Is Sykes Legit or a Scam? Honest Review

Sykes Review

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But what is Sykes work from home and how can it help you make money online as well?

What is Sykes?

Sykes is a website that outsourcing customer service positions to people who are in the work from home atmosphere. provides an array of customer-contact management solutions to market leaders around the world, primarily in the communications, financial services, and technology industries. Sykes has 47,900 employees at 75 locations in 20 countries operating in 30 languages. was founded by John H. Sykes in 1977 as a small technical engineering firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1996, Sykes went public and began trading on NASDAQ. Sykes is currently headquartered within Tampa, Florida, United States, and industries include Contact Management Outsourcing. Sykes is a for Profit company. As of August 2020, Sykes sports 10.5K Likes on Facebook and 8.7K Users on Twitter. Sykes work from home looks like they have a good social media following which means people obviously like them and will use them for work purposes.

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How does Sykes work?

Sykes is a well-known company that hires people as employees to work remotely taking inbound calls for their clients. The Sykes jobs are almost always available to apply for, and they currently hire people living in forty US states and eight Canadian provinces. To me this is something good that which stands out and will make people a lot more inclined to take a step within the right direction. Getting started with the Sykes Work From Home journey will require you to type in the keyword “Sykes Work From Home” into the Google search or whatever browser you’re using at the time. Once you’ve typed this in you’ll come to a page where you can click the link to the Sykes website and this page also has relevant information that can help you learn more about the company. But for this review I want to show you how you can start today. Now that you should be on the page you’ll need to hit the “Get Started” Link on the page, and it will then take you to a page with all the available jobs they have to offer. I find it’s easier to search out jobs from this list and then create an account. If you want to create your account first then that might be easier for you. But to create an account upon clicking on the job is easier where there’s a link to do that once you’ve chosen the job position. This is basically everything you need to know so get started and hopefully you find some work.

Your exact rate of pay will vary depending on the client, Glassdoor shows that most people doing the work from home customer service jobs for Sykes earn $9 to $15 hourly. You may also be eligible for sales incentives on sales calls.

Pay is made every two weeks via direct deposit to your bank account or bank card.


Now that I have fully finished my Sykes Review I can fully conclude that their opportunity is legitimate and you will earn a good income from their intake calls center.

Pros And Cons About Sykes


  • Sykes work from home is a Reliable place to work
  • The Sykes work from home company has a long-standing work history for employing people
  • The Sykes work from home company will hire employees within the organization when a new job opening is available.
  • Sykes work from home also pays good money
  • Sykes work from home Has special events for their employees
  • Sykes work from home Also offers a social sphere whereby you can


  • Working calls centers can be stressful
  • The worst in-house call center job ever. The management doesn’t care about its employees and they don’t communicate with them either.
  • Sykes Work From Home offers a small income stream
  • Does not offer a way for people to build a website and promote their own company and brand

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience Virtual Customer Service? Have you worked for Sykes before?

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