Is Reckner Opinions a Scam or Legit? An Honest Review

Reckner Opinions Review

There are tons, and tons of ways to earn money online but in this segment of Survey Reviews we will be checking out the options of Reckner Opinions and whether they are going to be something that fits well with you or not. Doing online surveys can be a great way to make an extra side salary, but is there anything we are missing when sporting those online surveys?

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What is Reckner Opinions? is a Survey and opportunity website structure for the National Consumer Research company Reckner. Now what this company does is basically like any other survey website in terms of gathering opinions and whatnot. Reckner Opinions gathers opinions also for an external number of surveys sites but your privacy is kept legit. Reckner works with both Research Studies and all different types of Online Surveys.

Because Reckner Opinions has such a long history spanning over 30 years they have a decent rewards rate. The history that they sport is also well regarded within the online world of market Research. When a Site by Surveys has a good reputation like this one it is a good sign for anyone looking to start to begin moving forward with them.

For the whole 20 years that this company has been running they have worked with over 200,000 people each day. When it comes to them performing a local test, they will conduce this technique within the NJ or NY areas, along with this, they also accept phone and online faculties from people who live all over the US.

A unique element of Reckner Opinions is that they offer three separate panels that various audiences can join. The panels are divided into the following categories:

  • Consumer Panel
  • Sensory Panel
  • Healthcare Professionals Panel

Periodically, Reckner conducts research with children as young as 6 years old. They will contact the child’s parent to see if you or your child are interested in working alongside Reckner. Reckner never attempts to contact children without parental consent. Reckner complies with the standards for conducting research with children- by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

Eligibility: 6+ with parental consent. United States residents only.

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How does Reckner Opinions work?

As with all survey online journeys when you find a site that best fits your needs you need to sign up by creating an account with both your name and email address. When you have done this you’ll get a unique link sent to your email inbox in which you can verify your email address. They do this because many times they have gone forward but the respondent didn’t work or answer their concept.

Reckner Opinions conducts tons of various types of opinion and consumer research studies for national and international companies.

There are many works moving forward with Reckner Opinions and they are as follows:

The consumer panel is open to anyone that would like to make an impact on the future of products and services that they use every day. The consumer studies always pay for your opinions and offers a variety of research options. They are as follows:

  • Online Surveys and Telephone Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Taste Tests
  • In Depth and One-on-One Interviews
  • Home Use Tests/Product Testing

As mentioned a little earlier, the Sensory Panel is operated out of their Harrison, NY facility. This is an in-person panel, which is more like a part-time job, which also means higher pay salaries.

If you work in the healthcare industry, you can help influence the future of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. Provide your insights and opinions through online surveys and telephone or in-person interviews.

Don’t worry about losing time when not receiving a survey because all panels with Reckner will reward you for your time. Members will usually be paid in the sense of prepaid Visa card. If the study is online, you will receive a link to a virtual card. The value of your earnings will depend on how tedious the survey is and how long it takes you to finish it, this is in order across all panels from Reckner Opinions.

Reckner offers in-person studies for all three research panels. To qualify for these studies, you must live near one of the research centers, located in the following areas:

  • Chalfont, Pennsylvania
  • Oak Creek, Wisconsin
  • Harrison, New York


Now that I have finished this Reckner Survey Site Review I have concluded that the panel is well worth your time and recommend that you sign up and get started with this opportunity. But, remember, that if you have your own online business you can easily bring in some traffic and start earning some referral commissions and when you are signed with Survey sites you are able to write a review on those and add those lonely referral links that aren’t doing much.

Pros And Cons About Reckner Opinions


  • Reckner Opinions has high-paying focus groups available for locals
  • Reckner Opinions also sports both phone and online surveys
  • Reckner Opinions rectifies different panels for different people
  • Reckner Opinions is easy to sign up
  • Reckner Opinions Pays their members within an efficient manner


  • If you are not located in the surrounding areas you will foretell a low turnover for engagement
  • Users are often turned down, even though they say that they never do that
  • As with all Survey Opportunities online surveys are limited
  • Not as extramental as former survey sites
  • Reckner are more focused on in-person work than remote work

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