Matilda Jane MLM Clothing Review — Scam or Legit?

Matilda Jane MLM Clothing Review

You’ve come to this page probably because Matilda Jane is offering some pretty nice clothing to look at and to even buy for your family and friends. But is it as good as it seems?

Matilda Jane is also an MLM, which means people can buy a business franchise for themselves to start selling the Matilda Jane Clothing themselves? Does this sound like something you want to do?

Have you ever learned properly what Multilevel marketing is?

Just now I have already put more than 3 questions to you. These are questions that you’ll have to answer in order to grow your quality lifestyle and become more of what you want to be!

The one thing I want to warn you about is affiliate marketing. This is a bit different to multilevel marketing, but so much better. Multilevel marketing is not fun work. You earn peanuts for working 12-hour shifts, and it just isn’t nice.

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Product Name: Matilda Jane Clothing


Owner: Denise DeMarchis

Price: $50 to $200

Overall Rating: 67/100

What Is Matilda Jane MLM Clothing?

Matilda Jane MLM Clothing is a multilevel marketing company and website that sells primarily both women and girls clothing.

The distributors for Matilda Jane Clothing are called Trunk Keepers.

 Matilda Jane Logo
Matilda Jane Logo

How Does Matilda Jane MLM Work?

Matilda Jane Clothing uses a multilevel marketing business model to distribute women and girls clothes and accessories.

Terms & Features

Purchase requirements to join – New Trunk Keepers must first purchase a seasonal “trunk” in order to become active, and this costs $1600. The seasonal trunk includes clothes, accessories, promotional items and marketing materials, rack, and hangers.

A Decent product line, largely in scale:

  • Girls
  • Baby
  • Tween
  • Women
  • Boys
  • Swim
  • Pyjamas
  • Play

Which is followed by a smaller range of accessories:

  • Shoes
  • Towels
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Blankets
  • Bedding
  • Baby kits

Application required? – Yes, Application form is on website.

Payment terms – Monthly.

Minimum monthly spend to qualify for commissions – $1500 – $4000

Down line commission rates: 1 – 9% to four levels (level 1 down line for initial rank is 4%)

Base Commission rate

  • 20% on commissionable products
  • 5% on good luck trunk merchandise
  • 5% on platinum merchandise

Everything included when your company is set up –

Variety of popular clothing and accessories to sell

Brand Recognition – Because of the company “Matilda Jane” it helps you sell your items.

Continuous Training Support – Trunkers receive full support access to Matilda Jane support team.

Incredible Marketing Tools – Full training provided along with company representatives

Turn-Key Platform (A Complimentary, Personalised Website) – Your own website that which is already pre-built. This entails being able to switch and provide your clients with their own affiliate link where they can access your item selection.

In-Home Trunk Show Format and Best Practices – Must sell a certain amount for discounts.

Generous Customer Care – Your consumers are also well cared for.

Corporate Field Support – On a corporate level, your business receives that level of support also.

An Abundant Resource Library – Marketing literature to people to learn more about the marketing process and where it can lead you.

Jane Incentives – Special incentives for workers of the company.

Leadership Development – Process development and leadership support.

Recognition & Rewards – Rewards based off the work you do and the way you grow this level of maximisation.

Matilda Jane Look Book – I found this Matilda Jane Look book PDF for those who want to scroll through the pages digitally.

 Size Chart for Matilda Jane
Size Chart for Matilda Jane


What Is a Matilda Jane Knockoff? — A Matilda Jane Look-a-like is another brand that has clothes that look the same but are not the same as Matilda Jane MLM Clothing. This article explains more on this: Clothes Like Matilda Jane: 8 Shops With Matilda Jane Look-Alikes!

Is Matilda Jane a Pyramid Scheme? — Matilda Jane has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a credible sign that it is legitimate. 

Is Matilda Jane an MLM? – Yes, Matilda Jane is an MLM. The business model of these is very tricky and hard to understand and usually only entices new people into starting.

Where to Buy Matilda Jane Clothing? – If you don’t know of any distributors, then the next best place would be the Matilda Jane Clothing website.

Why Is Matilda Jane So Expensive? – Mainly because of the materials they use in their clothing. I found this article for you to learn more on why Matilda Jane is so expensive.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Matilda Jane? – Starting Out. With a deposit of $100, you’ll receive everything you need to get started: an inventory assortment of Girls clothing and accessories, promotional items and marketing materials, rack, and hangers.

Is It Hard to Become a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper? – Judging on what every other MLM is like and watching other people do it in my family before I can tell you that yes it is hard. You have to drive to parties at nighttime and then get home late and start unpacking your car! I used to help my relative both pack and unpack for an MLM, and now I know what it is!

Does Matilda Jane Run Big Sizing? – here is a post I found that can help you with these answers: Matilda Jane sizing?

Is Matilda Jane Clothing a Reliable Source to Start a Business With? – Because Matilda Jane is on the Better Business Bureau without many complaints, I am very surprised. It must be a sign that they’re a reliable source and people are getting the support they need! Or maybe they just aren’t saying anything because it’s all girls, and it would feel weird a girl making a complaint against another girl?

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Truckers get their own turn-key website
  • Full support access
  • Everything done for you
  • Huge brand with quality ethics involved
  • Brand recognition comes together with your key-turn business included
  • Great commission rates
  • Full females and girl power rocking

What’s not to like

  • To get 50% off items, Trunkers must sell $300 worth of items first—I would have thought that this would have been included for the girl power brand “Trunkers”?! Looking at what will be sold at that party, at least let the Trunkers get their discounts for their own families!
  • It’s an MLM which are notoriously known for being total failures to anyone that gets involved with one
  • The MLM business structure is based off the pyramid scheme which is a broken system
  • Sorry to say, but Trunkers will never get paid!
  • Prohibits the Use of Trademarks/Logo/Emails
  • Restrictive Company Guidelines
  • Bans the Use of Internet for Sales or Recruiting Purposes


There are better options out there for people who are only here to see and not touch. You could be in the process of working out what way you want to go in life, and it might be a good idea to choose another option right now.

As you have been told many times on the internet, MLMs are notoriously bad for business and make people work all for nothing. No matter what type of company you create, MLMs never work out for the people at the bottom of the ladder.

I want you to look at something a little better and that is going to help you, such as:

  • Wealthy Affiliate—This is a community of entrepreneurs who are in the process of building an affiliate website by writing content to publish to Google. The companies that come out, the more we have to write about, and you can too!
  • eBay—Look for the link at the bottom of the website that says affiliate. Hit that and sign up. Once you’ve done that, you’ll just need to write some content and start earning.


Even though the Matilda Jane MLM business opportunity looks OK, it doesn’t stop it from being an MLM.

The opportunity may sound very appealing for somebody who doesn’t have a degree in marketing because they won’t understand what they’re doing or what is going on with the opportunity in front of them at that time.

But it does not matter. The truth is the truth and will never be the same. A Pyramid scheme is a deceptive business model that is made to increase the wealth of the ones who built it only, by using thousands of others to do their dirty work and spend their own money as well.

You’re here to earn money and create your own trusted business source, and that is final.

I have the perfect business model for you to begin, and I will coach you to be rich. This means you have my word that I will help you along the way. This is important because it takes away the busyness of what MLMs involve.

With my coaching, it is just you, me, and your computer. Start by reading my free guide and everything you need is there waiting for you to start.

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