Is Pinecone Research Legit Or Scam? Honest Review

Pinecone Research Review

There are so many reasons for you right now to focus in on this Pinecone Research Review as I am going to fully bring to your attention how you can make a staggering million dollars with the opportunity that they offer. If you have read more than one Review on these types of GPT opportunities along with Survey Site opportunities you will be sure that the usual Review doesn’t recommend doing this for a full-time income. I have read this and completely agree except they always leave out one of the biggest elements to this journey, and that is both Affiliate marketing and Referral marketing.

I have seen tons of Survey Site Takers completing their daily tasks and basically forgetting about the fact that you have a unique referral link as by which you can move forward and earn more Rewards than ever before just with Prospect Earners Signing up through your links. You don’t even need to work anymore. What I have noticed is that the Survey Takers are only using Social Media as a way to promote their links because they have come into this game through GPT and Survey Opportunities and not affiliate marketing. See, I started with affiliate marketing so I know that you need a website to make serious money online. If you only do small tasks here and there for Pinecone Research you will never earn the maximum that there is to be earned, in fact you will keep losing money the longer you don’t have your Pinecone Research Review indexed in Google and getting traffic.

I could have made this Pinecone Research Review solely based on the Pinecone Research Platform and told you more than needed in order to publish the content. You only need the basics. The whole point of this Pinecone Research Review is affiliate marketing, instead of let the next prospect member sign up through the Pinecone Research Website through your content, why not have a unique link in place so that you can be Rewarded for bringing in that new member? See what I mean?

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What is Pinecone Research? is a Survey and Product Testing Platform whereby members or Prospect members can earn a separate side income. Pinecone Research was founded way back in 1998, and furthermore they are owned by another parent company called The Nielsen Company. Pinecone Research is managed by Mr. William Miller, and it headquartered back in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pinecone Research is an exclusive Survey site that also offers Product Testing, now there some important aspects to the words mentioned just then and they are 1. You have to be invited to this Survey Site before you can create an account and begin taking surveys. 2. Some Survey Sites in the space are also attributed with the GPT Signal and this means that although their main focus is giving out Surveys to compare they also shoot off Product Testing Assignments every once in a while, which can also earn you a bit more in rewards.

Once a prospect member has successfully joined the Pinecone Research Platform they are called Panelists. Members will receive Surveys and opportunities directed into their email inbox once they are signed up, which can pay between $3-$5 accordingly. However, product testing can pay anywhere up to $6.

Because Pinecone Research is an invitation-only survey panel, potential new members must be invited by other members to join, or they must find a join link posted on a website. Can you proclaim how much you would earn if you could be the one to bring them all their new customers? Tons, and this is how much you’re losing each and every day that you don’t embark on your own online business website. You need a website to form a Pinecone Research Review just like this one, and this ensures that when a new member hears about this opportunity they read you review and join through you. You have to be at least able to imagine how many people use the internet in the world, that’s the potential.

If you have a question on anything Pinecone Research-related, do not hesitate to send in an inquiry through the website. The response time is usually 1-3 business days or even quicker depending on the workload of employees during the time of your question.

Eligibility: Available in select countries, Pinecone Research is an invitation-only panel.

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How does Pinecone Research work?

If you search for surveys websites online and see Pinecone Research, chances are you won’t be able to join. This is because the only way you can start earning money here is with an extended link that is sent to you by someone else. It’s kind of like affiliate marketing. This is pretty important if you are new to the online world and I’ll explain a bit now. This link that Pinecone has is given to each of their members. When you successfully get in you’ll have your own link but without a website you won’t be able to send it anywhere. It’s only when you have written content that you can enter the link in (with keywords) and people find your content on the internet. As they find your content they can click the link.

Sometimes you can find these links on Banner ads or Unsolicited websites.

Once you have been invited to partake at the Pinecone Research platform you will have a bunch of ways to start earning money. Once you complete your first survey, which is always rewarded with a minimum of 300 points, Pinecone Research will automatically send you a check for $3.00 to the mailing address on your profile. This is a security measure to establish your profile and account.

After you have received a link and successfully joined, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire so they can find out more about you.

Once you are in the website and you have joined the panel, you will have access to the following activities:

  1. Surveys – These surveys can be sent to you by email or you can find them within the panel settings. Something quite similar to other sites but different here is you won’t get kicked off a survey during the screening, and this is because they predetermine whether your right for it at the start. The Surveys normally take around 15-20 minutes to finish. In saying this, Pinecone also sends out short questionnaires which take around 2-5 minutes and for these you don’t earn any money.
  2. Product Testing Opportunities – Pinecone sends you products in the mail where you are to give your full and honest opinion on how good that certain product is. Not only do they send out products but they also send out food parcels so they can find out which food is the best. This is how many of the world leading brands find out about the quality of their stock. One of the better features that comes with product testing is a follow-up survey and this pays a large $3 (just for telling how the product test went).

