Is PointClub Legit? An Honest Review

PointClub Review

There are so many reasons to want to make money online and with the world the way it is with technology there are tons of reasons to make it happen easy. But, then you have survey sites, and what these are, are swift little side income steps that people use to learn a little bit more about the way the world works with Market Research. As you complete some surveys or GPT Tasks you will also be paid a unique side income which you can use on the thing that you wish to purchase.

Now, the internet has much larger ways that you can earn money and with being said, you may be quite well acquainted with some of them as the plan I make mention of now is Affiliate marketing. Have you ever heard of Affiliate marketing before? If you haven’t then there is a really great reason for you to listen up for the next few lines as I tell you how you can very easily implement some set techniques and begin to work the way you promote your survey sites.

I have seen tons of Survey Takers only fall short and use Social Media as their avenue of earning whilst promoting their affiliate links and this is because they don’t have an online business. When you try to promote a referral link to social media, if it isn’t in the form of contextual content you will more than likely have your links banned for posting to many times. When you get your survey affiliate links banned from social media, it only leaves you left with both Mobile text Messaging and Emailing.

You can scrap both those ways with an internet business and affiliate marketing, which is what I want to show you, you will create a website just like the one you’re on, and then you will reload some content that you orchestrate with your affiliate links. Once you have a page ready you can publish it to Google and begin getting traffic, and it will save you from never having anyone to promote your links to. Even if you don’t want to use survey links you can use anything including eBay products.

When you learn skills that make money it doesn’t take much longer to reach your goals.

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What is PointClub? launched in 2012 and is run by Innovate Market Research who is an independently-owned MR firm with more than 3,500,000 panelists, and over 10,000,000 survey completions to date. Innovative Market Research also own and operate iPoll. Because PointClub was founded by the Pioneers of Market Research, it now produces steadfast sprockets that boast many attributes such as Customer Transparency, Quality to attention and detail; on the customer’s end, Innovative, and committed to getting the true work jobs that many panelists need in this time. Points Club is a free survey panel to join and anyone can jump straight in and get started.

Here are a bunch of features that is on the inside of the club when you start:

  • More Ways to Gain Points – Members can earn extra point’s by linking accounts and completing profiles. Members can enter your email, or link to your Facebook account to earn 500 points. Complete the registration form for another 500 points, and confirm your email to be credited with 1,000 points.
  • Offer Board – The Offer Board allows members to earn point’s by purchasing items or simply by interacting with PointClub’s retail partners. The board is laid out in a way where it’s immediately obvious what needs to be done and how many points you’ll earn. Indeed, some offers only need you to sign up for a free trial, download a free app, or answer a customer survey.
  • Media Lab – The Media Lab is where members can earn point’s simply by watching and reviewing content. You’ll be shown videos or web advertisements, then asked to rate them. It’s fun but it does not pay anywhere near as well as surveys. You’ll only earn 30 points ($0.03) for reviewing 13 pieces of content.
  • Refer-a-Friend Program – PointClub offers a Referral Zone whereby members can earn additional point’s by inviting friends and extended family to join the community. Limited to members and referrals in the USA, earn 10% of your referral’s points that are earned by taking or attempting surveys. Refer 20 or more members to achieve Brand Ambassador status and receive a 20% of your referral’s earnings credited to your account.
  • PointClub Daily Points Giveaway – This is where Members can move high and “Like” the PointClub Facebook page and gain access to their sweepstakes! There are daily 10,000 points ($10) giveaways to be won. These are only open to residents of select countries including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Eligibility: Everyone worldwide, 18+.

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How does PointClub work?

As with all survey website there are a few things that need to be done before you can get started and they are first finding the survey platform that you like, then filling in both your name followed with an email address so that the platform can verify your email address. They will send you a link to your email inbox, which you have to click to become authenticated.

Once your profile is all set up, members can move forward with a bunch of tasks such as the following:

  • Online Surveys -Each time members participate in a survey they earn point’s which can be redeemed for gift cards. Each point is worth $0.0001, so 1000 point’s = $1. You can earn anywhere from 200 to 2,000 point’s per survey, although this can be multiplied with a daily streak bonus (see below). Surveys typically take between five and 30 minutes to complete. Your point’s are rewarded once a survey closes, so expect to wait up to 4 weeks before your point’s are in your account.
  • Survey Opportunities Available – Members can log into their accounts to view a list of online surveys available for completion. You will also be notified by email when you may qualify for a new survey, but it’s a good idea to log into your account regularly to check for opportunities and keep your daily streak bonus alive.
  • Get Points Even if You Are Screened Out – Even if members are screened out of a survey they still get points. PointClub will still credit your account with 12 points, just for trying! This counteracts the frustration of spending time on the start of a survey only to be dismissed with no compensation.
  • Daily Streak Bonus – The daily streak bonus is PointClub’s way to encourage consistent use of its service, and really can pay off. You build your streak by logging into the PointClub website every day. The more days you’re streak lasts, the higher streak level you reach and this is what ultimately lifts your clearance for further earnings. Streak bonuses can be as high as 10% (though this amount was higher in previous years, as bonus amounts were reduced in 2020). You may also receive a point’s bonus just for reaching a new level.


Now that the panel have been reproduced from my end I’m happy to conclude both that they are legitimate and fair to work for. I do recommend them and ask everything to stop by try then out and then let me show you how to also get tons of external followers to also sign up whereby you will be able to earn more off of them.

Pros And Cons About PointClub


  • PointClub has high joining bonus ($5)
  • PointClub has good survey opportunities
  • PointClub is easy to use
  • PointClub has great reward options
  • PointClub also sports an excellent customer service


  • PointClub has a high payment threshold that some might find alarming
  • PointClub has offers on the offer board that really are not all the best

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