Is Validately a Scam or Legit? Honest Review

Validately Review

This is my Validately Review. Find out if Validately is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many valuable lessons that people can learn online now and many people still are not doing it. Things like making money, typing, doing Surveys for market research services, or plain studying for free. I have done countless reviews that which disembark on all the things you can do to increase awareness of what is happening on the internet and how you can take some of that pie for yourself. But what do you think is important when you don’t own your own homes? Doing a course that won’t lead to pay or doing something such as testing websites and apps and getting paid for that? As mentioned, they won’t pay you what you need, not what you want, but what one needs to make it right out of the slumps and back on to the earth’s crust.

As an adult, seeing one that does not support their own entities is something that I think about a lot in today’s society. Because I see what I see online, it makes me quite annoyed when I see people now doing nothing and being paid of that government only to sit around and play games: Something like Facebook where they are now paying people to play games with their new gaming features.

It is not work. Gaming and sitting around doing nothing are not working and I do not recommend these types of things.

People can still make money and become a boss where they can live a laptop lifestyle but they need to put in the effort to see results. When you see this, it makes you happy that others can provide for themselves.

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What is and can they help you now? Let’s find out now!

What is Validately?

Validately is a provider of product design and management, UX design, and user research solutions for organizations. Validately is a Private company. Validately parent company has been User Zoom, Inc. since June 2019. Validately was founded by Mark Bathie and Steven Cohn with their headquarters based in New York, US. At the time of this writing, Validately has on their work press 11-50 employees working for them with constant growth. top competitors are Lookback, led by Henrik Mattsson, who is their CEO. Validately industries include both Internet and Test and Measurement. Validately has 55 followers on Owler.

Now that you have the inside look at what offers I know want to also find out if they sport a Facebook Fan Page and if so how much they have. Validately does run their own Facebook Fan Page and they boast over 6.1K Likes. Knowing that they also have that extra platform helps anyone looking to sign up with them do so with added elements. 

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How does Validately work?

Getting start with Validately is pretty easy and can be done through either their website or the Validately app which can be downloaded on both mobile operating systems. Once you have the Validately sign up all finished it will then be time to earn some coin. Signing up with the Validately platform will also include the following elements that need answering:

  • What’s your mobile device? (Can select multiple options)
  • What type of computer do you own? (Can select multiple options)
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Education level
  • Employment status
  • Job title
  • Annual Income
  • Full name
  • Email
  • PayPal email
  • Timezone

All the above questions are only what is getting asked so they know who you’re and what you cage for. Validately Jobs are easy to come by and connect. But getting connected does render another screener test and this includes the following:

  • You will need a microphone
  • Need to be in a quiet place
  • Absolutely no background noise
  • Read every task aloud
  • Video camera needed
  • Speak thoughts aloud
  • Answer follow-up questions

The whole way this expertise operates is when somebody (who becomes a client to the stage) creates their own mobile app or website but do not want to launch the design until it is ready. This incurs benefit charges and this is where a tester is needed to help get the job done. You can imagine some not truly understanding what it is they have to do and when this happens there is help available. Clients need people to take their platform for a test drive, and use their functions and features.

Validately states that payments vary. They also claim on their site that the minimum payment for a successful unmoderated test on both mobile and desktop is $10, and it lasts 10-15 minutes. In addition, you can do scheduled moderated live tests where you speak through a webcam on your device and share your screen with a moderator. These they say will earn you a minimum of $40 for 30 minutes and $70 for 60 minutes. Payments are made using PayPal. Validately will send members their salary 7 days after you complete a test.


Now that I have fully finished my Validately Review I can conclude that the site is legitimate and you will earn money from their opportunity.

Pros And Cons About Validately


  • Validately is Free to sign up with the company.
  • Validately claims on their site that many of their studies can be $100 or more for a live remote research session, which is pretty good.
  • Validately offers Easy work reviewing websites and apps for a solid income.
  • Validately does not boast a minimum payment threshold.
  • Validately also offers some pretty Good ratings on G2 and TrustPilot review platforms.


  • There are reports that too many people fight for the same jobs
  • It takes 7 days for the results of a test to be reviewed and for payments to be made which I think is way to long
  • People that do not fit the company’s specific demographics don’t receive any tests which is not helpful, especially after signing up and coming along way to reach that finale
  • Most people found the limited payment options with only PayPal to be annoying.

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