Like4like: How To Get Free Social Media Likes? Scam or Legit?

Like4like Review

Learning how to use social media is something everyone has to do, if they wish to use the option. But, getting likes is something that doesn’t come easy for everyone, and in this post, we’ll check out if getting them by unknown websites is actually legit or not.

How many people here wish to earn money online? You think that with a higher following, you’ll be able to grab your affiliate link and make a bit of extra money? You will… However, as long as your following is a valid list.

Taking shots with websites like Like4Like can be a very bad decision if you haven’t first researched who they’re. I did this once, and found that it was fake bot traffic they were sending me! I quickly deleted the account before they could actually send any, though…

However, after thinking about it, I started thinking that if the website actually get real people to auto like profiles, in order to get likes themselves than maybe it could be real traffic? Even this, to me, still doesn’t sound very good.

When you’ve been working on your company for a long time, you want it to be the valued asset among men. I say this, I would just work hard with quality content to get those likes!

Product Name: Like4Like

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Overall Rating: Not Recommended

What Is Like4like?

Like4Like is an auto follower website that claims they help social media profiles get more engagement (follows & likes etc).

Because the service is free, It’s hard to tell if they’re entirely legit.

One thing is for sure, they make money off ad revenue placed within their posts.

Would you use an unknown website to retain free YouTube Likes!

Like4like: How To Get Free Social Media Likes? Scam or Legit?

How Does Like4like Work?

Likes4Likes is thought to be a Facebook Likes website, but after looking closely, I say it’s just an ad revenue builder.

It uses tell tail signs to increase their ad revenue, and if you find your social profile is increasing in likes and follows, they probably aren’t real.

I’m not a computer scientist, but I’m aware there are such things call bots where businesses can get a bot to like a page and call this legit!

Try logging into your account and seeing for yourself what they are?


Automated Likes – Like4Like likes pages for you.

No targeting – No picking which posts you like. In turn, the “people” who like your posts did not get to choose it!

Buying Likes – You can also buy likes, and its meant to save you from working towards return likes.

Customer Service – There is a contact us form on their website where you can get help from a customer service representative.

Earn & Refer – Using a unique affiliate link, you’re able to refer other people and get paid for doing so!

Daily Bonuses – By using the platform it will cause a way to obtain a bonus to show loyalty.


Is Like4like safe? No. They ask for your Instagram password. This to me just sounds weird and dodgy.

Is it easy to get likes? No. There is no real likes. The likes you receive are most likely fake bot traffic. An easy thing for programmers to create.

Does Like4like have any proof of real likes? No. They don’t have any proof. There are no real people who can be contacted and asked if they did any liking on the page.

Is Like4like a real and honest way to gain likes? All social media platforms enforce no bot traffic policies.

Does Like4like have any bad reviews? I would say yes. In the reviews I read, most people said they’re most likely fake bot hits coming to your page. And just imagine how hard it would be to get rid of fake likes? Facebook shuts down your page if it sees these fake likes.

Does Like4like have an app? No.

Would you recommend Like4like to a friend or relative? No. I highly recommend legit ways to improve life, but when it comes to dodgy cheap companies such as Like4Like, I highly disregard the things it does.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Probably fake likes

What’s not to like

  • Requires your Instagram password – I mean, this is so dodgy! Who would honestly give anyone their password to social media? Why would they need to log in for?
  • No 24/7 customer service
  • The likes might get removed
  • Pricing visible only to registered users
  • No targeting options


There are no ways to get follows and likes to your page unless you have a lot of money and can afford a Digital Marketing agency to help you with targeted PPC.

However, unless you have the time and patience to put together a website and choose a niche, you can also get likes, like this.

By providing quality content that people can read and be happy with, in turn, they like your pages.

Here are some examples on how to work hard


So, far we took a look at what the Like4Like company was and spoke a little on how to get likes and follows. At the end of the review, we ended up learning that there is no real way to do this other than to work hard for yourself. You can pay and advertising company to showcase your social media page, or you can create your own niche and do it yourself.

The one thing we did learn is, Like4Like is a very suspect company and to stay away from. They never even showed us real people working for them!?

My strategy for getting likes, follows, and growing your business has a few simple steps

  1. Choose your niche (audience)
  2. Find what people search on the internet (keywords)
  3. Create helpful content
  4. Recommend quality products and earn a commission per sale.

Start this training with my free coaching and build a real online business!

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