LoQueDigo Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

LoQueDigo Review

There are so many reasons for people online to navigate into the 57% of the world’s population who are searching for different products and services to spend their money on and to take some of the profits of that pie and put it into your own bank accounts. That’s right, there’s 7.676 billion people in the world, and over half of those people are online looking to spend their money. This LoQueDigo Review is one serious path to success if you want it today.

My guess is that you are reading this review to find out more information on LoQueDigo Survey Platform and this is going to earn you some extra side income if the panel is 100% legitimate. Most survey sites are legitimate but whether they are going to earn you a huge salary so that you can leave home is totally dependent on you and the way you use their platforms. You must notice that just then I used a plural because the Survey Referral opportunity is a path using more than just one site.

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What is LoQueDigo?

loquedigo.com is an online survey website that seeks to better connect companies with their customers, allowing companies to provide better products and services to their customers. Founded in 2015 and currently based out of Denver, Colorado, LoQueDigo facilitates the interaction between companies with customers who are most likely to pursue the products and services of these companies. By sharing 35% of total revenue earned with their customers and offering direct cash payouts, LoQueDigo is a potentially lucrative site for both companies and survey participants alike. In addition to the United States, residents of Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia can all participate in this survey experience.

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How does LoQueDigo Work?

Sign-up for LoQueDigo is free and relatively simple. Customers are encouraged to fill out different profiles to be better targeted by surveys that correspond to their personal preferences. Different profiles include personal, work, auto, and medical profiles to name a few. The more profiles that a customer fills out, the more surveys they are invited to participate in. Options for daily surveys, as well as video-style surveys are available, with surveys offering cash payouts ranging from $1 to $5. LoQueDigo primarily uses PayPal to reward its customers but also does provide the option for Amazon gift cards, Facebook credits, and even magazine subscriptions. If a customer opts to receive payment through an Amazon gift card, 1000 points are converted to $10 on the card. The PayPal payout process is very good with payouts made on the 1st and 16th of every month with a minimum $20 payment threshold required. However, sometimes redeeming rewards apart from the PayPal system can take a longer amount of time, anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Impressively, there is no limit on earnings, with the amount of money that a customer makes directly corresponding to the number of surveys they are able to complete. Because the more profiles a customer fills out, the more surveys they will receive, the earning potential is entirely based on the amount of time a customer is willing to spend on LoQueDigo.


LoQueDigo is one of the best online survey sites available. Its payout options are made primarily in cash payments through PayPal, a preferred option among many online survey participants. With no limit on earnings, online survey junkies who fill out many of the different profile options provided by LoQueDigo can earn a significant amount of money compared to most online survey sites. One of the few perceived weakness of LoQueDigo is that redeeming rewards apart from the PayPal payout method can be time consuming. Also, there is no phone number for customer support, only an email, a factor which may concern some individuals.

Pros and Cons About LoQueDigo


  • Very high earning potential compared to most online survey websites
  • Sign-up is free and relatively simple
  • Payouts are made primarily through PayPal
  • Reward options for Amazon gift cards
  • Surveys partner customers with companies they are interested in


  • Redeeming non-PayPal rewards can take 4 to 6 weeks
  • In order to receive large amounts of surveys, multiple profiles must be filled out
  • No phone number for customer support

2 thoughts on “LoQueDigo Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Hi Michael, Thanks for your comprehensive review of LoQueDigo! I think that this survey website could be relatively profitable for people who like doing surveys and are ready and willing to invest considerable time into it. I personally don’t find it very creative and stimulating, so I don’t think I would last very long in this type of online job. However, as you’ve rightly pointed out, it is not a scam, so it is safe to try it out for anyone and see how the system works. Cheers for a very informative, useful review!

    • Hi, Lucie, and thanks for commenting on my LoQueDigo Review, I’m glad you were able to find some useful information within it and it worked nicely for you. If you can’t seem to make it work for you, I would recommend you sit down on it and proceed to rectify elements that could work better within your chosen niche topics.


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