get lost in all the free information

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