Jobs2Shop: Earn Money With Games, Mystery Shopping and More! Scam or Legit?

Jobs2Shop Review

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What is Jobs2Shop? is a website that pays customers to take surveys, shop for and review products, play games, and participate in other kinds of offers provided by the website. Because of the multitude of different tasks available, customers rarely run out of tasks and don’t have to wait long periods of time for work, a common problem among many other survey/promotional websites. Founded in 2012 and currently based out of Port Washington, New York, Jobs2Shop is a quickly growing site, accumulating over 1.7 million users and handing out millions of dollars in cash to customers. Unfortunately, Jobs2Shop has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, a rating earned in large part by its failure to respond to numerous customer complaints.

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How does Jobs2Shop Work?

Sign-up for Jobs2Shop is free, and simple but restricted to residents of the United States and those 18 years of age and older. Once a customer signs up and confirms their emails, a questionnaire must be filled out in order to build up a profile. A nice bonus of Jobs2Shop is that customers automatically receive $5 after signing up and completing their profile. Once a customer has completed their profile, many different activities await their time and attention. The most common type of activity is in fact completing surveys, most of which are easy to complete and pay out around $1 to $2 per survey. Surveys are not actually completed directly on the company website, but rather through Peanut Labs, a 3rd party website that is utilized by many other online survey sites. Jobs2Shop also offers its customers various paid offers to participate in. Paid offers include signing up with different websites, watching videos, and reading different emails and then providing feedback regarding these different offers. Customers also have the option to receive rewards for playing games on Jobs2Shop website, although the rewards for these tasks are relatively small. Finally, as its name implies, Jobs2Shop also encourages its customers to engage in mystery shopping, partnering up with some of the top retail brands in the country to evaluate several different types of products. All payments are made exclusively via PayPal, with a minimum cash payout of at least $25 required per transaction.


Jobs2Shop is an average survey/promotional website for customers to participate in. Its strength is that unlike many of its other competitors, Jobs2Shop offers many different types of activities for its customers to participate in. Although participation is limited in scope, it provides a nice $5 payout for residents of the United States for simply signing up and completing a profile. Jobs2Shop also provides a generous referral system, with a $5 bonus awarded for every member that a customer refers to the site. Unfortunately, despite utilizing PayPal, the payout process is not ideal, with payouts only being processed once a month. Some customers even report not being paid at all.

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Pros and Cons About Jobs2Shop


  • Sign-up is free and simple
  • $5 bonus for completing profile
  • Generous referral system
  • Huge variety of tasks to complete


  • Limited to residents of the United States
  • F rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Payout system is unreliable and occurs only once a month

2 thoughts on “Jobs2Shop: Earn Money With Games, Mystery Shopping and More! Scam or Legit?”

  1. Thanks for the review. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join Jobs2Shop as I am not a U.S resident. The BBB rating is a bit concerning however, so I don’t think I would join because of that anyway. Surveys are fine if you want to earn pocket money on the side, but if you want to aim higher than affiliate marketing is a better option by far. I thought your review was very thorough and informative, so anyone considering joining will find out what they need to know by reading it.

    • Hi, Ray, and thanks for your comments. I sorry this survey panel has not met your expectations but there are more out there anyway. And you’re right, surveys sites only serve for instances of pocket money, and that which is not sustainable enough especially when you want to purchase a house and big things like that.


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