Is StartupLift a Scam or Legit? An Honest Review

StartupLift Review

This is my StartupLift Review. Find out if StartupLift is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. People are trying everything new everyday and they want to make money. Money is a necessity in life that allows us to do the things we want and take options as they appear. But on the flip side, without money or jobs we go nowhere and basically end up homeless. I can tell you now if you want something you will have to work for it. And time is short. What is and do they offer more value for work?

If you were to work hard now and get ahead on an industry where you had been lacking for your entire life it could change everything for you. You could be someone that is already searching and have not found the faucet yet and I completely understand and the reason why, in the industry I’m talking about you don’t just get paid $10 for testing a product. You get paid thousands every week.

Picture what it would be like if someone offered you to make money selling their advance software that was proven material and they even provided you with the people who want to buy? Would you think that this is something and take one step further? Well, that’s what this is and I wanted to explain this to you before I got stuck into this review as this is something that I see so many people lacking which I did not want to do.

Do you think that if there are millions of people making money online simply by writing reviews and running a blog scroll it would be a nice thing to tell others? Because that is what’s needed. People just don’t know about this industry, as I believe even off this one StartupLift Review I will get countless people signing up. It’s because they want something that is valuable and not a scam. Just look at this site and you will see.

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What is StartupLift?

StartupLift is an online platform that is for getting feedback. StartupLift is a platform that claims anyone can get information effortlessly, fast, and in a cost effective manner. StartupLift is completely set apart from many other feedback platforms as they have a team of users that only provide the best answers in part because of an incentivized award system that the platform provides.

StartupLift was founded in 2010 by Pranaya Ghimire and has 1-10 active employees. StartupLift headquarters is located in Regions Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US. StartupLift Industries includes Crowdsourcing, Information Technology, and Service Industry.

For anyone reading this StartupLift Review I can always recommend checking to make sure the opportunity you’re going to look at working should always also sport their own Facebook Fan Page. It provides true legitimacy and can help a lot when needing swift information. However, StartupLift does run their own Facebook Fan Page where they boast over 1.7K Likes

Eligibility: 18+, WorldWide.

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How does StartupLift work?

Starting with StartupLift is an exercise that is simple from the beginning. does not have apps which means everything is run from their website, so to begin the StartupLift sign up process you will need to go to their homepage and require their one-page form that can be filled out and submitted. After the information is received and featured on, feedback providers are able to submit their feedback addressing questions asked by the startup, as well as complete tasks assigned by the companies. Awardees are selected as submissions are received, and each startup will remain permanently featured on The StartupLift jobs vary but remain still constant, which is what you want when job hunting, but let me ask you this:

Do you want real money and real business that you own, or do you want to waste time submitting answers that only builds other companies and not your own? You see, all these users who are requesting answers all have websites and that is what the internet runs off. If you take a look at the StartupLift blog you’ll see that they actually have a blog that is getting consistent blogs published to their site increasing their traffic structure. This could mean a few things, like they don’t have much money and want free traffic from Google. What I see, is businesses who already have money definitely don’t like to blog and that is bad for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

But if you want to work and provide answers with this company you can. Now that your account should be made just hit the Posts with Cash Awards Section on the website and you’ll see a whole list of jobs. 


Now that I have fully finished this StartupLift Review I can conclude that the StartupLift opportunity is Legitimate and you will make some money from their offers.

Pros And Cons About StartupLift


  • StartupLift is a reputable company.
  • StartupLift does Not sport any limits on feedback submissions
  • StartupLift has No minimum cash out requirement
  • StartupLift offers Weekly PayPal payments
  • StartupLift has Reasonable payouts
  • StartupLift is Open to all


  • Prospects first have to undergo a prescreening.
  • There are Limited payment options
  • There are also Low approval rate
  • There’s No referral program

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