Marketforce: How To Make Money In EU & US Mystery Shopping (Scam or Legit?)

Marketforce Review

I have to admit, mystery shopping programs do pay good money. After doing the research for this review, I was happy to see people making over $40 for working with Market Force.

One Market Force Shopper on YouTube made $42 for visiting 4 shops. I thought, “hey, this could be something I can do while going out anyway!?”.


I want to try it, but currently I am staying focused to the choice I made, which is online blogging. You see, I could perform some mystery shopping jobs while I’m doing reviews online, but it takes away all my thoughts. 

A lot of building an online business has to do with where your thoughts are.

I would rather keep thinking about this website then to take a few hours to perform a mystery shop and trust me, once it’s done the results will be so out of this world.

If you’re new to the internet and want to learn how to make money online, my website is one to follow. There are so many out there, but none are branded the way I am. I am putting emphasis on what this new and better opportunity is, and I require you to take a serious look at me and my business and get involved.

Product Name: Market Force Mystery Shopper


Download: Android and Apple

Owner: Unknown.

Price: Free

Earnings: Averaging $42 for visiting 4 shops

Overall Rating: 16/100

What Is MarketForce? is a Mystery Shopping Platform that pays users to go undercover and perform shops in order to provide feedback on the things they bought.

The Market Force website has a fair amount of information; however, it doesn’t go deep into whose founding the platform. It does have the team working within the background from CEO to Director of Client Management on the About page, which does help.

Marketforce: How To Make Money In EU and US Mystery Shopping (Scam or Legit?)

Moreover, it says it’s performed over 100K Mystery shops, 1M Surveys, 100K contacts, and 1M logins. This is a fair estimate to know it’s a site worth working with.

Just keep in mind that mystery shopping won’t be paying your bills any time soon. You’ll only ever earn max $20-30 a pop. People are going crazy over affiliate marketing. You can get paid to refer people, which gives you a full-time business; it’s something different and more reliable.

After doing a ton of research, I eventually found some information on who can actually join this platform. Market Force is for North America and some countries in the EU. Generally, you’ll find the North American portal, which is for both Canada and American people. If you live in the EU, you’ll need to find a portal that suits that area. When you perform the Google search, it will more often than not pull up your appropriate sign-up page.

Additionally, Market Force Information (Market Force) is an online company set to take over the Mystery shopping industry and more. Market Force Information provides what they local-level customer experience management that which provides solutions to some of the biggest companies products and services being sold and kept at the industry-standard performance. Market Force Information was founded in 2005 by Karl Maier, Paul Berberian, Rushton McGarr. Market Force Information Last funding type was Debt Financing. Market Force Information is headquartered in Colorado and industries include Analytics, Consulting, Market Research. Some of Market Force Information Investors are Monitor Clipper Funds, Boulder Ventures, and Vista Ventures.

Although does sound legit, there are still some particular elements that we need to look at in order to see whether they are going to be helpful or not to some of the people who want to use them. Facebook is one of these elements; where if they have a Facebook Fan Page you will likely benefit a lot from this company as you’ll be able to grab support plus keep up to date on different topics set out within their pathway plan. After having a quick search on Facebook, I was able to find that Market Force Information does have their own Facebook Fan Page and they boast over 28K Likes.

There are plenty of different ways you can earn money online, but then there are professional ways and not so professional ways. If you use a computer and like to write articles, then this is definitely for you. How would you like to make money promoting other people’s products and services? Take a look at the proof of people having great success with this training: $6.2K Month – October Monthly Update!. If the latter is something that you like, then start now and I will meet you in there and coach you for free!

How Does MarketForce Work?

To get started with MarketForce mystery shopping, you need a computer and mobile phone. You’ll need to create an account, and I suggest using the website to do this in order to read more about what’s it like. Then, sign up and login using one of either their Android and Apple apps.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to use the app to find available addresses that require mystery shopping appliances.

I mean, I’ve got to be honest with you, on their website it doesn’t offer all that much information. It just says “Interested” or “Already a shopper”?.

Here are some quotes from the Android app:

Mystery shoppers: Find nearby shop assignments from our mobile app (Eyes:On), complete questionnaires, and upload questionnaires and images from your phone.

Internal auditors: Upload your own questionnaire for your internal employees to complete audits and upload information to Knowledge Force.

If the activity you choose is not completed correctly, you can be disqualified. There are specific time windows to complete your shop and if you complete a job outside this time you won’t get paid or reinburst for costs.

Moreover, Through a suite of products, Market Force Information helps businesses increase customer loyalty and protect the brand at the store level through the corporate level. To start using Market Force Mystery Shopper and Surveys, you will need to create an account using both your name and email address, which you can do straight from here using Market Force Shopper Login on their platform. What makes this site more appealing is the fact that they also offer the Market Force Help Desk to make all your estimated inquiries.

Market Force has offices within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Spain. This can also let loose more common knowledge for those who wish to dive deep with this company.

Market Force operates at scale across the globe. As a member of the Market Force Information company, you will indulge in many different activities, which we’ll go through now.

