Super Affiliate Handbook Review — Scam or Legit?

Super Affiliate Handbook Review

Affiliate marketing is truly one of the best ways to earn money online.

If you have never heard about this concept of online marketing, you’re missing out big time.

I do guess that you need to be willing to put in dedication and the willingness to try and learn new things.

If you have these attributes then I want to welcome you to my free guide where I offer exclusive free coaching inside a free training system. The one thing that helps a lot is free coaching. Unless you try it, then don’t knock it, because it can boost you into the following week if you’re not doing it.

However, the e-book that we’ll be judging in a moment is only free content that can be picked anywhere.

There is a big difference between reading about affiliate marketing and joining a real life community where we all help each other.

Product Name: The Super Affiliate Handbook


Owner: Rosalind Gardner

Price: $25.50 on Amazon

Overall Rating: 76/100

What Is Super Affiliate Handbook?

Super Affiliate Handbook is an affiliate marketing guide that shows people how to do affiliate marketing the right way and make money along the way.

The Super Affiliate Handbook

It was created by Rosalind Gardner, who is purported to earn $30-50K per month.

How Does Super Affiliate Handbook Work?

The Super Affiliate Handbook helps people learn what affiliate marketing is and how they can make money by following the techniques within the affiliate marketing industry.



  • ISBN-10 – 0973328703
  • Author – Gardner, Rosalind
  • Language – English
  • Publisher – Webvista Inc.
  • Publication Name – Webvista Inc.
  • Publication Year – 2003
  • Format – Unknown
  • Type – Paperback
  • Number of Pages – 288
  • Item Length – 10.92 inches
  • Item Width – 8.28 inches
  • Item Height – 0.65 inches

People who purchase the Super Affiliate Handbook will receive

  • 200+ information-packed pages of real-life examples and practical tips of what works and what doesn’t.
  • “How To” strategies to save you money, time, and effort while building your affiliate marketing business.
  • Get an easy-to-understand 5-step overview of the business-building process.
  • Discover the top 25 mistakes that ‘normal’ affiliates make, and how to AVOID them.
  • How to create a website that keeps visitors coming back for more.
  • 29 ways to market your affiliate sites online and off.
  • Why you must stay away from the ‘flea market’ approach to Internet marketing.
  • How to assess a market for profitability.
  • Discover which products are actually sold online.
  • Learn which programs to avoid and when to drop others.
  • Where to find free software that will save you both time and money.
  • Learn how to negotiate a raise in your commissions.
  • Learn how to stop thieves from Stealing YOUR Commissions.

On top of everything we’ve already seen, there’s more relevant things to learn about, such as

  • Which 6 factors people must consider when choosing a domain name.
  • How to Promote Associate Programs and Products with a Newsletter.
  • How to use Signature Files to Gain more Visitors.
  • How Forums can bring you more traffic.
  • Learn which methods bring traffic to your site faster.
  • 9 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site for free.
  • The truth about reciprocal linking.
  • How writing a simple e-zines article can bring more traffic to your site for free.
  • How to get more sales from your site even though you are selling the same product as thousands of other affiliates.
  • Learn exactly what Super Affiliates do that other affiliates don’t do.
  • The 20 questions that You must get answers to before you join an affiliate program.
  • My favourite places to advertise.
  • Which software finds profitable niche topics and saves hours, even days of manual labour.
  • How to write a compelling product endorsement.
  • Why you don’t want to use the marketing material provided by some affiliate programs.
  • 6 Essential Components that every successful website has in place.


Is The Super Affiliate Handbook a reliable source to earn money? Yes.

Is The Super Affiliate Handbook going to teach people the right process for affiliate marketing? Yes. Just keep in mind that there are different affiliate marketing methods. The one that is best for beginners is blogging.

The Super Affiliate Handbook expensive? No. On Amazon, the Super Affiliate Handbook is selling for $25 which isn’t much for a book/e-book that has quite a lot added to it.

Are there any free versions of The Super Affiliate Handbook? There are free PDS of this book on Google. I’m not sure how added pages from PDFs are added to Google, so I can’t tell you how it was published to the Google Search.

Is The Super Affiliate Handbook going to waste my time? There is a lot of information inside this book. I saw a free copy added to Google and when I looked at it, I couldn’t believe how much information there was. I am guessing it really is for professionals.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Super Affiliate Handbook is based on affiliate marketing, which is a wonderful industry to be in right now.
  • The author has a blog where people can talk with her
  • The book is presented well and has a ton of information

What’s not to like

  • The book kind of looks like a free PDF and is hard to figure out why somebody would put a price on this type of book.
  • Proper affiliate marketing, one that creates value for everyone, only has four simple steps.


The best way to learn affiliate marketing is by getting free coaching and I know this sounds like I am trying to get people to trust me, but take it or leave it, when I first started out, If I had someone to explain to me where I was going wrong I wouldn’t have taken so long to learn just a few simple steps.

Affiliate marketing is based on four simple steps (picture below)

Super Affiliate Handbook Review — Scam or Legit?
Four step solution

This is the real way to learn. But there are so many gurus who want to sell you products, so they can make more money.

Check out the following alternatives I have for you below

The Best Affiliate Marketing Books in 2022 – A simple page that offers some pretty suggestions for starting affiliate marketing.

8 best affiliate marketing books for beginners to read – Reads on 8 affiliate marketing books that are presumably meant for beginners.

100 Best Affiliate Marketing Books of All Time – A huge page full on just about every affiliate marketing book available, and would be a great way to really starting judging what is right and wrong in terms of making passive income.

People reading this can take heed at better results and see for themselves which book is best.


After reading about The Super Affiliate Handbook, I am able to say that I think it is OK.

I added a bunch of alternatives and when put up against those it is hard to say whether Super Affiliate Handbook is even good at all.

When I read a book, I expect to see a real book, not an e-book or PDF.

Can anyone tell me who has made money by using The Super Affiliate Handbook on its own?

If you want to make money in affiliate marketing, then try reading my guide. I explain the four-step process and give you a few technical way in which I can assist you in starting yourself.

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