Is Power of Opinions a Scam or Legit? An Honest Review

Power of Opinions Review

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What is Power of Opinions? is a survey site powered by Atomik Research, a market research company based in the UK. Power of Opinions itself targets UK residents, though anyone can join regardless of your country or location.

Power of Opinions sports a panel of approximately 50,000 participants and offers the opportunity to be a part of a global survey panel community. The panel lets you be a part of molding future business decisions and influencing the media that is all around you.

The Power of Opinions website is very clean and simple. The graphics are minimal, and the page includes a short summary of what the website is all about as well as all the links you’ll need to navigate the site. Registration and login links are convenient and easily accessible, which makes things more easier when signing up to become a member, which I will talk more about within the next segment.

Eligibility: International members accepted, however surveys are primarily directed toward UK residents, 18+.

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How does Power of Opinions work?

As with all survey website, finding the good ones takes some time, but once you have done it you will be able to learn more that way. You will have to sign up with both your name and email address and with this you will then need to bump back to your email inbox where The Power of Opinions will have sent you a link, click this link to verify your account, and you are off and ready to start competing.

One of the main elements that people and survey takers are going to like about this survey website is that they boast an unlimited number of surveys for you to choose from. The Power of Opinions also wants their members to stay online and talk to members of the community.

In addition to online surveys, there are many face-to-face focus groups that need participants. Members gain access to both of these research opportunities. Surveys are usually rewarded in the range of 15p to £500, whereas focus group incentives start at £25 and may even include prize draws. Each time a member completes a survey, they will earn a Powerpoint, one Point Point pertaining to the equivalent of £10 for 1000 points. Once you have earned enough points to cash out you can request a payment through to your Nominated PayPal, or the other alternative is to exchange your points towards a voucher to a popular retailer. Available retailer vouchers are as follows: Starbucks, M&S, Amazon, iTunes, and John Lewis.

One of the great ways to earn points with this platform is by using your unique referral code and bringing in new members. Each time you refer a friend/neighbor/colleague or family member, you will be rewarded with 5 free-Power Points. The only condition is that the referred individual completes one survey to ensure they will be an active member within the community.


Since sourcing the information that I have, I have seen that the Power of Opinions is a legitimate way to earn money and if you are wanting to earn a side income then I highly recommend you make usage of this program, especially the referring a friend’s option trot. If you know how to sport affiliate marketing you will want to build a website and get started writing some content in order to add your affiliate links.

Pros And Cons About Power of Opinions


  • The Power of Opinions have a relatively low payment threshold
  • The Power of Opinions pays via PayPal
  • The Power of Opinions has a decent amount of surveys available


  • The website lacks a lot of relevant information
  • The Power of Opinions offers low rewards for surveys completed
  • The Platform is only visited by members throughout the UK

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