Is ZoomBucks a Scam? An In Depth Review

ZoomBucks Review

There are so many reasons to want to make money online, and I don’t know whether you are searching now because you would like to answer surveys or to actually earn money. If you are aware survey pay very little amounts but don’t get me wrong, you can get very good at doing them and draw in a decent income. But, next to that, if you do turn out earning a serious income from it (doing surveys) you will have to again, subsidize your time and effort. You may have heard, nothing in this world comes for free. If you’re born rich then you are obviously not going to have to work much if you don’t want to.

This where you have landed on this blog and I have an opportunity that does exactly what you are looking for. The aim of the game is to get paid without having to work. If you have to work, then you want to be the boss, and being the boss would mean having people work for you and in that sense you can take as many days off as you’d like.

Does this Review Article sound like right so far? This is a ZoomBucks Survey Site & Get-Paid-To Site-Review and you have done much of the training already to get here. You may not have known it but just by using Google and searching for survey sites, it has had the same effects as what affiliate marketing gives you. This is how affiliates make there money. They search the internet and then write reviews on all different products and services. You’ll notice that some websites have a small link down the bottom of their website that says “affiliate”. Absolutely anyone can click this link and start making money promoting them with their own online business.

This is what I want to show you how to do.

For the people who are reading this and still looking for a way to create a legitimate income online you’re at the right spot and because of your patience it has paid off in a big way. Look at how much people are earning with affiliate marketing: $500 already in 2020, $300 in first 11 days of March. As you can see, in 11 days this member has made $500 with her online business! It is that easy and I want you to join and get free coaching from me!

What is ZoomBucks?

ZoomBucks is actually not entirely a survey site, instead they are what is called a Get-Paid-To site (GTP) and that means they pay members to do all different tasks online and get paid for it some tasks can include completing surveys, doing offers and deals, watching videos, clicking ads, playing games, etc. One of the concerns I faced when trying to find out who owns or runs this site, was that there was totally no information regarding who they are. What I did find out was that they are a Get-Paid-To site that has been around since 2002 and have thousands of members from all over the world.

Both Members and Prospect Members can join ZoomBucks for free, do some tasks, and get paid.

The simple fact that there are no people behind this company, still does beg the question…

If you type in the search term “ZoomBucks payment proof” Google will bring back a ton of results that show ZoomBucks paying their members. Let’s continue to find out how it works.

There is no better way to earn money with your own website. It is getting easier and easier as we speak because so many tools and training is being made to help beginners such as you and me. But I have a training that is the best and people earning money by using it is the perfect proof such as: $3.1K in Sales 60 Days on WA!. $3K in 60 Days on WA!!! Can you believe that? If this is you and you like what you’re seeing then jump in and I’ll coach you for free!

How does ZoomBucks work?

As with all Get-Paid-To Sites when you find a platform that is interesting enough to you, you will need to create an account with that platform. To create an account with ZoomBucks it is very straight forward. ZoomBucks Registration page is on the homepage of their website and this is where you will drive to and complete the signup process. It is free to join ZoomBucks and your registration doesn’t cost anything. Providing your demographic info is optional, but the site will need those details to match you with appropriate surveys. For example, if you’re the outdoors type, the site will give you surveys that fit your distinction.

Once you have confidently created your profile there are a number of activities set for you to start working towards, which include:

  • Answering Surveys
  • Completing Offers
  • Watching Videos
  • Testing Apps and Mobile Games

Whenever you complete any of the tasks the member will have the points credited to their account. The number of points you receive will depend on the complexity of the task. You can request a payout when you’ve earned at least 3,000 points which is equivalent to $3.

There is some other information in the requesting of your hard earned salary, which is:

  1. Request payment through into your PayPal account or receive a gift card
  2. The site has a rewards catalog that you can browse through to choose a different reward if you don’t select PayPal.
  3. The site takes 48 hours to process your payment and send your earning to your PayPal account.
  4. If you choose a gift card, the gift card will be delivered to your inbox.

Referral program with the ZoomBucks platform is good. This is something that anyone can take seriously and it will prove to be something that makes you rich without having to work. I have said a lot of information throughout this ZoomBucks Review about how affiliate marketing works and now this GPT site is also asking you to bring new members to their platform. The only way to do this efficiently is with your own online business. I work online as a free coach and mentor, and with this I can offer you a free training along with a custom website builder which allows you to do everything from the same place. Check out what ZoomBucks pays their affiliates below:

Is ZoomBucks Legit? Review
Is ZoomBucks a reliable site to earn?
zoombucks AFFILIATE PROGram

For tier 1 countries (US, CA, UK) you get 250 points. This is the highest you can get. This is the equivalent of only $0.25. This does look like much now but with your own website and money making opportunities, you will learn that it is very easy racking up that amount. Take my offers and I will see you on the inside.


Now that I have finished the ZoomBucks Review I have confident that the platform is legitimate and in that sense happy to conclude that you will make money if you do decide to join up and become a member of their alliance. However, they do have a referral program and this is one of the ways that survey takers get real successful online. They get tired of having to join so many survey platforms only to be left with a bunch of affiliate links that they can’t promote because they didn’t have an online business at the time, then they started affiliate marketing and things took off.

Pros And Cons About ZoomBucks


  • The ZoomBucks Platform is free to join
  • ZoomBucks has decent rewards for your work and time
  • ZoomBucks is also optimized for mobile use
  • ZoomBucks has a good history with paying their members
  • ZoomBucks has a good reputation within their own circle


  • ZoomBucks does have a bit of a confusing point system
  • ZoomBucks does not always have great support
  • More or less the exact same as GrabPoints just with fewer options

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