Kantar Research Review: Is this Company helpful or A Waste Of Time?

Kantar Review

There are so many different reasons that people need to create an extra online income and performing surveys and Get-Paid-To gigs are always at the top of people’s choices.

Surveys are for businesses who need to find out things about their products or services so there will always be this type of work around for survey takers. However, they don’t and never will pay much because the companies who you’re working for likes to keep most of the profit for themselves.

What is Kantar.com and is this Kantar market research a reliable way to earn money online? My answer on this is yes and not. Its finding out how many surveys the company sends you and how much it pays per survey.

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What is Kantar?

Kantar is an online survey agency that has been around for many years. The Kantar Group is very large boasting over 30,000 employees in over 100 countries.

When I tried to do this Kantar Review I was astonished at how much different information there was about them and it kind of made it abit hard.

For example, they claim to offer survey gigs but don’t have easily accessible information on their site about it. When I type in the keyword “how to take surveys for Kantar” The following page appears:

On Crunchbase, it says that Kantar is an insight, information, and consulting network? A lot to digest, might I say. It then goes on to say Kantar unites over 13 specialist companies in order to become the preeminent provider of both compelling and inspirational insights on a global business aspect.

Kantar has been Acquired by Bain Capital.

The Kantar Industries includes Advice Consulting Information Technology and Market Research.

To learn more on how to get started with Kantar Surveys keep reading below.

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How does Kantar work?

After showing you the earlier screenshot, I am guessing that Kantar has a large client base and therefore they can contact people to join their survey panels.

However, this doesn’t make it easy for people who stumble upon their company and want to take some surveys.

I was doing some in depth research and found that Kantar is offering different working positions at their firm. The jobs included the following (check screenshot):

Is Kantar Research a reliable site to earn?

I did click into one of these and they made a big point on focus that they wanted people who were interested in market research and lived in London, Epsom, or Dublin.

I take it that you could be somebody who wants to sign up and start off with a career in taking surveys and then probably grow in the company. That would make sense why they want you to live close.

As you can see, it is very hard trying to work out what this company is actually about and I can say this because I am a coach for online marketing and people just are not this learned on these types of jobs.

I think for this reason, they should make their offerings a little more easy to understand for people

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After checking the facts with Kantar I can say that they’re legitimate but make things very hard to understand what they’re about or what they offer.

They say market research and therefore would need people to join their panel but show no signs of where this can happen. They show a page that states if you were contacted and that is all.

I find it a bit hard only wanting people who they contact when they’re working online. It kind of defeats the purpose of using the internet.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in completing surveys from home? Have you tried Kantar before?

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