Is TestBirds a Scam or Legit? An Honest Review

TestBirds Review

This is my TestBirds Review. Find out if TestBirds is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are millions among millions of reasons to want to start making some serious money online but when someone searches for this they do not always find what they are looking for. To be honest, I’m not even truly sure within What sense Sites such as TestBirds truly pay a large portion, and help you quit your day but I will help you find that answer as we move through this TestBirds review.

There’s also a few other ways online that people are turning to to make money as well and those ways are not necessarily just turning up to a dodgy website and making a few cents. You can either do that, or hear about some of the real ways people are making money online and follow suit, but the real ways to make money online is not easy and does requirement commitment from your end and total trust; that the process works.

Let me tell you something. The internet is made to advertise. If you can build yourself and website and get traffic, then you’re being pivoted into a uniformed element to make money and run sideways. Have you ever thought about this before because I have never put it down like this before? But what is TestBirds and what are the differences among men as touch on this subject? The answer is easy. TestBirds is not about advertising. They are missing the whole point of the internet, even the owners, they must have not wanted to procreate but yet found that what they were doing was something they enjoyed.

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What is TestBirds?

TestBirds is an online platform that which supports companies with the optimization of their digital products by providing mobile software development and testing solutions to both mobile applications and websites. Testbirds headquarters is in Munich, Bavaria. Testbirds has a revenue of $9.3M, and 100 employees with the main team corresponding as:

  • Found Georg Hansbauer
  • Founder Markus Steinhauser
  • Founder and CEO Christian Wäntig
  • Founder Philipp Benkler
  • Tamas Lichter Founder and CEO of Testbirds in Hungary

TestBirds latest funding round was a Series A for $2.9M on Mar 2014. TestBirds main competitors are TestObject, Qualtrics, and AppThwack. Legal Name of TestBirds is TestBirds GmbH As of August 2019, TestBirds has 4.7K fans on Facebook and 1.3K followers on Twitter. TestBirds was founded in 2011 and industries include:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Information Services
  • Information Technology
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software

Now that we have some really good information on this platform we can assume that they are good enough to make a little money with. But never get to carried with a platform here that just is not lively enough. Usually, when making money online you would have a whole community of like minded individuals who also share the same desires as yourself.

The fact that does offer a Facebook Fan Page where anyone who is in cohorts with them can go to get updates on their company and position. This is one of the key elements that you want to look at when getting started with an online company who is willing to pay you.

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How does TestBirds work?

As with all Companies online that appear to pay you for work, prospects must start their own new free membership or profile.

Once your account is set up by adding your email address and name, you will then need to proceed to add some more details about what you’re good at so they can match with some jobs that will work for you so you can make some money.

Testbirds is open to prospects who label themselves as being worldwide, and the site accepts both professional testers and newbies. In fact usability testing does require individuals from all walks of life. Age too is not a deterring factor, but anyone below 18 years must seek the consent of a parent or guardian before registering with Testbirds. And also, To become a member of this platform, you must possess a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The Member’s role as a tester involves trying out digital products and applications such as:

• Websites and Portals
• Mobile apps
• Internet of Things
• Wearable, e.g., Smartwatches and trackers

Testbirds will send members test invites to their email (or selected notification) once projects that match your profile become available.


Now that I have fully finished my TestBirds Review I can fully conclude that the platform is legitimate and members will earn some money from this new age experience.

Pros And Cons About TestBirds


  • TestBirds is considered a Legitimate site that pays a lot of money. They accept both beginner and professional testers.
  • TestBirds does not introspect a low minimum payment threshold
  • With TestBirds members also have a few days to accept and complete the test. But you will need multiple devices to be invited for further testing.
  • TestBirds doesn’t seem like the type of job that would get boring.
  • The TestBirds test platform is available 24/7.
  • TestBirds Clients can track their products live software testing for all ongoing projects


  • It is Still just extra income website testing.
  • It May also be limited evidence.
  • The entrance test is long: up to 75 minutes, which means you’ll need to keep an extra eye on payments
  • Tests are first-come-first-served.

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