Is Vector Marketing Legit or Scam? Honest Review

Vector Marketing Review

This is my Vector Marketing Review. Find out if Vector Marketing is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. Are you looking to sell knives and utensils, shears, flatware, cookware and sporting knives from home? This Vector Marketing could be a good job opportunity for you.

If you know anything about selling products online or in person and door-to-door, you’ll understand that the better the product and business that your franchise is run through the better you’ll be able to do business. But don’t get me wrong, working 9-5 walking the local neighbourhood is going to become a very hard job. I mean, how would you do this with Knives? You have to use a car and drive while performing house parties.

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But what is and can you make money Working from home selling kitchen cutlery, kitchen tools, and sporting knives? It’s time to find out.

What is Vector Marketing?

Vector Marketing is a Multilevel Marketing that offers a way for Kitchen workers to both buy and earn money selling knives utensils, shears, flatware, cookware, and sporting knives from home. If you do like to cook, it could be a way to earn extra money for you or family members at home. is actually the subsidiary of domestic sales firm Cutco Corporation. The Cutco Corporation is the business for all the products they offer such as knives, kitchen cutlery, kitchen tools, utensils, shears, flatware, cookware, and sporting knives. is the sales brand that they use to outlay all of their sales and direct Marketing plans.

Vector Marketing was founded in 1981 in Philadelphia, PA by Don Freda. Freda trained Albert DiLeonardo, who is now a part of the executive team along with Bruce Goodman and John Whelpley.

Vector Marketing reaches out to recent high school grads and college students and trains them to learn how to sell Cutco knives. This is important for you to understand because you need to understand the differences here. MLMs are marketing based, so no matter what the product or business, it is still marketing. I would highly suggest that if you don’t like marketing than to not waste your time promoting this company because it can be very demanding.

If you’re somebody who knows about kitchen knives, then this is something you could learn about and begin Working from home as a kitchen knife worker to make some extra money.

So that you can also verify for yourself whether this company is good and will provide a good franchise to begin with, take a look at all their social elements, on Facebook they boast over 74.8K Likes, Twitter, over 6.4K and LinkedIn.

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How does Vector Marketing work?

To get started with the Vector Marketing website and the sales of their kitchen knives you’ll need to go to their website and use the top button that says “Apply Now”. This is a little button in their top right hand corner of their website where you’ll be able to enter your area code for where you live and find a manager near your area who will support you all the way in getting started with your own franchise.

There’s no cost to join. You need to complete your training to become a sales representative, then they’ll loan you a Cutco sample set that you can use for demonstrations. As long as you’re active in the business, you can borrow a sample kit to show customers. If you quit, just return it.

To actually make money with your own style of work, you’ll be able to utilize or advertise in various media outlets such as newspapers, posted advertisements, word-of-mouth, the Internet, and bulletin boards at colleges. One of the main ways to use this marketing technique is to go round the neighbourhood of near where you live and by taking a small sample of what you have, people can get eyes on what you’re promoting and probably take heed and make a purchase.

From the website, there are a few claims of what people are beginning to earn using this business model. Check this out and see if you can make a connection with what they’re saying.

The knife block sets are a big investment, but they come with a “Forever Guarantee” and free sharpening anytime. The Ultimate Set includes 32 pieces and an oak block with either a honey or cherry finish. The Homemaker Set has 10 pieces. The Space Saver Set includes 5 knives. And the Studio Set has 4. All of them have quality cutlery that any cook would love to have in their kitchen.

If you would like to work at home selling knives, kitchen cutlery, kitchen tools, utensils, shears, flatware, cookware, and sporting knives and click this link and begin your journey with Vector Marketing.

But also keep in mind that if you’re not about to start working your butt off for the next ten years and receive hardly any salary, this check out this training which is just about writing articles and publishing them online.


The Vector Marketing MLM Franchise is legitimate and does help people build their own success stories once they have enabled themselves into a harder-working lifestyle.

Overall, You need a company that respects you, keeps you updated on what’s going on, and gives you full disclosure before and after you join. If this company or any other company you long to work for does not do this, then you must renegotiate who you need to work for, and with this being said, I can give you your first pipeline of employment starting with your own online business. Keep on reading below to get this orchestrated.

Vector Marketing Pros And Cons


  • The Vector Marketing brand has been in the business longer. They’re known to make some of the best cutlery in the world and their products are of high-quality.
  • While the Vector Marketing company is widely known in the United States, Vector Marketing has been growing its presence and sales in Canada for the past 25 years. A market to really watch out for!
  • Vector Marketing Has social media platforms
  • Vector Marketing Has a reliable work from home business model


  • It is very disappointing that some conditions of being sales representatives are not being disclosed. As I’ve mentioned previously, job seekers are not aware that they have to recruit people.
  • Scam-like approach to hiring a sales representative. It is really odd for a company claiming to be reputable to subscribe to such tactics – targeting college students who are more prone to get attracted to extra income. Add into these their methods of recruiting them are just so pushy and annoying.
  • Is still in the MLM realm which has always been known to have issues with the way it markets itself, causing issues for people who join.

What I recommend – Start a website and learn how to use SEO & Content Marketing to gain traction for money

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Taking an Affiliate Marketing training course is something that can help you learn skills that make money and turn your career into a profitable one.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling knives, kitchen cutlery, kitchen tools, utensils, shears, flatware, cookware and sporting knives from home? Have you worked or tried working for Vector Marketing before?

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