If you are searching for 'apps that pay you’ stop right here. This is my 'LifeCoin app’ review. This website has other 'free fitness apps’ that pay you as well, so please be sure to download them as well.

If you are looking for apps that pay you then stop right here – my LifeCoin app review

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This fitness app is my favourite thus far

Name: LifeCoin
Website: https://lifecoin.ai/r/michaelvangulik
Price: free or AUD $56.99 yearly
Owners: Azumo Inc.
Overall rank: 100/100

Introduction Into LifeCoin

Ok, I’m getting the picture that lots and lots and lots of people have not heard of this fitness app that pays you to walk, run, or just be active.

I know of three only that are paying you legitimately to do nothing but be active.

The best one out of them all is LifeCoin. In order from my least favourite to the best is like this:

1. LifeCoin
2. StepBet
3. SweatCoin

If you don’t have these apps, and start to get excited when you read this post, guess what? it’s only going to feel worse because you have missed out on millions of steps throughout your life. But, that does not matter now because your here now.

Keep on reading to hear about the best and worse on this fitness app that pays you to walk.

Pros vs Cons


  • pays you for your steps
  • helps you obtain an active mindset
  • keeps you focused on the important things in life
  • has awesome products to buy
  • easy to use app
  • free to join


  • none

What is LifeCoin

LifeCoin is a fitness app just like SweatCoin. I’m not sure if you have ever heard of being paid for your steps, which is actively walking but you can.

To my knowledge, there’s three main walking apps that which, pay you to walk.

Let me show you which ones they are. SweatCoin, LifeCoin, and StepBet.

I have done reviews on SweatCoin and StepBet, and now this is my final fitness app review.

The whole reason being, is that a lot of the apps they bring out don’t pay enough, if anything at all.

LifeCoin is the best out of all three of them, and let me tell you why.

Unlike SweatCoin and StepBet, LifeCoin allows you to pay a yearly subscription. By paying the subscription, you get to keep all the step you take. Unlike the other two, getting paid for all your steps works out to be a lot.

When I first started, with SweatCoin, I noticed they take around half of your steps for commissions. Because it did that, it made the app not as fun and sort of like something that just sits in the background. Still earning you free money.

But one day, when SweatCoin introduced me to LifeCoin, I downloaded it. After seeing the difference by paying, I did it. It’s the morning of the 10th day that Iv had the app and I have earned $66.95, just by simply walking.

Who is LifeCoin for?

This money making app is for everyone, and why not? even if your rich, it wouldn’t hurt to have a great app working away in the background, to buy you all your new devices.

If you like sport, it’s a no brainer that you download this app.

One of the great incentives that which, paying someone money to participate in, is getting paid to get active. With that said, if you’ve been meaning to start being a little more active, you might find that this app was the tipping point in your life.

Sometimes people just need that little extra push to get things going, and away they go.

No doubt, in today’s day and age, being active is everything. People are constantly trying to stay fit ultimately for a longer lasting life.

LifeCoin affiliate programs

The great thing with this as well, is the fact that is has a personal link for you. This link is for you to share around all of your social networks, websites, or even text messages.

This link is your way to affiliate this Coin app, and increase your measurements and referrals.

Every time someone signs up with your link, your earn $5. This is on top of all the rest of operations within this app.

Imagine somebody who goes to gym, or someone that just has a lot of friends from school. By sharing your link to those big groups, your net worth can grow substantially.

Now, there are obviously going to be better ways of making people sign up through your specific LifeCoin affiliate link, but whether you want to know is totally up to you. As this website says, ‘affiliate training’, I can easily show you how to promote your link to millions of people. If you would like that, please follow the links at the top or bottom of this website.

LifeCoin tools & training

To immediately start using this app, has no worries at all with getting set up and earning money straight away.

There’re no tools and training but, there is a tab (knowledge support) for any questions you may have, within the app itself.

I have used the knowledge support quite a few times and found it to be pretty knowledgeable.

LifeCoin support

LifeCoin has an email address that’s available for any of the users to use to either report an issue or give general feedback.

After testing the email system out on SweatCoin, I’m thinking it’s going to be the same. The response I got was the next day. The reply I received answered all my questions, and was thorough enough for me to say, it’s a five star email support.

