Is The Wholesale Formula a Scam? An Honest Review

The Wholesale Formula Review

Anyone can start making money from their own online business. It doesn’t matter who you’re, if you have an internet connect and computer you’re good to go. This could be the reason you head off to your local store and pick up something that you can start working from.

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Now, let’s move into the Wholesale Formula Review!

What is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula is an online training course that is like many others out there. The Wholesale Formula was founded by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost who also work inside the training giving people live webinars to help them tune into how they do it.

As with Amazon, the platform offers an awesome way for people to make money with their affiliate program. But what makes them so unique and good is members of their offer are able to both buy and store their products from the Amazon website and Amazon Warehouses. This means that when you buy a product from Amazon you store it directly in their warehouse for free.

When entrepreneurs crack the code to being able to do this successfully they create courses for people and this is what we have here.

The Wholesale Formula simply shows you all the steps to setting up an Amazon Online Store and finding products to sell.

Is The Wholesale Formula a Scam? An Honest Review

There is a lot involved and it also costs a lot of money (something like $20K) to get started and make it work.

I want to show you more as we move down the page but if you do not have the money to invest in this type of training then don’t worry, I have you covered!

Blogging is the second option and it’s when you type up written articles and publish them to a web page. This is giving you a free chance to get free traffic, and it is the best for first timers. Try reading this article here that shows you everything you need to know to start now: 5 Years On, I Reached My *Ecstatic* Income Goal! (2x $1.2K Days).

Now, let’s keep reading to find out more!

How does The Wholesale Formula work?

There are many different ways to get started with The Wholesale Formula Training Program and some of them are searching Amazon courses online. By the way, while we’re here I want to tell you that if this course popped up in the Google search results for Amazon Courses it would be very helpful to them. This is how a blog would work, for those who wish to start a blog because they don’t have much money or think PPC is too complicated then this is for you.

Blogging is when you rank a site for keywords. I know this is a bit off topic but it suits what I’m writing about. If you could get a product or website ranking for a keyword such as Amazon Courses, you would make a lot of money FOR FREE.

However, a few other different ways you could find this course might be a YouTube ad or another blog-post review.

Say you found The Wholesale Formula and didn’t know what to think you would search for reviews.

These types of course will show you how to sign up to Amazon and make money flipping their products.

The Wholesale Formula is priced affordably – at $2,497. You also have the option for a three months’ payment, set up for $997 monthly.

The following are the steps inside The Wholesale Formula Training Program:

    • This is the starter module, where the creators introduce the users to the Wholesale Formula business model. It explains the reverse wholesale thought and walks you through the steps needed to line up your business.
    • This module explains the way to search effectively for Amazon products online and analyze their profit potential. This can allow you to recognize if they’re correct and suitable for your business model.
    • Here the authors have explained thoroughly regarding scouting strategies to search out the foremost profit-generating product. They need mentioned strategies like Leaf Sourcing, Super-Targeting, and Amazon Filtering to quickly notice the most effective wholesale product.
    • Once the groundwork is completed, the creators justify that you’ll easily win over product owners and in return increase your account approvals.

Here, your Amazon experience will be an added advantage to earning the trust and accolades of brands you partner with.

    • Here the authors unveil the sourcing strategies to contact product owners and open wholesale accounts. Next is the guide to talk terms, lower costs, so that you too can forecast sales accurately.
    • In this section of the course, you will learn about practical lessons on how Amazon works, how you can set up a profit making business, definitions that you should be aware of, the meaning of seller central, and so much more.

In the resource vault, we store up very vital information that you wouldn’t find in the TWF concepts. The more reason why you need to give it rapt attention.

    • Dan, Dylan, and other members of the TWF community have proofs of how the wholesale formula fetched them multiples of millions and their 12-hour prerecorded teachings, is one you must see. It shows you processes, concepts, and strategies that still work.

Exclusive Software And Services:

With the TWF software, tools and discount, each TWF student can grow their online business rapidly.

TWF Support Team:

If you ever encounter a challenge, you can count on TWF support department to proffer instant solutions.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses:

TWF Alumni

Join an exclusive associate cluster on Facebook for the video course members. Anyone can raise any question at intervals of the cluster and search the archives for data from previous and current Wholesale Formula 2021 learners or students.

The BUSINESS Owners Playbook

The lessons in the WHOLESALE FORMULA mini-course playbook will help you handle your business like a Pro. You will master the art of negotiation, hiring an employee, creating a business workflow, and other methods that yield high sales conversion.

VA Launchpad

Access to a complete bonus course that teaches you ways to utilize Virtual facilitate (VA) in outsourcing many of your wholesale sourcing programs.

With the lessons, you will learn how to create more family and leisure time without cheating on your business. As they show you how to hire and raise your own virtual assistant.

TWF Coaching

To become a highly profitable entrepreneur, they realized that you need a coach.

Hence, with their direct mentorship you can call at least once in two weeks for guidance, action steps etc and TWF coaches will motivate you to take actions that yield lasting success.

Everything above is what you’ll get if you decide to purchase this training. Now, I don’t know about you but $2.5K is too much money to spend on something that I can already grasp with an intro of some sort (and YouTube free content!).

If you my advice I would seriously recommend this training: Wow! March ’16 – Best Sales Month S$41,350.30, as it does not hound you for money! I’ll also give you free coaching along the way!


Now that I have fully finished my Wholesale Formula Review I can now fully conclude that the program is legit. Although very expensive it does not rip anyone off!

I have left multiple ways in this review for you to see what the real deal is here and how you can make a right choice on which way you wish to go. Do you want to not have to think much and just write content or do you want to get really confused to start making money online? The choice is yours!

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What I personally recommend

Every course online is based on creating a program that teaches you how to sell Amazon products. This will always come with the creators offering one-to-one coaching. This path is costing people a ton of cash and I don’t recommend starting off paying for anything online.

I mean, how do you know what will happen? People must just have money, but if they’re willing to spend then maybe they aren’t too fussed about what happens?

If you’re serious about online business then I recommend starting here: First $1,000 month on a 14-month-old site!

I don’t charge for coaching! I give you the coaching for free, you just need to sign up and start working and I’ll help you along the way one-to-one.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling Amazon products from home? Have you tried The Wholesale Formula before?

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