Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or Legit? An In depth Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

How many reasons are there to want to make an online income? If you are aware that people can earn a living online then you could be one of those people who is always on the look out, wanting to make money online. Well, the good news is that the most lucrative industry online has now been together formatted (since 2005) so that people can come to learn to do just that – make money online.

But, we’ll get to that shortly.

This industry is actually called affiliate marketing, but, usually people will start their journey off using different types of online techniques (to make money), such as:

  • Survey Sites
  • Get-Paid-To Sites (GPT)
  • multilevel Marketing (MLM)
  • Drop Shipping with Shopify
  • buying and selling on eBay

I would say that 95% of all these attempts at making money online all draw back to the same thing, starting a website and selling other peoples products or services.

Building a website and selling products and services through reviews is so easy.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?
Wealthy affiliate inside area

It is once people have tried “everything” online that they begin to see that the affiliate marketing industry works the best.

Now, I know this is a big call, but it is true.

Affiliate marketing is the head of all of your online success.

Take for example joining a survey site. When you do, they will have an affiliate program and if you don’t have a website or you have never heard about affiliate marketing before, guess what happens? You take on your new online journey (which is answering surveys) but have to completely neglect the affiliate marketing program because you don’t have a website and have never learned affiliate marketing before.

This is what is happening online all the time!! And you wouldn’t believe it.

A GPT Site is one of the most popular ways to earn money online, but guess what happens each time a new person joins up? They come into contact with the same issue we just touched on – affiliate marketing.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?
Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?

A GPT Site has a few extra ways their members can earn money compared to a general survey site; but one of the main ways, is to promote their site and get new members.

So, when someone signs up to a GPT site, they get given an affiliate link. This is something that a lot of GPT sites offer, you will normally find the referral link in your membership profile.

But, Guess what is happening online all the time?

People are joining these Survey and GPT sites, having never heard of affiliate marketing and completely neglecting a huge caveat of the programs calling.

Generally, when a person signs up to a GPT Site, they will see a brief explanation of the earning opportunities, and then the GPT site will generally give some advice about using “social media” to further promote their earning opportunity.

And this is what people are doing. But they’re also running into many problems, such as Facebook banning links that are being spammed to their site (plus people’s friends not wanting to join every time).

Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?
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Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?

And that, my acquaintances, is where this review becomes very important moving forward.

So, how is this review able to fix this issue (along with many other problems)?

This Wealthy Affiliate review will show you how to start your own online business and be able to promote any “make money online” website you want (by writing a review on it first).

The sole purpose of a website is to rank quality content, and you can take on any opportunity that comes your way after you have built your site, an this is what earning money online is all about.

If you have ever started any survey or GPT site membership, and have affiliate links not being used, after reading this review, and signing up, you’ll be able to write some content about the site, and add the affiliate links into your content.

Wealthy Affiliate is a system platform that works to show people how to build and launch their own online business.

Now I know that was a lot, but there was a lot to discuss. It had to first be mentioned because it can be a foundational point for many.

With this being said, I want to welcome you to my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

What is and can it show you how to earn money from home successfully? Let’s find out now.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing Platform that helps both beginner and Advanced bloggers build a website and launch their own online business. was launched back in 2005 by two co-founding entrepreneurs, both Kyle and Carson who still to this day continue to teach, and drive the platform and it’s members into the highest quality of standards and insight you can find.

Wealthy Affiliate is operated under it’s parent company Niche Marketing, Inc, which is owned by both Kyle and Carson as well.

After searching for a BBB profile I found one whereby Wealthy Affiliate has an A+ Rating but offer no Accreditation. The A+ Rating comes from many supporting reviews by people who use the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 10,000s worth of tools, training classes, and modules. This, in turn, is going to help you tremendously with confronting your online business and becoming financially free long-term.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?
online entrepreneur Certification has been in business for over 15 years and still continues to strive for success. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform now has over 1.8 Million Members (at the time of writing) and is showing no signs of stopping or slowing down.

Wealthy Affiliate is also Socially active, Sporting two social accounts against both Facebook and Twitter. By offering social media, it makes the business easier to find and make a connection with, and helps new people stay up to date with the organisation and the affiliate training programs they offer.

I think it’s important that all online businesses show social media platforms because it proves they’re original about themselves.

Eligibility: 18+, WorldWide, *except Nigeria.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

As with all online opportunities, whenever somebody finds something new with what they want to do, they will need to sign up and create an account. With Wealthy Affiliate, Prospect members can sign up for free and receive their first 7-days for free with everything included. After their 7-day free trial has ended, they will have the offer to upgrade for only $19 for their first month. After the first month has ended, members can keep building but the price changes back to $49US per month.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?
affiliate bootcamp

There are two memberships and one trial within the Wealthy Affiliate Community and they look like this:

  • Free 7-Day Starter Trial – The Wealthy Affiliate 7-Day Free Trial is for absolutely anybody who wants to join and build an online business. During this trial, the new member will get to build a free website using the SiteRubix domain extension. SiteRubix is the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting service. This 7 day trial includes everything for the whole 7-days.
  • Starter Membership – The Starter Membership is for people who finishes the 7-Day Free Trial and remain using the platform. If you decide to keep your website from the Free Starter Trial then you can continue building your site for free for 6 months. After 6 months has passed, if you haven’t upgraded to the Premium Membership then your membership will be terminated and presumed incomprehensive.
  • Premium Membership – The Premium Membership has absolutely everything for a fixed price of $49.99US a month. You can also pay for a yearly membership, which could set you back $495US ($41.25 a month). In terms of price, if you pay for a yearly membership you’ll also receive 100 Free Community Credits, a free domain name, and free hosting for up to 25 websites (domain costs max $14.00 per year while a community credits are worth $1 each). So if you have the money and want the better option I would honestly suggest purchasing the yearly membership (just because you get free benefits and its cheaper in the long run).