Market Force Information solutions provide a robust framework for measuring and improving operational excellence, customer experience, and your financial KPIs.

  • Measurement channels: mystery shopping, customer experience surveys, contact center calls, social media, employee engagement surveys
  • Knowledge Force® technology platform, an Eyes:On mobile app
  • Predictive Analytics to determine what matters most and the ROI for investing in improvements
  • Market Research services (e.g., customer segmentation, Attitude Trial, and Usage studies, custom research projects)
  • Strategic Advisory Services to design and implement effective measurement systems and improve performance

The following are different types of elements that make up what this company is involved with –

  • Complete over 100,000 mystery shops
  • Collect, process, and analyse millions of employee and customer experience surveys
  • Manage over a hundred thousand inbound calls to our contact centre
  • Host over 1 million user logins on our KnowledgeForce® reporting platform


Ways To Earn –


  • Sit down, have a meal – Earn $12
  • Call a business – Earn $3

Payments –

  • All payments include parking and towing charges. This is superb. Just imagine if you had your vehicle towed! Just as well, they cover this expense. Once your task is complete, Marketforce will send you a payment. You can have it paid into your bank by wire transfer. Payment processing is done on the 15th of each month. If you want a check, it will take longer to receive.

Community –

  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Blog
  • About US
  • Services
  • Analytics
  • KnowledgeForce®
  • Consulting
  • Careers

Key Benefits –

  • Each job says how much it is going to pay.
  • Users can take a look at the shop and enter their own desired amount to be paid.


Is MarketForce safe? Yes. There are no reviews stating otherwise.

Does MarketForce have payment proof? There is a YouTube video with a mystery shopper mentioning he was paid $42 by Market Force after visiting 4 shops.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. You can be paid by direct bank transfer or check.

Is MarketForce a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There are businesses looking to receive feedback on their businesses, and this is where you come in as an undercover shopper agent. Lots of feedback can be arranged using this process.

Does MarketForce have support? There is a contact link for MarketForce customer service at the bottom of their website.

Does MarketForce have any bad reviews? No. There are no bad reviews about this company. However, it doesn’t mention who it’s for?

Does MarketForce have an app? Yes. Market Force is available for both Android and Apple Devices.

Would you recommend MarketForce to a friend or relative? It does pay good money; however, it can also take alot of time. If you want to go down this path, then that’s your choice. I mean, you can do it while you’re going out anyway. I probably would recommend this to people because it pays the bills.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Processes payment automatically each month
  • Offers better earnings than GPT sites
  • There’s no payment threshold 

What’s not to like –

  • Doesn’t say who can join?
  • Doesn’t say who the founders are?
  • Lack of customer information on the website


When it comes to making money online, mystery shoppers ltd is the best way to earn. Have you got much experience online? If not, then it isn’t the best to learn. See, there are many things that you need to take into account when wanting to make money online. 

Free mystery shopper jobs can be a good way to maximise your earnings during the day because you can do them while you’re going out anyway. But it isn’t a real business model.

When I noticed that guy on YouTube earned $42 for checking out 4 shops, I thought WOW! You can actually make fantastic money doing this!

Are you a hard worker? Can you press forward and work to build? All this doesn’t require much. 

Look at Zarina, after one year of persistent hard work, she broke 4 digits in earnings annually! If you can break 4 digits in earnings with mystery shopping, I want to know!

Here’s a list of 4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Mystery Shopping Company

How To Get MarketForce Referrals 

Keep in mind that if has a referral program, you can make extra money by telling others about it. My website is the first online to tell people about affiliate marketing is such a forthcoming way.

Referral marketing is a wonderful way to make money online and nobody knows about it. The only ones that do know about it are the ones who are excited and telling others!

If you see an “affiliate” offer within MarketForce, it means they will pay you more. Unless you have a website you will have to resort to Facebook, email, text messaging, etc to get the word out and tell others.

If you want to see how real success is achieved, then start with Little-Mammas new record which is $1400 per day! Conjoin both Marketforce with Affiliate Training Now and create a wealth of income if it is so possible!

If you don’t read anything on this page, then take the course yourself.

This is the process to get more referrals –

  1. Login To
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  3. Build a free website at Wealthy Affiliate 
  4. Write and publish a MarketForce Review to your newly built website
  5. Add your MarketForce affiliate link to your review


Now that we have been through some/if not all of what MarketForce has to offer, is MarketForce a scam or legit? 

Mystery shopping assignments and opportunities are a great way to earn more money, but not the best. 

Marketforce is good, but doesn’t showcase much information on their website. However, we did add what we could – here.

People do make good money with MarketForce, so I’m guessing the make money objective has been met.

Affiliate Marketing Is A New Way And Better For Making Money Online

Start learning bigger things when it comes to the internet. Google isn’t just about reading the wonderful articles it displays. It is also about learning how you too can benefit.

What do you think all those people are doing in Google? Just providing you free information because they are nice? No.

People do not do things for free or because they are nice.

I urge you to act and do the things that are people are doing to make money online!

This is the four step system –

  1. Choose an interest 
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media follows or LIkes

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