Leads2List Review – Scam or Legit?

Is running Facebook Ads to a product or email form the right way to start an online business? No. Find out in this Leads2List Review what it is and how I can help you see the right path to making money online

Sporting a big email list is where it is at.

The internet has made being able to work and earn money from home possible. The only other way to work from home back before the internet was door to door marketing which is known as multilevel marketing.

How things have changed?

I like being able to work online and growing an email list means being able to speak to your consumer base when need be and keep them updated with special offers or events. I mean, owning your own blog or website is just the best.

But what is Leads2List? This program is teaching people how to get an email list by using Facebook ads. The name is very self-explanatory. After reading some Leads2List Reviews I found some very good information which I am going to share with you soon.

But first, it is very important that you understand working online should always be associated with blogging. You should never pay thousands getting set up with a product and ads (which is what this course teaches you) because you’ll need at least $20K to get started. There are many Amazon courses out there teaching this type of stuff.

For those who want to do things the right way I want you to build a website for free right now and I will show you personally how to add links to content and make money online.

Product Name: Leads2List


Cyril Jeet

$27 to start followed by upsells if you want them as well

Overall Rating:

What is Leads2List?

Leads2List is a program for people who want to grow an email list.

An email list is one of the best way to earn an income online and in many cases people see them as being “emergency” income sources in case anything ever happens to your business.

We sometimes experience things that just happen in life and when we lose out, people sometimes express how their email list was able to help them keep food on the table; take for example when Google did a big update and everyone’s sites were wiped out. This is when many of them rely on their email lists to keep earning money!

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Who is The Founder?

The founder of Leads2List is Cyril Jeet.

I did a lot of searching around on the internet and although people know who this guy is there just much information on him.

What Do you get?

Leads2List claims to be a business in a box-type situation where you buy the product and you get a business that you just have to set up and leave running.

With the Pro upgrade you also get the following features:

  • Get leads from LinkedIn in addition to FB
  • Subscriber a lead to multiple lists
  • Unlimited FB Pages
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited auto-responder accounts
  • Sell Leads2list as a service & built lists for other people

I am mentioning the pro part because I think for a low price it is going to show you what it means and try to tempt you into thinking it is serious and means what it is capable of.

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Is Leads2List Any Good?

What caught my eye when doing Leads2Lists research is how you don’t need certain elements that you normally would when doing this type of framework.

The reasons why I would suggest Leads2List as being a valuable product to go with is because supposedly you don’t need a landing or squeeze page and no one has to fill in their email ids.

Instead, the leads that you capture go straight into your autoresponder after setting it up once and leaving it

How Well Does Leads2List Work?

I am quite surprised at how good it does actually work.

I believe Leads2List has had some extensive work done to it as it works with a bunch of other platforms such as:

  • AWeber
  • GetResponse
  • Instant Contact and many more.

Here are the steps to getting the product up and running:

  • Connect your Facebook pages to Leads2list & grab all your leadgen ads
  • Connect to your favorite autoresponder (they support all popular ones)
  • Anyone who signs p is added straight into your autoresponder list.

Is Leads2List a Scam or is it Legit?

No, Leads2List is not a scam. I have read what reviews were available online and did not see anyone saying anything negative about the product.

Normally when people think something is a scam, they will wave the flag down and begin to relay what they think to certain web pages such as the BBB.

Seeing as though I didn’t see anything like that I am assuming the product works just the way it’s meant to.

Final Verdict

I am somebody who wants to do things properly as most of you probably are as well. In saying this, I think it is important that to get an email list you have to have your own website blog where people can contact you and see what type of niche you’re spoken for.

My niche is in the make money online and I write about ways that you can make money online, hence the reason for doing this Leads2List Review.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone who has not built their own website before.

If you have never had your own blog website then I would suggest taking a free training and seeing for yourself how easy it is and how it will open your eyes to really making money online!

Start your own niche website now!

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