Is PrizeRebel Legit or Scam? In Depth Review

PrizeRebel Review

PrizeRebel Pays 15% to 30% commissions on the new members you bring into their platform. This is huge but you will have to sport the way I write this review to fully take this into your perspective if you want to participate in it.

There are so many reasons for many people to search for the specific words “How to make money online” and nothing more. This is important if you are serious about leaving the overhaul and work life of the 9-5 behind. If you look at any Billionaire they will tell you, If you don’t figure out a way to make money whilst you sleep you will work for the rest of your life. How huge is that? Do you want to work for the rest of your life? I know that some people like working because it gives them something to do, but if they found out about building a website and the involved with that, not so much building the site but the whole make money online journey once the site is built they could want to incorporate.

There are so many ways to make money online and the fact that you are here reading this PrizeRebel Review is something huge for so many reasons, but the main reason is that you have experience. Just the mere fact that you know about survey sites is breathtaking.

It is from here that survey takers take their next step and jump leap into the world of promotion because the conviction grows too strong. I mean, how many reviews have you read to the point where you’re seeing all the great and magnificent building websites being built and they are all recommending affiliate marketing. This is true for me and what I want to say here; except I want to propose the Survey Industry referral program into your current work-from-home scheme. In other words if you are taking Surveys what are you doing with the referral links of each of those platforms? If you don’t have a website and you are promoting Survey Websites you are doing it wrong and you’re probably not seeing any long-term success if any at all. To promote any referral link one must sport their own online business and this is what I want to lead you into today.

I have not seen any other website promote an urgency to their Survey Taking Customers that they need to have their own online business in order to fully comply with any GPT Sites or Survey Panels. It is fully an understanding that you need an internet website when doing work-from-home opportunities so that you can promote the referral link you get given when you sign up to any GPT site or Survey Site.

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What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel Review
PrizeRebel is one of the most popular get-paid-to-sites online and has a well-built website that catches the eye of the beholder as soon as they land among the page. When considering these GPT sites, it is always important finding out how legit they truly are and this makes it easy finding that out as PrizeRebel States on their homepage that they have been “The Premiere Market Research Survey Website since 2007 and has paid out over $9 million in cash and Prizes. This is something that I haven’t seen among any other GPT site so far so that makes PrizeRebel one of the best sites to earn money.

PrizeRebel is a free to join and offers their members’ tasks and activities in exchange for gift cards, cash, and merchandise.

PrizeRebel was launched in 2007 and since its launch has grown to become one of the most used GPT Sites online. PrizeRebel has a worldwide membership of over 10 million people, with members from the UK, United States, Australia, and Canada having the most opportunities to answer surveys.

The most common method for earning money with PrizeRebel is by taking surveys but this doesn’t bark out any underscores with alternatives that the platform offers.

Eligibility: PrizeRebel is open to people around the world who are 18 years of age or older. Users 13-18 can use the website with parental permission. Note that users from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia are likely to have the most success with the website.

Survey sites do not pay much, even if they stand to be as good as PrizeRebel, you must understand that they’re not working to help you. They only put forth surveys so they get paid themselves. If you want to get paid like they do, then you have to start: Earned $624 Today: Take This Online Business Seriously! and when you join I will coach you for free!

How does PrizeRebel work?

As with all Survey Platforms the process of joining up simple and fast. All you have to do to sign up to PrizeRebel is entered your name and email address and then jump back to your email inbox to verify your identity. PrizeRebel also offers for convenience a way for new members to Log in with their Facebook accounts creating easy access.

Once you have logged in successfully you will be transferred to the main page where you will be able to see all the different activities that PrizeRebel has embarked on to give out to their members. This main page also shows the number of people who have already earned large sums of money with the PrizeRebel Platform which makes things for comforting for new members.

