Is Testing Time Legit or a Scam? An Honest Review

TestingTime Review

This is my TestingTime Review. Find out if TestingTime is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many ways to make some extra side money on the internet but are most people happy with what these options offer? I know one thing and that is that they do not pay what you could need to live happily and free from work. But don’t stress, you’re have found the right website to actually do that starting from today. But, What is and what are the differences? Well, I’ll explain soon what is but for now I want to explain what my top recommendation is for working from home because it is happening now and if you want to completely break free from work and do the same you can with ease.

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What is TestingTime?

TestingTime is an automated recruiting service of test users for usability tests, interviews, workshops, focus groups, and surveys. TestingTime’s customers are in the UX and market research industry fields, and from researching, both markets are in need of participants for usability tests, interviews, focus groups, diary studies, and surveys. That is where TestingTime plays their game; TestingTime provides a pool of more than 350,000 test users from which customers order their desired target users for qualitative and quantitative user research online. Test users are acquired through online campaigns and referral mechanisms and a smart rating system and predictive machine learning algorithms ensure high quality test users with a low no-show rate. The company is currently used by large corporations like UBS, Zalando, Microsoft, Accenture, and many more. TestingTime was founded in 2015 by Oliver Ganz, Reto Laemmler, and Rahel Vils, and is currently headquartered in Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland. TestingTime Industries includes Market Research and UX Design. TestingTime generates $146.9K in revenue per employee TestingTime has raised a total of $3.7M in funding. Testing Time’s top competitor is UserZoom, led by Alfonso De La Nuez, who is their Co-CEO.

One of the more important elements to finding a legitimate company to work for online is knowing they provide a stable Facebook Fan Page as this is always a sign that the company is stable. TestingTime does have a Facebook Fan Page and they boast over 89K Likes. Now, you can know with some better comfort that this business could help you earn some extra income. 

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How does TestingTime work?

Anyone who wants to start testing with the TestingTime Website must go to the TestingTime Login page and complete their form. At the start it will only require your name and email but once you enter into the platform there will be other appointments you need to fill out in order to showcase your contentment. TestingTime jobs are quite frequent in which you will earn some money when you target their affirmations.

There are some other important elements prospects have to keep in mind and this concerns the basics that you need when performing their tasks.

Before anyone can start earning on Testingtime they need to keep the following in mind:

  • To start earning you need to have a laptop as Testingtime does not work on smart devices.
  • Members need to respond to the invitation you get via Testingtime as soon as possible so you get a good chance of earning. With this opportunity they say the first in best dressed.
  • The invitations you get depend on your demographics. Whatever details regarding your country, language, or skills you enter on the profile, you will get suitable test opportunities.
  • Members will need their webcam, microphone, and headphone in their tests

Testingtime pays through PayPal and direct bank deposits. You will receive the amount 10 days after your withdrawal. You can earn £50 per project and more in a week as you get more projects to test.


Now that I have fully finished my TestingTime Review I can conclude that this company is legitimate and anyone looking to make a small amount of money online will do so at this firm.

Pros And Cons About TestingTime


  • TestingTime does not require prior expertise needed to get enrolled
  • The TestingTime company is authentic hence their trustworthyness
  • The TestingTime rates per test are worth the effort
  • TestingTime members can withdraw their money despite any low thresholds
  • The TestingTime transactions are carried out through PayPal, which makes things nice for receiving elements of pay


  • They offer a few tests in a week, which is why you cannot rely on the income.
  • Some people are shy about live interviews, which leads to a less movement within the platform
  • You must give them your phone number, which some people can find nerveracking
  • There is also no affiliate program to make earnings a little larger

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