Le-Vel Thrive Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Le-Vel Thrive Review

There are so many reasons to want to earn an income and now there is the internet to which is advancing very high among us now. Have you thought about working online before? I am not surprised if you haven’t investigated the possibilities thus far, so don’t be too concerned here.

During this review you’ll learn about a method called MLM marketing. It is different to affiliate marketing because it uses the direct selling method whereas affiliate marketing uses a website and free traffic from Google.

But what is Thrive Experience and how can you sell Health & Nutrition Products from home the easy way? By building a website. As previously explained, you can build a website and write about whatever it is you’re selling. After that, people will find your content in Google and begin to read it, and this is where the money is. It is easy money.

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What is Le-Vel Thrive?

Le-Vel Brands is a Multilevel Marketing company that is meant to help people lose weight by offering a number of different health and nutrition products and supplements. Both elements to this brand and bound by helping men and women. The nutritional products not only assist with weight management but also help with cognitive performance, joint support, pain management, anti-aging with antioxidants, muscle support, and digestive and immune system support. Sound like a lot? Then it could be a good reason to begin selling-Le-Vel Brands products as an MLM distributor, but we’ll talk more on that soon.

Le-Vel Brands was founded back in 2012 by co-founders both Jason Camper and Paul Gravette who sport over 40 years experience in the health & wellness industry and Multilevel Marketing between them.

You may also be aware of some other companies’ Le-Vel Brands is similar to such as Melaleuca, Amway, Isagenix, and Arbonne.

After searching around online I found some qualifying pages that boast a trustworthy brand and business behind the Le-Vel Brands business. They have profiles on Facebook (1.3M Likes), Twitter (12.5K Likes), YouTube (29.3K Subscribers), and LinkedIn (13.5K Likes).

Next to all their social media aspects, they also have a great Better Business Bureau profile, where they show an A+ Rating along with an Accreditation from the company.

So, if you think working from home selling Health & Nutrition products is something you want to do, then keep reading below to begin your journey.

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How does Le-Vel Thrive work?

Learning how to Thrive Experience from home is something that may take some time and getting used to. For anyone who is still not sure on what this is, it is a 4-8 week course program set to establish a weight-loss chasm within your body. Anybody who is overweight and want to lose weight can purchase these products just for staying healthy.

But then there is the other option both of which can be combined, and that is to refer others to the Thrive Experience and get paid for doing so.

It is not hard to start working with Le-Vel all you have to do is head over to their website and hit the join now button.

Le-Vel Brands LLC states that it is the fastest-growing direct selling company in North America. The company also operates in the United Kingdom.

There are two handy screenshots below that reveal you don’t have to pay to join the program.

The screenshots above describe that you will need to purchase or sell at least 100 Personal Volume to stay active. 1 PV usually equate to being worth $1. One of the better realizations about the membership is if you can recruit 2 people into the playing field it will clear the 100 PV. How good is that? So all you have to do is spend $100 and sell it to remain active, or recruit 2 people and remain active for free. It is a very lucrative way to begin marketing.

You’re also probably wanting to know what is in Le-Vel Thrive and to know more on that I recommend going to their website. 

All you have to do now is check the site out and see if it is something you’ll be willing to explore. The only real perk you get now, by being at this website, is that I can help you with gaining your first customer and seeing real success a lot faster than usual. You’ll need to begin with my #1 training and when you get on the inside, I will quickly show you how to open a powerful WordPress website where you can add products and get free traffic.


After reviewing Le-Vel Brands I have been able to find out that they’re a legitimate business, and they even have a good MLM to consider when trying to start your own business. 

Overall, You need a company that respects you, keeps you updated on what’s going on, and gives you full disclosure before and after you join. If this company or any other company you long to work for does not do this, then you must renegotiate who you need to work for, and with this being said, I can give you your first pipeline of employment starting with your own online business. Keep on reading below to get this orchestrated.

Le-Vel Thrive Pros And Cons


  • The company has been around for years
  • The brand is trusted along all web pages and people
  • There are plenty of Positive product reviews
  • Anyone who joins is able to actually make money
  • Offers a very easy to follow compensation plan
  • It has a great Better Business Bureau profile that shows an A+ Rating, and Accreditation
  • It has many social media platforms where people can learn about them in depth and discuss with others about their earning method


  • Their products can be Expensive
  • Are there Hidden, monthly costs?
  • After reading some blogs I found there are some Negative reviews – does it even work?
  • Declining trend
  • It is not for beginners because you’ll need a PhD in marketing to understand how to sell products.

Start an online business using WordPress and work from home without having to leave, ever!

If you’re smart and want to make some serious money during your life, then now is the time to begin either starting or preparing for your own business foundation.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling Health & Nutrition from home? Have you worked or tried working for Le-Vel Thrive before?

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