Is Thumbtack a Scam or Legit? An In Depth Review

Thumbtack Review

There are many reasons at the moment for people looking for work, and I like the fact that many of the opportunities out there are coming from legitimate and local firms.

I used to do roof tiling laboring and through this trade I learned about how con-men work. They’re people who tell you they can fix it but really can’t.

With the Thumbtack platform, hopefully this will pave the way for proper and legitimate work to take place.

But in saying this, you must remember that you do still have to work when it comes to this platform. And since you believe this, you’re probably not aware that there is a much easier way to make money with your own online business.

But What is and can you make money any easier ways?


You sound like a worker? Does my judgment concludes right?

I highly recommend putting all your force and hard workmanship into an online business and taking the internet for everything it’s got.

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What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is an online marketplace that connects millions of people with local professionals for their projects. It operates a platform where people can hire talents and professionals like instructors, painters, photographers, and many more.

Is Thumbtack a reliable site to earn?

Thumbtack was founded in 2008 by Jeremy Tunnell, Jonathan Swanson, Marco Zappacosta, Sander Daniels, and is headquartered in San Francisco, Thumbtack has raised more than $275 million from Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global Management, Javelin Investment Partners, Baillie Gifford, and Google Capital.

Industries for Thumbtack is run by Internet, Marketplace, Professional Services, Service Industry, etc.

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How does Thumbtack work?

Using Thumbtack is an awesome way to find local handyman services because the platform offers them pretty much all in one. It is up to you whether you think you have something to offer to the platform. I just wonder if these people put any thought into the prospect of businesses working very hard to promote themselves before this type of platform became available. I mean, if it was that good, don’t you think it would work. Can construction companies use this website and save on all the advertising that one building company would have to use? I don’t see the resemblance.

Putting all the roof tilers together, carpenters, and plumbers, and saying you can use this site to find your perfect job something that will work? This is where I find the company a little confusing.

But to sign up to Thumbtack to offer your services you must be over 18 years old. By registering to Thumbtack you verify at the same time that you’re indeed qualified and hold any licenses, certifications, bonds, and/or insurance required by law.

I think its great that Thumbtack allows you to list nearly any professional service.

Check out some of the categories offered on the platform:

  • Home improvement
  • Wellness
  • Pets
  • Business
  • Events
  • Lessons
  • Crafts
  • Design and web
  • Legal
  • Personal
  • Photography
  • Repair and technical support
  • Writing, translation, and transcription

Thumbtack is best for professionals who are motivated to sell their services to potential customers. It works well for all different levels of experience and price points, as long as you can provide quality service that satisfies your customers’ needs.

However, if you’re not a person looking for work, it is as easy as going to the site and creating a profile using your name and email. Then, on the inside you’ll be able to find your perfect workman.

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After carefully checking the Thumbtack website I can clearly say that they’re a very nice looking website. I am sure that pose no threat to the construction trade and anyone looking to get a job done will most likely have some good success.

But, you may be wondering what or where I can help in regard to offering something that is better. And I can. You see, if you still work doing some type of physical laboring job such as this, you’re probably not truly aware of the options that which surround you online.

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