As you can see, the opportunities do change depending on what platforms you use. Pinecone Research is one of the best you can get as they are really good at what they do, the only thing is trying to get in on the panel.

Payments and Rewards

After your first check, you will have the option to choose how you receive further estimates of your earnings, here is a breakdown of earnings methods and ways to get paid below:

  • PayPal – A minimum $3.00 balance is required. PayPal payments are processed within 3-5 business days without any extra fees.
  • Check – Members can request a check after taking one survey or when you have accumulated $3.00. You can choose payment denominations of $3, $5, or $15, Processing takes 3-5 business days after which the check is mailed. Bear in mind that checks sent by mail have longer wait times than PayPal.
  • Amazon e-Cards – Members can choose to receive an Amazon gift card with your collected points. The e-card will be sent directly to your email account.
  • Catalog and Gift Cards – Pinecone Research offers their members an extensive catalog of gift cards and merchandise options. Some of the gift card options include Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart gift cards, as well as many others.
  • Prepaid Virtual Visas – In many circumstances there are some Visas that are only available to US residents and residents of US territories which mean they can only be used in the United States.

As mentioned earlier your first Pinecone Research tasks awards you a minimum of 300 points. This equates to $3.00 USD for every survey completed. Canadians typically earn $3.00 CAD per survey, while Britons earn £3 per survey completion.


Pinecone Research is an 100% legitimate platform to start earning rewards from. One of the interesting elements that I like with Pinecone Research is that you have to be invited to begin, and this means that if you have your own website you can begin recruiting thousands if not million members all under your affiliate link. This would allow you to sit back at home while your online business makes you free money, but if you want this opportunity you will need to start the affiliate training that I also freely offer you coaching in.

I think this website opportunity is one of the best I have seen. They offer so many more opportunities than other ones, things like no survey pays under $3. They way each member is screened before taking the survey is a great idea as it doesn’t disqualify the member. This is something that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet.

With the Product Testing, that opportunity in itself is great because it works out to be a two in one flash strike. If you noticed in the review, after you have finished testing the products, they also “throw in” a “follow-up” survey which earns you more money on top of what you just earned.

With everything, I have mentioned it’s by far one of the best sites to get involved with.

I still need to stress that completing surveys online will not help you quit your 9-5. For this, you need to start affiliate marketing, and I stress to every surveyor that this is a major step in the right direction for you if your doing surveys. You don’t understand how easy it is building a website and earning millions of dollars. Especially with a free coach like me, if you step over this low potential strategy you’ll be laughing in the years to come.

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Pros And Cons About Pinecone Research


  • Pinecone Research is a free platform to join
  • Members of Pinecone Research are only sent surveys in which they have already qualified for
  • Pinecone Research is a well-established brand
  • Members of Pinecone Research get to test products that otherwise have not been sent to the streets yet.
  • They have many ways to get paid including PayPal
  • They offer really good deals including no surveys pay under $3
  • They are a platform backed by a large corporation called Neilson
  • Members do not lose out by disqualifying for surveys as they don’t have that


  • Pinecone Research has not mobile app which members will find annoying being on the go and not being able to earn
  • Prospect Pinecone Research members have to be at least 18 years old and based in either the United States, Canada, UK, or Germany in order to be considered for this research program.
  • Pinecone Research is an invite only opportunity
  • Pinecone Research has a limited amount of surveys for members which is another element that holds back their earning potential without an online business
  • More opportunities could go a long way
  • Bigger and better partnerships would help to make more earnings appear for people

2 thoughts on “Is Pinecone Research Legit Or Scam? Honest Review”

  1. Inasmuch as I’m not a big fan of survey sites, Pinecone Research has proven to be a very legit platform to make money from especially in your spare time. One thing I love about them just as you’ve mentioned is the fact that registration is done solely based on invitation. You must register through a user’s link.

    With this kind of system, you have more earning potentials. But I’ll advise people to learn a skill online or build an online business. This is very helpful as you’ll be in full control, and your earnings would be much more higher.

    You can’t use survey sites as your source of living because it doesn’t give that. If one feel bored and it’s looking to convert that boredom to money, then survey sites are the more preferred way to pass the time while you make money.

    • Hi, Kelvin, and thanks for your comment, I am happy I have been able to provide you with something that you can read and interact with. What you mentioned is exactly what I was talking about during the review, when you join a survey site to also write a review and publish it in Google to earn both ways. Thanks for recommending Pinecone Research as being a top-notch site to earn from regarding both ways.


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