Once you have had a look within the platform you will then be able to test the lessons. From here you will be presented with the Wealthy Affiliate training. There is also the community, and that is there as you move forward and need help with the training.

The two training platforms are both:

These two training courses make up for the entire platform “membership training” but are not limited to “Added Content” by members. This means, many other members within the community also have created their own training lessons, courses, and modules.

Another great part about this training platform, is being able to add your own training content. If you create a training that gets lots of attention you will also earn revenue (in credits) for that as well.

The way it works is by using training levels. A training that a member creates has to be manually approved first by Wealthy Affiliate admin. If approved it will then sit on level 0. The more likes and comments it gets (not including your own comments) the higher the levels it will climb.

For a training that you (a member) creates, each level pays the following:

  • Level 0 (approved level) = 0 Credits ($0)
  • Level 1 = 10 Credits ($5)
  • Level 2 = 20 Credits ($10)
  • Level 3 = 30 Credits ($15)

Members can use the credit earnings for different things inside Wealthy Affiliate including cashing them out in cash.

Learn more about earning credits by creating your own training here.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?
create your own TUTORIALS, courses, video trainings, and grow your salary

Now, when you first start the Wealthy Affiliate Membership training, you will enter into the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training first and be taught how to build your own interest based website first.

It is when you finish the first segment of training that you have the opportunity to advance on to the Affiliate Bootcamp which derives heavily deep into the promotion of the Wealthy Affiliate itself. Yes, you get to also learn (after you have built your own website) how to also promote the training itself, and this is what makes me like the mechanism so much more.

I mean, what other training online has advanced so far and now lets members promote them and earn just under half ($2 less) of what the company earns? It means you have just turned up, created an account, and now you are able to earn half of the what the owners/founders earn (if you help them promote the platform), making the platform seem like your own.

On top of being able to promote the platform, when a member receives over 300 Premium Referrals they are invited to an all-inclusive conference to meet the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They have everything paid for, including being given $200US spending money at the dinner conference. If you are reading this review this platform is the offer of the year for you.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?
Is Wealthy Affiliate a reliable site to earn?


With the Wealthy Affiliate Review finished I have fully concluded that Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate and anyone who signs up with them and starts a website will certainly have a lucrative future ahead for themselves. The reason why I like them a lot is because I had no idea about anything that had to do with a website and I was able to build this website (that you’re on now), learn how to type, and learn how to construct content. Without Wealthy Affiliate I would have never known how to write articles and build a website.

Wealthy Affiliate is that powerful that they taught me how to build my website & create meaningful content in just over one year.

I now have a full time online business at the age of 34, which I will have for the rest of my life, something that earns me money day after day, year after year. If you are wondering whether they are worth it, just imagine somebody spends an investment on starting a business or worked really hard for over ten years and built something incredible that people liked a lot; this is the chance that Wealthy Affiliate offers people.

Pros And Cons About Wealthy Affiliate


  • Great website hosting with high up times, with fast or medium-load speeds
  • Thousands of hours of recorded training on top of the dedicated Training Courses
  • There is a Live training each week along with Q&A (The Host Name is Jay)
  • There’s An engaged community of 1.8+ million members which everyone finds just absolutely amazing
  • There is a State-of-the-Art Keyword Research Tool that members can use for their content creation
  • Free Starter Members get 1 Free Website
  • Premium Members get 25 Free Websites


  • The Community can become very distracting for members as there is so much to talk about.
  • The Platform will Take 6 months or more for consistent income

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  1. One of the beauty as an affiliate is that we can get to promote any programs that we like or deem suitable for our readers.

    Personally I find Wealthy Affiliate a great platform to start our online career with. Not only is the training insider Wealthy Affiliate comprehensive, the program is designed systematically so that we can progress at our own pace.

    With patience and focus, I believe anyone can start to create a successful business online with Wealthy Affiliate!

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  3. Hi, there, I really enjoyed reading your article ‘What Is Wealthy And is it Legit? Review.’ I personally think Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for online marketing and an amazing community where you can learn more about affiliate marketing and grow. I like that you went into details about the site and covered all the platform details without a doubt. Thanks again.

    • Hi, Beesean, and thanks for finding my Wealthy Affiliate Review so helpful. I’m glad I was able to help you find some new information to get you through.

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  5. Thank you for the review here as you have covered almost some aspects I never knew about Wealthy Affiliate despite being a member for some weeks now. Learning never ends and it is a good thing to always see things as this here. Thank you so much for sharing this here with us all. Thumbs up to you.

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