Is ScholarshipOwl Safe and Legit? An Honest Review

ScholarshipOwl Review

This is my ScholarshipOwl Review. Find out if Scholarship Owl is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review.

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Now, lets get into the review.

What is ScholarshipOwl?

ScholarshipOwl is a website that connects students to scholarships. ScholarshipOwl was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Kenny Sandorffy.

Since the company’s inception it has received $500K in funding.

ScholarshipOwl works in industries such as education, finance, marketplace, and software.

ScholarshipOwl is a SaaS based Marketplace. Now, there may be a few people reading this who are not quite sure who SaaS is or why they are concerned, so let me explain.

SaaS Marketplace is a cloud-based application that connects students to company’s (ScholarshipOwl) that provide private scholarships; their applications are vast, varied, and consist of ScholarshipOwl and others. This is all you need to know about SaaS.

ScholarshipOwl enables students in search of any type of scholarships to fast track direct access to the studies they need most.

ScholarshipOwl (as cited in About Scholarship, 2020) says, “ScholarshipOwl make the process of applications to scholarships as transparent and easy as possible for the student while providing the scholarship providers with a dynamic, controllable stream of students”.

Another way that I like to help verify the complexity of a company is by searching Facebook for some sort of Fan Page. These pages will always provide future prospects with relevant helpful insights and give them more audience coverage.

ScholarshipOwl is on Facebook with their own Facebook Fan Page and they boast over 76K Likes

Eligibility: 16+, WorldWide.

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How does ScholarshipOwl work?

It is a common element that comes into one when somebody finds a platform that they want to earn money from. The first thing that a prospect will have to do to cohort with the following system that they find is create their account.

To create an account with ScholarshipOwl, you will first need both your name and email address, fill them in, and jump straight back over to your email inbox to check for the verification link that Scholarship Owl would have sent to you.

Once your account is created, it will then be perfect for you to move on to filling out the rest of your profile membership in which case can offer many extra bonuses.

After a prospect has signed up to the conjunction of the platform, they are automatically entered into a monthly $1K Scholarship.

ScholarshipOwl is free to use until you start applying for, well, scholarships. The paid service has three payment plans. If you pay monthly, it’s $20 a month. If you pay quarterly, it’s $15 per month. If you pay twice a year, it drops the price down to $10 per month. For those plans, you get access to the scholarships and the ability to apply online.

To know what you could be expecting at the ScholarshipOwl Website I listed below some of the Scholarships they have:

  • Need-based Scholarships – These are scholarships awarded based on financial need and takes in the consideration of the student’s assets or family assets if still living at home (Many are).
  • Merit-based Scholarships – The Merit-Based Scholarship is one of the most common scholarships you can come across, and are based on a student’s talents and interests, which could range from academics too artistic to athletics.
  • Athletic Scholarships – Athletic scholarships are part of merit-based scholarships awarded to students who are looking to further their athletic careers to the next level, hence why it states athletics.
  • Artistic Scholarships – Artistic scholarships are part of merit-based scholarships awarded to students who are looking to further their artistic careers to the next level. Again, with this subset, it is common lore among men.
  • No Essay Scholarships – No essay scholarships are based on no writing scholarships. They are less common among students as they require little to no work on their end.
  • Minority Scholarships – These are scholarships that make you affiliated because of like a particular background or family heritage that makes you eligible. Yeah, that’s right.
  • “Unusual” Scholarships These Scholarships are what you could call something that is more hard to come by. If you want a particular study is that is not common then it will be added to this subset.
  • Employee Family Scholarships – These are among some of the most valuable types of Scholarships you can find as they boast relevance to whoever is engaging with them. You will normally find company’s partaking some of their employees to the offer of a “Family Scholarship”.

ScholarshipOwl has a few different ways you can use their services which include their website and both Android and iOS devices where you can download their app. They also provide an affiliate program for their members, which is what I wanted to tell you about as this is one way that you could completely use to skip study and start working online.

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Now that I have fully finished my ScholarshipOwl Review I can fully conclude that they are legitimate and many people who are looking for alternative applications to study will find their site helpful.

Pros And Cons About ScholarshipOwl


  • ScholarshipOwl is fun and easy to use
  • ScholarshipOwl has an easy to use website with easy navigtion
  • ScholarshipOwl has a referral program to add to your benefit
  • ScholarshipOwl Keeps track of scholarship applications
  • ScholarshipOwl allows their members to Quickly apply to multiple scholarships
  • ScholarshipOwl also offers Hundreds of scholarships


  • The ScholarshipOwl Free search is limited

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