Is Pointsbox Really Worth Your Time? (Scam or Legit?)

Pointsbox Review

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Product Name: Pointsbox


Download: Website based only.

Owner: Unknown

Price: Free

Earnings: $1 weekly averaging.

Overall Rating: 80/100

What Is Pointsbox?

Pointsbox is a rewards site that pays people to complete simple tasks such as downloading an app, playing games, and completing surveys. There are brands online who value feedback about their developments and people can earn money with this.

Is Pointsbox Really Worth Your Time? (Scam or Legit?)

However, during my research, I didn’t find much (if any) information on who built and founded This can be quite a disturbance because how can we truly trust something when we don’t know who founded it?

How Does Pointsbox Work?

To get started with Pointsbox you just need an internet connection and computer. Go to and use both your email and name to create an account. Then, login and begin to search for jobs that suit you. You may also be asked to fill in some answers so that Pointsbox can better match you to particular tasks.

Also, make use of the Pointsbox Facebook Fan Page. When I went on there, it looked like they hadn’t really updated it since 2020. Next to this, it only sports around 4 likes.


Ways To Earn –

  • Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Completing Offers
  • Downloading Apps & Games
  • Offer Walls
  • Referrals

Payments –

  • Referrals – Earn 25% on what your referrals earn.
    • The website states: members can exchange their points for gift cards. Here is a list of payment options members can use at Pointsbox –
      • PayPal
      • Bitcoin
      • Amazon
      • Walmart
      • eBay
      • PlayStation Store Card
      • Google Play.

Community –

  • Website FAQ
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Helpdesk

Key Benefits –

  • Work from home
  • Contact page and help center page
  • Facebook Fan Page to interact with them.


Is Pointsbox safe? From what I can tell, Pointsbox seems like a safe platform (but I can’t guarantee it). However, there are some comments over on Trustpilot that Pointsbox says you need to earn points so that your points don’t expire. 

Does Pointsbox have payment proof? No. Pointsbox does not have any payment proof available.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. From what I have read online, members can download from many options, including PayPal.

Is Pointsbox a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. There are brands that want your feedback and will pay you to provide that.

Does Pointsbox have support? Pointsbox customer service is available by using the contact link at the bottom of their website.

Does Pointsbox have any bad reviews? Not really. There are some good reviews and negative.

Does Pointsbox have an app? No. Pointsbox is only available via website only.

Would you recommend Pointsbox to a friend or relative? No. Just because it doesn’t really offer a good way to earn, I don’t want to waste too much time not achieving anything worthy. If you want to know how you can earn a decent amount of money online, starting affiliate marketing is the way to go.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Has a referral program
  • Offers PayPal
  • Has decent ways to earn

What’s not to like –

  • Doesn’t say who can join?
  • Doesn’t provide a real business model that members can keep
  • Doesn’t say who the founders are?
  • Only 4 likes on Facebook Fan Page


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Now that we have been through some/if not all of what Pointsbox has to offer, is Pointsbox a scam or legit? 

I must admit, doesn’t have any information whatsoever on their website. On the about me pages, it only talks about when and how the business came to be. It completely misses the point of introducing who the founders are!

When you have a reward website and doesn’t explain who the people are or how it works, it’s a bit frustrating.

There isn’t any payment proof from, so I can’t guarantee its legit.

If you’re asking me if I think Pointsbox is worth it, I would say no, Not at all.

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