Freelancing Can Pay Freelancers Quite A Bit Of Money When Done Correctly But Should You Write For External Blogs More Than Your Own?

iWriter Review

This is my Review. Find out if iWriter is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many different ways to make money online and to be honest writing is one of the easiest things that you can start doing online to make money. The make money online industry is getting bigger and bigger as business owners keep building many different websites that offer different services. But there is one way that you can make money online and it’s like being the smart person out of everyone. This is the affiliate marketing industry and it requires you to have nothing except a website and the ability to write content. A bit like Freelancing for say iWriter you begin to write but it’s for your own site.

Writing is one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to making money online and to be honest if you write for someone else I think it is a little wrong. Think about it, one content piece that you write could begin to outrank and make thousands if not millions of dollars for whoever you wrote it for; but if you had of kept it and published it to your site you would be the one getting all that traffic. This is what affiliate marketing is and you can get started with me as your free coach by starting your website right now and meeting me in there. Trust me, I don’t ever recommend selling your own content ever because it is way too valuable. Let me show you how to keep it and make tons of cash out it for you.

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So what is and how can you make some extra cash with them?

What is iWriter ?

iWriter is a content production website where both freelancers and content receivers can go to place and receive orders. If you’re somebody who is looking to make some money with typing articles iWriter is an easy to use website that has no messing around and this is something that I personally like about the company myself. Whether you’re ordering content or getting paid to write nobody has any interactions with each other. Areas that covers are Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases, eBooks, Kindle Books, Cover Letters, And More. The website says they are where affordability meets quality. iWriter was founded way back 2011 by a man named Brad Callen and is currently headquartered within St Petersburg, Florida, United States. After seeing the iWriter details within their LinkedIn page I read that they boast over 10K employees including part-time roles. iWriter industries include Freelancing Content Creation, and Internet. As of August 2020, iWriter boasts 8K Likes on their Facebook Fan Page along with 578 Users on their Twitter account. When a company does have social media that you can use to follow up on their news it does help your overall situation. You can also use a company social media to get support.

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Who Are The Founders

After doing some very heavy searching online I could not find the actual founder of

This kind of annoys me as well, but I did the simple Google search that would normally look like: Who founded and there came back some options that I could choose from including an article from the founder that was posted to the IWriter Blog. Yes, the founder posted an article to the Iwriter blog and nowhere did he mention who he is.

I also looked on Crunchbase and it did not have the founders name there which is fairly strange. It had tons of other information except that.

How does iWriter work?

Getting started with iWriter is as easy as heading over to the website and checking out the page where you land. The iWriter has tons of information that will help you to get started with the website. This is the platform that I used to use when I was ordering content and the reason why I used it so much was because when you order content you don’t have any interaction with the writer. They just submit the content back to you once you have ordered it, and if you like what they wrote you can accept it or decline it. It is that easy. To get started earning money with the site, you’ll have to create your account as a writer and with that you’ll simply need to then go to the content pool where all the submitted content is waiting for you to write. On the iWriter website it says some valuable information such as the statistics that they have received today. For example at the time of writing this review they had for so far for this day:

Today on iWriter:

  • Jobs posted (Last 30-days) – 53,236
  • Writers – 113,755
  • Articles written (To date) – 7,937,148

Starting out on iWriter, you can only write basic articles and reviews. You need to write 30 articles with a star rating of 4 or more to get into one of the next levels which comes with a higher payment. Basic payments are just over a dollar to about $7 (depending on word length and price point requester chooses). If you get 4.6 stars or more as an average, then you can move into the elite writers group and have your choice of articles from all three levels. The elite articles pay more as well.

Is It Any Good?

To be perfectly honest, yes, iWriter is one of the best freelancing platforms I have ever encountered.

The way it is set up makes it very easy to use. I mentioned above.

Say for instance, if you’re a new blog and need to get articles published to your blog, you can easily make an account, pay some money, and have someone pick your article up and start writing. This is what I did a number of times.


Now that I have fully finished my iWriter Review I can fully conclude that this platform is legitimate and anyone looking to make some extra income will definitely do so here.

iWriter Pros And Cons


  • iWriter has a very good reputation online
  • iWriter has a reliable service
  • iWriter has a social media following


  • Writing content for other people is one of the worst possible ways you can go considering content can be worth millions of dollars
  • iWriter does not help you create an online business
  • iWriter does not help you get your own brand out there.

Start your own website and earn money advertising your own online business through quality researched content

It is my highly recommended advice that you begin creating your own blog where all the content that you create is uploaded to your website and begins ranking within the searches. From when the internet was founded until now it has been hard trying to find the easiest way to do this. Now that has all changed and there is now a training that I used (in the beginning) where anyone who signs up is taken through each step of what it is to create a website and build an online business. If you’re interested in doing this then start your site now and meet me in there and I will coach you along the way for free. I look forward to seeing you in there.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in Freelance Writing? Have you worked for iWriter before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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