List Leverage Review – Scam or Legit? (Popular & Money Back If You’re Not Happy)

List Leverage Review

If you have ever ran an online business before, you will know how important owning and building an email list can be.

There are different ways businesses can obtain emails, I mean, the list just goes on. When you have a website, it is as simple as building a PDF and adding a subscription button to your page. If the PDF is what people want to read, then they pop in their email address and a download book will become available to them. This is generally how growing an email list happens.

But now, there are so many people using the internet and coming up with different ideas that now you can buy a course that says it can get you emails on autopilot? The people who make these courses have created very low quality training programs, and they use paid ads to sell them; and this collects email addresses at the same time!

When you play around on the internet so much after a period of time you end up with all sorts of things and for the ones who don’t know anything they will unknowingly purchase these courses thinking they will make money. But they won’t.

If you want a free training, I have the best option for you. If you want to know more about it first, then read my free guide.

Product Name: List Leverage


Owner: Matthew Neer

Price: $49 per month or $398 per year + Extra Costs

Overall Rating: 77/100

What Is List Leverage?

List Leverage is a DFY (Done For You) email list building software that allows members to build an email list through pre-made sales funnels.

How Does List Leverage Work?

Although List Leverage is built for members to grow their email lists (with special & advanced technology), what people do with it, more so often, is recruit other members via its affiliate program that uses an MLM structure.

Lists are important but judging by List Leverage user base, so is money, and the List Leverage affiliates are happy promoting the product and earning commissions for it.

Does this mean they’re not using the software? It’s hard to tell.


Product Prices:

  • List Leverage Software Suite, $47/Month Or $398/Year
  • Swipes – $247
  • Pages – $97
  • Webinars – $497
    • Add-ons –
      • Traffic Authority – Starting at $220 up to $8,397
      • Send Shark – From $25 every month for 50,000 subscribers.

Everything That comes with this package

  • High Converting Lead Capture Page
  • Knowledge Of How To Run Facebook Ads
  • Ability To Profitably Convert Solo Ads
  • Write Killer Follow Up Autoresponders
  • Find Hot Affiliate Products To Promote
  • Write & Broadcast Emails That Convert

When you sell the course using the MLM plan, the basic membership level pays $20 whereas Super Affiliate membership pays $200.

All other commissions are as follows

  • Pages ($97) – $50 commission per sale
  • Swipes ($247) – $125 commission per sale
  • Webinars ($497) – $250 commission per sale 


Can you make money using List Leverage? Yes, but you have to spend money to do it.

Can you get free emails? Yes, but it is the same as making money, you have to spend money to do it.

Is it right for me to spend money on List Leverage? No. In order to make money, you should not be spending money.

Does List Leverage offer a refund? Yes. There is a 30-day refund in place if you don’t like it.

Where can I buy List Leverage? There are many websites who promote this product, but I am not one of them. Just type into Google,

How will List Leverage work for me if I buy it? You’ll need to put everything together once you have bought it. Then it should start collecting emails for you and money.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • List Leverage has a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The List Leverage website looks to be built with some good design work and ethic
  • There is available support for both members and people looking to get started

What’s not to like

  • There is no proof of success by any of the members (without spending any money first)
  • Very exaggerated claims of the product being what people need to escape financial debt
  • It’s not a reliable source of revenue
  • It’s not on the BBB platform
  • It uses an MLM business model
  • Success with the product isn’t even based on what the product is based on, it tells you to get more people buying into it rather than getting more emails.


Here, it is important for me to tell you to go with big companies when trying to make money online. These products are so small, anything could be behind them, and you wouldn’t know.

Don’t spend money on something just for spending money.

If you want to earn money online and live that debt free lifestyle, there are multiple ways you can get a start happening. You just need to find the link that says “affiliate” on any of the following websites, create an account and follow this guide to go further:

For those looking to learn more on getting emails, try this:


I have to be real with people right now, I have never seen anything like this before.

Have you ever tried blogging? If you’re like you will know how hard it is, I mean I can’t even express what I am trying to say right now. You see, the post I left above “How to Build Your Email List”? I used that way back when I was first starting out, and they told me I was doing the wrong things and that I should try AWeber.

As you can tell by how much I am writing, this kind of stuff is hard and complicated, and there is no way that anyone can make a product that collects emails on autopilot without you have to spend money.

If you have to spend money, then what are we talking about?

Even trying to summarise what I am talking about is hard because the product mixes separate industries into one.

MLMs don’t have anything to do with email addresses? I think the List Leverage founders are just being highfalutin while collecting emails because they don’t know how to blog? You’ll need to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate to understand what I am talking about.

From here, I want you to read my free guide and look at what real long term value looks like. I will take over from there and help you all the way, hands on, and it won’t cost you a thing!

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