StormX: Earn Crypto Cash-Back Rewards (Scam or Legit?)

StormX Review

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Product Name: StormX


Download: Android and Apple Stores.

Owner: StormX Singapore PTE LTD.

Price: Free

Earnings: a Few Cents worth of StormX coin on cashback items or completed offers

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is StormX?

StormX is a Crypto rewards app that rewards users for shopping and cashback.

In the way of uniqueness, StormX gives you Crypto rewards as their cashback rewards to users.

Some people might like to get cash-back only? If this is you, you can find a wallet that suits and withdraw your rewards through a crypto broker.

StormX: Earn Crypto-Cash-Back Rewards (Scam or Legit?)

On Google Play, this app sports 4.2-star rating and has over 1M+ downloads. Judging by these reviews on Google, it looks to be a fun app to use.

It also says on Google Play that StormX was founded by StormX Singapore PTE LTD.

Keep on reading to find out exactly how you can use the app to inherit more rewards.

How Does StormX Work?

To get started with StormX, you just need a mobile smart-device. You can then go to Google or Apple stores to download the app. Once you’ve downloaded, you can sign up and login to see what it offers.

Cryptocurrency and online shopping rewards are combined on StormX. You can shop online at 1,500+ stores globally, buy stuff, earn Bitcoin and other Crypto rewards. Shop and earn at eBay, AliExpress, StockX and popular brands like Nike, Expedia and Adidas. Earn Crypto Cashback rewards on all your must-haves with StormX.

Basically, with StormX, the limits are endless.

StormX: Earn Crypto-Cash-Back Rewards (Scam or Legit?)

Members have the option to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and STMX just by shopping online! Earn crypto rewards for everyday purchases – get Crypto Cashback for groceries, clothes and gifts. When you buy the things you need, StormX rewards you with crypto. Whether you want to earn Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency – it’s that easy!

StormX members automatically level up to the Purple tier when they connect a wallet within the app, but the real magic begins when they level up to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and finally Diamond.

Each tier provides increased Crypto Cashback, so for people who are shopping online anyway, it makes sense to buy STMX, deposit it in the app and then earn even more Crypto Cashback every time they make a purchase at one of their favourite stores.

StormX unique token model provides real incentives for members to not just purchase STMX tokens, but to also USE them.


Ways To Earn –

  • Paid Offers
  • Cash-back offers (Online Shopping)
  • Referral program – Earn 10% on all referrals earnings
  • Crypto Staking – Fund your crypto to help establish the platform
  • Chrome Button – Operates in the background and can earn 0.5% to over 85% in crypto rewards, depending on the store and their membership level.

Payments –

  • StormX Tokens can be converted to crypto using the StormX Crypto Wallets such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Web3 (any wallet that sports a web3 enabled browser). You need $10 minimum to withdraw STMX to your Crypto Wallet.
  • If you invite people to the app, and they join, you’ll earn 10% on all their earnings.

Community –

  • Facebook
  • Website blog
  • About
  • Careers
  • Support
  • Merch Store
  • Press Kit

Key Benefits –

  • Crypto is a popular way to grow your earnings. There’s also a Chrome button users can use in conjunction with their web browser.


Is StormX safe? Yes. Judging by the Google Play Store profile for StormX, it seems very safe.

Does StormX have payment proof? I couldn’t find any after searching on Google.

Is it easy to cash out? No. It’s not like PayPal, where you just enter your email. You have to go through a bit of fuss trying to withdraw your earnings by using a wallet and broker that is inside the app. Or you might use one that they approve of.

Is StormX a real and honest way to earn money online? StormX (STMX) is the native token of the StormX project. It is an ERC-20 token, meaning that it operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Does StormX have support? Yes. Members can use the contact link at the bottom of the StormX website for access to StormX Customer Service. 

Does StormX have any bad reviews? No. All the instant rewards app reviews seem fine to me!

Does StormX have an app? Yes. StormX online shopping reward programs can be downloaded on both Android and Apple Devices.

Would you recommend StormX to a friend or relative? Probably not. Even the best shopping rewards apps is not a real way to earn money. If you look at the founders behind these apps they are absolute millionaires and this is all because of the people who pay them money. They are millionaires and I want to teach/show people how they can be millionaires too.

How To Get StormX Referrals 

Are you using the StormX App right now, but don’t know about the referrals plan they have? You can get paid to refer people to the app! This means more earnings for you.

But, there is only one way to do this, and it’s the real way, the big way, the only way.

Unless you have the StormX referral link and have added it to Facebook, you’ll only be seen by few people. 

StormX: Earn Crypto Cash-Back Rewards (Scam or Legit?)

Don’t post to Facebook because it will end up blocking the link.

You need to follow the instructions below –

1) Login To
2) Find your referral link in your dash area
3) Build a free website at Wealthy Affiliate
4) Write and publish a StormX Review
5) Add your StormX affiliate link to your review

If you follow these simple directions, you’ll have a big business ahead of you and something to be proud of.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Makes it easy to start building a crypto portfolio.
  • You can earn higher rates if you hold your crypto in the app (instead of cashing it out).
  • Has levels where you can climb and earn higher rewards
  • Allows you to earn interest on your crypto holdings (under certain conditions).

What’s not to like –

  • Doesn’t make it easy cashing out
  • Only making other people rich – I read on their website that they have made millions from this investment, and it’s all thanks to the people who opt in for their offers.
  • Doesn’t provide a real business model that members can keep


The Keys to success is through finding a proven industry and mentorship. 

At this section, it is about me showing different apps where you can earn crypto. But again, this is only making the founders more money and not yourself. 

If you want to invest in this app, then I’ll do one better, invest in your own app!

If you don’t want an app, invest in a website!

Here’s proof of a training that is making people millions of dollars – $40,000 In One Weekend.

For those of you who only want to make other people rich, then here’s a post I found in Google – shopping reward apps.


Now that we have been through some/if not all of what StormX has to offer, what resonates with you? Is StormX a scam or legit? 

The app is certainly legit, but I don’t recommend using it just because of that alone. StormX has made the founders millions of dollars with their business dealings, and I can’t help but to see how people still play with it.

After giving you everything I researched, I hope you can find what you’re looking for.

However, don’t mess with apps that pay unless you have a real hobby with it. If you want to make some money, then this is not a way to do that.

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