Is Reality Based Group a Scam? An Honest Review

Reality Based Group Review

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So what is Reality Based Group and are they Legit? Let’s find out now!

What is Reality Based Group?

Reality Based Group is a customer experience firm that specializes in video mystery shopping, surveys, and pricing audits. Reality Based Group was founded in 1992 and sports over 320K Mystery shoppers at the time of writing this review. Reality Based Group Has served over 2K + clients with over 2M+ shops completed during their time online and climbing. Reality Based Group is a Private company. Josh Stern is the CEO of Reality Based Group and has an approval rating of 71 from Owler members. Reality Based Group’s top competitor is Market Force, led by Ray Walsh, who is their CEO. Reality Based Group has 294 followers on Owler. Reality Based Group invented Video Mystery Shopping with GameFilm (The first Mystery shopping company within the world), but what’s more is they were among 4 of the founding members of Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) a platform designed to help people become mystery shoppers.

Another good aspect to see how legitimate a company is to work for is by seeing if they offer a Facebook Fan Page. And in this case Reality Based Group do have their Facebook Fan Page and boast over 2K Likes at the time of writing

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How does Reality Based Group work?

To start earning you will have to head over to the Reality Based Group Login and enter your associated details. Once your account is made, you will begin using their wide array of shopping outlets to do your shopping. The unique idea behind this platform is that you’re filmed by the client in order for them to get the best understanding on how their company works best which is a growing trend that’s emerging as we speak. A bit like Crowdsource Testing instead you’re buying products instead of fixing issues with websites and apps.

Reality Based Group uses a combination of in-person, video, and telephone evaluations to help companies be competitive and maintain high standards of customer service.

Members of Reality Based Group has a long list of industries that they evaluate, both valet and self-serve parking services, banks, hotels, gyms, and hair salons. Love to eat and drink? RBG has something for secret shoppers with a variety of tastes, so you can secret shop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at taco purveyors, pizza, chili, and burger joints, casual and high-end dining venues, sports bars, steakhouses, theme restaurants, and family game centers.

What creates a good secret shopper is keen observation, objectivity, and good writing skills. You’ll often be required to notice details you’ve never before observed to answer report questions. When analyzing employee performance, your comments have to be objective and free of personal opinions.


Now that I have fully finished this Reality Based Group Review I can fully conclude that they are a legitimate platform and you will earn a good income from this site.

Pros And Cons About Reality Based Group


  • Reality Based Group is free to join
  • Reality Based Group offers plenty of information within their platform
  • Reality Based Group pays well for who they are
  • Reality Based Group has a long-standing company


  • It is still considered a low-earning potential
  • Doesn’t show any information on how shoppers get paid
  • Isn’t clear on how they actually operate

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