Is UpVoice a Scam or Legit? An Honest Review

UpVoice Review

There are so many reasons to begin turning your earning points on and taking it to the top. This is not hard, and I need you to firstly start understanding that making some sort of income to the side is easy, in this post I am going to show you how to make money, whether you have a point’s system or an online business, but just know that if you’re taking surveys with no online business, you work is in vain. That is because not owning your own business online stops you from promoting the companies that you are doing the surveys for tasks for. This, in turn, stops your earning potential completely all the way down to the point where you are only earning cents per month.

I have been working online for over a year now and one of the things I have seen are people or “Survey Takers” start promoting their affiliate links straight to their Facebook Timelines with not content wrapped around them. This means, that you are just posting bare naked URLs which, on Facebook, will get them banned because it is just spam. This is part of everything that you should start learning upon working online and starting your online journey.

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What is UpVoice? is a market Research Platform that is run and owned by BrandTotal. UpVoice is a Survey Panel that helps businesses find out things about their company with respect to the way they are able to provide through their dark marketing resources. This is a marketing termed coined that which means only the marketer who created the plan is the only one who can see the hard it took to form their marketing design. This, in turn, is how BrandTotal works to perform routine specifics on the agenda, and you will be the ones who perform their tasks.

As for the panel’s legitimacy, it fully complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), even though this compliance wasn’t necessary since the data is anonymous and non-identifiable. That should be enough to give you the peace of mind to keep moving forward with this company, but if you have any other privacy related questions, you can reach them out via

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How does UpVoice work?

As with all new make money online opportunities, when you have found something that you like and want to be apart of, you must first create an account using both your name and email address, and when this is done, just swing back to your email inbox where there will be a unique verify code that you have to click and accept before moving forward, and this will allow you to start working alongside the platform in question which is UpVoice.

According to the UpVoice website you can earn up to $75+ annually, which is not much starting out. But if you are able to bring more Prospect members in to the branch your earnings will go up by millions.

You earn money by regularly visiting YouTube, Amazon, FB, or any of the other participating websites using your computer.

Here are the sites that UpVoice uses:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • Twitter

UpVoice works by anonymously collecting the ads you see, and you are given daily token’s in return.

Here’s how the token system works:

  • You will receive a sign up bonus of 300 token’s. You can only sign up to our panel once.
  • You will receive a daily total amount of 10 token’s for visiting one or more of the participating sites. For example, if you visit any one of the participating sites for 15 days in a certain month, then you will earn 150 token’s.
  • You will receive an extra token’s bonus every time you’ve reached increments of token’s earned overtime (i.e. when reaching 2,100token’s overtime you will get an additional 120 token’s).

The token’s can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards only.

This is basically all there is to it, just jump in and start clicking all of the sites that you see and that they work with. Once you get enough token’s gathered, you can then trade your earning for gift cards.

Nothing beats affiliate marketing and with UpVoice you have an amazing opportunity to bring in new members and get paid. Now I talk about this all the time, where I see members posting their bare naked referral links to Facebook without any content whereby the person seeing the link can be informed about what it is you’re promoting. Not only this, but Facebook bans spammy links, and if this happens you have to create a whole new account with the Survey Site which is a total pain.

You can invite Prospect members by using the following these steps:

  • Click on the extension’s icon and go to the “Referral” tab on the dashboard.
  • Copy your unique referral link. This link has the ability to associate your account with the users you invite.
  • Share it with your people through text messages, email, social media platforms, or any other way.
  • Once your referred users have filled out the qualification form on the website, they will appear on your “Referral” tab under “My referrals”. The initial status of each new referral will be “Pending”.

Once your referred users have become successful referrals, you will get 300 token’s ($5) for each one. Your referrals become successful after completing the following actions:

  • Getting qualified to join the panel
  • Installing the extension
  • Gaining their first 100 token’s in addition to the sign up token’s

Every time a referred user of yours becomes a successful referral, a red badge will appear on your “Referral” tab. There, you will find a “Claim” button next to that referral. Click on it and collect your token’s.


Now that I have fully concluded everything for the UpVoice Review I have to say that UpVoice is a cool way to earn extra salaries. If you were wanting to know if they are worth it, they are but there are many other better options that you can use and starting earning money like creating your own online business and promoting other businesses products, but in this case you will be promoting UpVoice where you earn $5 for each referral- which is pretty nice.

Pros And Cons About UpVoice


  • All you have to do with UpVoice is visit sites that you visit anyway making the job even easier
  • UpVoice gives you 300 bonus token’s just for signing up
  • UpVoice has a large selection of gift card stores to choose from including Amazon, Visa Prepaid Card, Best Buy, American Eagle, iTunes, Nike, Burger King, AMC Theaters, and many more.
  • UpVoice Sports a Chrome Extension for your web browser
  • UpVoice Has a referral program where you can build an opportunity on autopilot if you know how, which is what I coach


  • UpVoices potential to make you rich is very unlikely
  • UpVoice also gives their members cash as one of the options to get paid out
  • UpVoice is for US members only

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