Now that you have some information of the PrizeRebel Platform lets take a look at what some of the opportunities are that you can expect yourself to be doing when filling up your accounts:

  • Taking Surveys – Daily Surveys are available through survey routers within the systems platform and they consist of: Samplicious Surveys, Your Surveys, Cint Daily Surveys, Precision Sample Surveys, OxSample Router, Tap Research Surveys, and others. What’s good about this is when you take the survey you can see what they are going to pay you in order to complete it. PrizeRebel has always had great reviews on the high payments that they payout for these surveys.
  • Fill out offers – Offers include signing up for trials, joining mail-lists, and more.
  • Watch Videos – This is where you watch short videos for points and the amount you earn is unlimited.
  • Complete Tasks – This includes doing internet searches which help with growing your account.
  • Participate in Contests and Games – This is where members can earn by participating in raffles, contests, high-stakes lottery games, regular sweepstakes, and more. You can even spend the points you earn here on virtual raffle tickets which can either increase your overall success or decrease it.
  • Collect Daily Points – This is inside your account page where you can earn extra points from a list of opportunities and it can be taken up to x20 per day.
  • Referrals – This is what the whole process remains in great shape for. I have mentioned so much on how you can earn big with just referring other prospects, but if you want to learn the right way to start building your website and I will see you on the inside. PrizeRebel Pays between 15%-30% for the new members you bring in depending on what level you are on. This can work out to be a lot of extra cash to the point where you don’t need the opportunities anymore. What’s more is inside your dashboard there is a monitor that which shows you who you have referred and exactly how much they have made so you can keep track of absolutely everything. With an account in PrizeRebel and your own online business bringing in new members you could really make that amount skyrocket.
  • Offer Walls – This is where members can earn prizes when they purchase items from the PrizeRebel retail partners. The offer walls page in PrizeRebel show all their retailers who they are partnered with, what you need to buy, and how many points you will earn for doing the job. Many of the offers are things like taking free trials, download apps, or answer a surveys.
  • Accounts level extras – This is the PrizeRebel Loyalty Points Bonus system whereby members who gather together more points can unlock bonus points and move up the level of rank that they are on. Account level points are based on regular tasks and activities, including your referrals’ earnings. Reach the gold level or above and automatically receive rewards claim codes if they are in stock. The tiers are as follows: Bronze, Silver – 1000 points, Gold – 2500 points, Platinum – 7000 points, and Diamond – 12,000 points.

The PrizeRebel platform just keeps getting better as they also offer a catalogue of over 500+ Gift Card Options. To request your salary as you earn you ask for it in the form of Cash through PayPal or through Gift cards, you can get paid through ACH Bank Transfer. To withdraw you only need to have a minimum of $5 in your account.


PrizeRebel is one of the best GPT Sites online and that is a good thing for anyone looking to get-paid-to-work-from-home. I have the platform to be in great shape and in no way some sort of scam. If you want to earn serious money like some of the other websites that I know about you can follow me, build a website, and start opting for a piece of the PrizeRebel 15% to 30% Referral Pie that they offer.

Did you see during the review where I told you how showed you that in your PrizeRebel Dash membership profile you can see the earnings of all your referrals? This means you can see how much your referrals are earning and with that you can calculate how much you’re going to earn.

There are so many huge sites out there who have turned around and made a website just so that they could take advantage of the PrizeRebel referral program because it is just free money waiting to be earned. You build a site and write a review like this and when someone joins the Panel through your link they are yours forever.

I hope you look at the bigger picture and move forward with me as your coach in building your website in order to build something luxurious for yourself as the future moves forward. If so I look forward to working with you.

When you learn skills that make money it doesn’t take much longer to reach your goals.

Pros And Cons About PrizeRebel


  • PrizeRebel is a free platform for you to join
  • PrizeRebel Sports a low payout threshold
  • You can get paid in cash
  • PrizeRebel Has support that is good
  • PrizeRebel has many different ways that members can earn money and prizes
  • PrizeRebel has big amounts of Surveys, Tasks, and offers


  • Sometimes members will not qualify for all surveys that they want to finish
  • Not all countries have lots of opportunities

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  1. I have seen and personally tried out a number of get paid to websites where I have been able to earn a thing or two from. The truth is that while some of them will work well, some will not, so it is usually very good to know which works and which doesn’t. I think this PrizeRebel Review is a good one and seeing the affiliate commission is good but how do they pay that much of it’s free to join?

    • Hi, Suz, I see you again, you must like my blog or something. Thanks for commenting and to answer your question PrizeRebel is free to join, and they do pay quite good advancements.


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