LifeCoin price

Now, this app is free to join. you can literally download the app, and instantly start having your steps and active workouts converted to money.

To me that sounds great.

There are two versions on which this app runs.

The first version is the free version. The free version will ultimately take steps from you as well because they need to earn a commission.

To stop this is simple, and trust me, you will be happy with the result.

To upgrade to premium costs AUD $56.99 annually. I worked that out and it’s $3,650 annually you make just of that upgrade.

The upgrade goes from $5 a day to $10 a day. These amounts are the maximums for each version, so if you upgrade you have to make sure you walk the amount needed to hit that $10 mark. It’s very easy, and the reason why is because you now being paid for just about all of your steps.

I worked it out from memory and for about 10,000 steps they only take like 200. This is from memory though, so don’t fully quote me. All I know is, it is awesome. The paid version.

I mean, you’re paying AUD $56.99 for $3,650 a year, OH, and I nearly forgot that’s without the daily bonuses.

Each day has a daily bonus of $1.00.

With SweatCoin, each day, the bonus gets bigger.

Example: day 1 = $1, day 2 = $2, day 3 = $3, and then it resets.

My final opinion on LifeCoin

My overall thoughts on this app is like, why not? like I’m even thinking people who do have money should start.

For some reason, I think to myself, if there’s free money just sitting there, why not earn it, or let it be earned.

LifeCoin is particularly good because it allows you to keep all your steps once they have been converted.

Even the whole use, of the app is great. The app is easy to use and looks cool as.

Unlike SweatCoin, when you press the ‘convert’ button, the LifeCoin converts all your steps within 1-2 seconds. SweatCoin takes about 30 seconds to convert them.

I highly recommend, everybody download and use this app.

LifeCoin at a glance

Name: LifeCoin
Website: https://lifecoin.ai/r/michaelvangulik
Price: free or AUD $56.99 yearly
Owners: Azumo Inc.
Overall rank: 0/100


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Michael Van Gulik

33 year old entrepreneur and affiliate marketer, owner of Affiliate Training Now & earbuds FIRST

6 thoughts to “If you are looking for apps that pay you then stop right here – my LifeCoin app review”

  1. I am always fascinated at the creativity of people when coming up with new concepts to incentivise people to become active. I have a question regarding the funding. If the app is free and you start earning for your steps straight away, where does the funding come from for the program? I see you have explained in detail also the premium funding option but if the App is indeed free, why would people opt for the premium or does this directly relate to the repayment for steps?

    I like the idea of being paid for something I do anyway so this is an app that definitely interests me. 


    1. Hi Richard,

      Yeah it’s totally free, just download it and start walking, enjoy.




  2. Hi there,  Well I never!  Being paid for stepping?  Never heard of this ever.  Both my Sister and brother in law walk every day!  I will be forwarding them your site address.

    Tell me, is this really happening or is there a catch?  I get that Lifecoin earn $60 for each app sold but who pays the $3,900 odd per year for stepping?  Is it a lock in contract?  I guess many people may buy the app with good intention and then drop out after awhile. I guess also there are 10,000 step walkers and many people who walk far less steps. Of course the affiliate program would sell more of the $60 apps.

    I find this fascinating.  Great read and proposition.  Cheers 

    1. Hi Jill,

      I know and completely understand but yes it’s true, you are being paid to walk. 

      Thanks for the comment!


      Michael V.

  3. Nice article you wrote man. I never know about the LifeCoin app. After reading your article I’m become curious to learn more about that. You really did a good review. I am really happy to know that, it’s free to join. I also researched about it for an hour. And the good news is, I found positive results. It’s really working.
    I’ll share this post with my friends. I’m quite they will check your article and hope that they will find the truth about the lifecoin app. Thanks for writing this excellent article.

    1. Hey, if you like LifeCoin, wait till you see SweatCoin. SweatCoin is not as good, it doesn’t count nearly all your steps like LifeCoin because you can’t pay a premium.

      Read my review here: https://is.gd/aphh07

      SweatCoins, StepBet, and LifeCoin are the three top paying fitness apps out there at the moment.

      Thanks for your comment.


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