Is Working Solutions a Scam or Legit? Honest Review

Working Solutions Review

This is my Working Solutions Review. Find out if Working Solutions is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to be wanting to earn an online income and this site will help you to definitely do that. I don’t know what background you have however I do know that the offer I want to give you does not single out any particular person or industry. In Fact this is a community where you choose from your own interests in what you like and then go from there. You will build a website and write a review on something that you like and wait to get traffic to your site by using keyword research.

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But what is Working Solutions Work From home and are they a worthy company that will provide you with a good career? Let’s find out now.

What is Working Solutions?

Working Solutions provides an online virtual contact center, with home-based agents. Working Solutions was founded by Kim Houlne way back in 1996, which makes the company a long-standing one. Working Solutions work from home has its headquarters currently situated in Plano, Texas, United States. Working Solutions’ first project was to handle inbound and outbound calls for a city government. To recruit agents for the job, Houlne launched a website at a time when the Internet did not have Google, YouTube, or Facebook, becoming one of the first virtual workforce companies in history. Working Solutions industries include Coworking Professional Services, and Service Industry. Working Solutions main competitors are Arise, C3, and PACE. As of August 2020, has 14.3K Likes on Facebook and 2.1K Users on Twitter. Now that you can see a bit more about this company lets go and see how to get started so you can earn some money with them.

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How does Working Solutions work?

Basically anyone can get started working for this firm and the thing is you wouldn’t believe how many people actually do this. I think I am the one who says this wow to this because I actually know what’s it’s like to run your own business online and when somebody can create their own website and promote other people’s products and services why would you want to do anything other? You wouldn’t and I think this is why people still work for companies such as Working Solutions Work from home. As a employee your job is basically to take & place calls, data entry, chat online, and send emails among other things. To be proficient in all these, individuals who have signed up for respective projects must have a distraction-free environment. One of the good reasons for working for this company is that they encourage their employees to handle multiple projects provided they can deliver high quality work efficiently. Working Solutions mainly hires virtual agents from all over the United States and Canada to work as independent contractors. Interestingly; they don’t hire agents from New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, and California so it would be good to keep this in mind at all times. At Working Solutions, agents can also schedule their own working hours every week for their respective programs for convenience and flexibility purposes. For proficiency, agents are required to work for a minimum of 15-25-threshold hours per week which is another great element that which has to be kept in mind.

Working Solutions Work From Home is always looking for competition, trustable people, and reliable home based independent contractors with proven customer service experience. But next to this, Prospect employees must also sport excellent verbal/written communication skills and a great sales attitude.

The following are a few elements combined within a bullet form whereby crucial standards are required to get good at this job:

  • Conductive & dedicated work space
  • Reliable Windows PC/Laptop with high-speed internet connection
  • USB headset
  • Phone line with standard voicemail and call waiting

Getting started simply requires the prospect to go to the website address and click the sign up link, which is on their front page and can’t be missed. Next to this button there is also a learn more button which you can find out more on the opportunity. The apply now button then takes you to another page where you’ll see an informational page and a list of job offers to take. Each position is mainly for the US only. Once you’ve adjusted to what they offer, just hit the link in the top right hand corner and you’ll be able to fill out the registration form and get on the team. Once you get that far, they will want a list of three things which are your interests, Resume, and profile filled out. This is everything and will get you started with them.


Now that I have fully finished my Working Solutions Review I can fully conclude that this online business is legitimate and anyone who’s looking for online work will get a good start here. However, they are not the very best, and in fact I want to show you how you can fully work from home without having to go through a middle company at all. Keep reading to find out more on that.

Pros And Cons About Working Solutions


  • Working Solutions Work From Home offers a reliable work from home opportunity
  • Working Solutions Work From Home has a long-standing business which clarifies a good business model
  • Working Solutions Work From Home has different work frames you can work by
  • Working Solutions Work From Home has a social media presence that you can get to keep up to date with


  • Working Solutions Work From Home does not offer a website to their workers/agents
  • Working Solutions Work From Home does not help you promote your own online business
  • Working Solutions Work From Home does not help you build a website

How to get started working from home with your own online business and company name

An online business is the one thing that every professional needs in our day to day society and without one you’re basically lagging behind everyone else. The reason is they are very easy to build and tons of companies are not paying tons of dollars to promote their products and services. Are you interested in learning how to make a full time income from your own website and company name? If so I want you to begin the training here and meet me within the platform where I can help coach you along the way for free. I look forward to seeing you in there.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience Virtual Customer Service? Have you worked for Working Solutions before?

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