Is Students Earn Cash Legit? My Honest Review

Students Earn Cash Review

I have been doing reviews on ways people can earn money online and by far the best ways has to do with earning commissions by selling other people’s products and services.

This industry is called affiliate marketing and the right way is to build a website and write content. It is also called blogging. The only other way I am sure about is called eCommerce Dropshipping. Except this way only shows you how to build a storefront and sell products. No online business created there.

But What is and is it is a reliable way for students to earn cash? No.

As mentioned there are only two ways to earn money online properly and they’re in affiliate marketing. Taking Short cuts will only hurt your timing and probably make you want to quit prematurely.

By the way, I generally won’t even review a product that is potentially harmful because I feel that it isn’t offering evergreen content and will only be erased within the near future. Therefore, a business claiming to help people make money, that which in fact doesn’t, will end up closing and I will have done all that work for nothing.

I’m guessing you’re new and want to earn some money to help with your education. Can you tell that this is a serious site? You have the option now to earn money with your own online business, which is a far better way of being able to study for free. Check out this page that which is inside the training Made $7,395 in a WEEK: First Black Friday Results!. The latter is a resource for serious entrepreneurs and I know if you change direction now and put your effort into something that will give you money back, you’ll be able to study at college without having to worry.

What is Students Earn Cash?

Students Earn Cash claims to be a platform where students can earn extra cash by completing simple offers and surveys from their phone.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, performing small tasks like these doesn’t even come close to being able to pay for college and everything else included along the way.

On the homepage, Students Earn Cash also states that by inviting a friend you’ll also earn $15 every time. Interestingly, just below this offer, it says that if you download apps, you could earn $50 for each download. But what would you do then? Right whilst going to college you find yourself needing a spare phone just for downloading apps? This sounds very strange to me. I wouldn’t want to behold a spare phone just for downloading apps.

On the website, it claims to offer member-payment proof, check screenshot below:

Is Students Earn Cash a reliable site to earn?

With the member payment proof screenshot above, I can see the shots but find it hard calling it proof of payment, I mean it could really be for anything? True?

Students Earn Cash claims to have paid out over $453K since their launch, check screenshot below:

Is Students Earn Cash a reliable site to earn?

I mean, after taking these screenshots of the homepage, the page literally ends, and you have reached the bottom of the page. It offers some social media pages where you can connect with them, except the links to their social media are broken. Having broken links to your social media pages is a big red flag.

But this site is getting a lot of attention simply because people don’t know anything about it. You should try something more stable such as My Best Affiliate Commissions $16K+ in 1 day $15K+ the next day. The latter is how well the training works inside the platform and I coach you for free after joining.

How does Students Earn Cash work?

There is absolutely nothing to do when getting started with Students Earn Cash. You’re just meant to go over to their site and put in your name, username, and email address. Once you do that you’re meant to earn a $50 bonus. After I entered my details, the $50 bonus was applied to my account but I could not withdraw it.

As soon as I made a password, this is what I saw next:

Is Students Earn Cash a reliable site to earn?

In the screenshot above you can see in the top right, it is suggesting that people are earning money with the system right now. It also shows me my referral link which I am supposed to share with others.

To be honest I have seen this type of stuff before and what they’re doing is actually very sneaky. This platform is nothing more than a portable to survey sites that Students Earn Cash is an affiliate of. That means, that when you do to complete a survey and create an account in the third party website, Students Earn Cash get paid for it (and not you).

I was so surprised to see on Student Earn Cash YouTube Channel they have over 225K Subscribers. It looks like thousands of people are enjoying earning nothing.

What I can note is, the website is not as poor as the others (Ex. Bigspot). I think that the people behind Students Earn Cash have taken an extra step in how the site is built to make it look more convincing to people to start earning.

The screenshot below shows you everything that’s inside the platform:

Is Students Earn Cash a reliable site to earn?

The left panel shows you menu, earn, and other. These are the features you can use to earn money and use the platform.

But I wouldn’t fall for it. These types of fake earning sites are the worst and where they get you the worst is by wasting your hard work and keeping your money.

I also read online, other blogs that claim Students Earn Cash don’t pay their members.

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After Reviewing Students Earn Cash I can now fully conclude that website is not legitimate and is not for use. Take my advice and do not use this site otherwise you’ll find yourself working for no reasons. When read on other blogs about the Students Earn Cash not paying their members I believed it straight away because there is not telling who is behind the site.

Being able to go to College and become someone major is something that takes a lot of focus and determination.

The first thing that people struggle about College is money. They don’t have enough money.

My way cuts straight to the chase and I know some people may not want to do that. But if you think that maybe this way will be worth it, you’ll be paying off College debt within months of starting.

Just look at how much money people are making inside a platform that works WA Training Helps Me Earn $1,000 a Month On Amazon!. See the latter? A member has, he’s eyes set on building a passive income using Amazon. People can build on whatever they wish. I highly suggest taking a deep breath and building a site that only takes 30 seconds to do. If you think about it, 30 seconds is nothing. Then, write a post and before you know it, you’ll be making affiliate commissions.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in earning commissions from home? Have you tried Students Earn Cash before?

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