Is Perfect Money An Easy Way To Transfer Money?

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Money is one thing that each human has to exist within the world. If you don’t have money, it makes things harder than what they normally would be for you to urge around and conduct your life in an orderly manner.

A necessary way we will transfer money securely is by using apps and bank transfers.

Generally, I personally use my phone app which has all my banking on that and internet banking also helps. It saves me from having to travel into the bank personally.

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Product Name: Perfect Money


A Team of experts

Free to sign up

Overall Rating:

What is Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is an online paying option for both people and businesses to use to transfer money.

After checking the Perfect Money App over on Google Play I found that it offers a 3.7 star rating! This is pretty good.

However, it also states that the Perfect Pay app version does not include everything that the web platform does. To counteract this just visit their web address which is

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Who is The Founder?

After performing some investigation work online I didn’t find the founder himself. Now you want to understand that Perfect Money could be a very legitimate and large-scale money transaction website that has been around for an extended time. Henceforth, making it hard to understand who really did found this platform and app.

Anyway, I did find that Perfect Money was created by a team of experts within the banking area who were also certified lawyers, economists, and a team of programmers knowledgeable within the e-finance industry at basic dynamics level.

What Do you get?

After you join up to Perfect Money You’ll be able to use both the right Money app and online platform to create your transactions. 

The net wallet supports funds deposits in u. s. Dollars (USD), European Euro (EUR), Gold (XAU) and Bitcoins (BTC). A user can add, receive, spend, or maintain funds in any of the currencies. 

Perfect Money Fees

Deposit FeeFrom 0%
Withdrawal/ Receiving Fee0.5-2.85%
Total Fees13-16.5%
Transfer Limit600,000 ruble

Is Perfect Money Any Good?

Yes, Perfect Money is a very good option as it has been around for quite a few years and proved itself to be worthwhile.

Also the fact that you can use e-vouchers for any necessary means with Perfect Money is another helpful aspect with the company.

Perfect Money also has an affiliate program and pay you 1% of annual interest for each person you refer to their network. Now this is a very important part about online marketing and if you’re using the internet right now then you need to know this.

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Perfect Money Review - Scam Or Legit?

How Well Does Perfect Money Work?

When you sign up you have two ways you can use this system but using the app or web address.

The web address offers a large amount of information but if you’re traveling or on a plane you’ll probably just want to use the Perfect Money app version.

How do I become a customer of Perfect Money?

To become a customer of Perfect Money, you need to register in the system.

What are Perfect Money supported currencies?

Each user account is multi-currency which are subdivided into 4 different currency accounts:

  • USD (PM units, the equivalent of a United States dollar)
  • EUR (PM units, the equivalent of Euro)
  • GOLD (PM units, the equivalent of the precious metal, expressed in Troy ounces)
  • Bitcoin (property rights for the publication of entries in the global public database of network on behalf of Perfect Money are reserved by Startup Research & Investments LLC);

What are some ways I can use Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is a universal system that was created as a perfect tool for online payments.

Here is what you can do using Perfect Money:

  • Platform users can make transfers between each other
  • It accepts payments on behalf of various business projects on the Internet
  • Users can make regular payments on the Internet
  • store funds in a secure electronic account and receive interest
  • pay for goods and services in various online stores
  • store your assets in cryptocurrency with no risks and no need to set up an additional wallet
  • buy Bitcoin, gold, USD, and EUR currencies online
  • borrow and lend funds on your own terms

Is Perfect Money a Scam or Legit?

No, Perfect Money is not a scam and is 100% legitimate.

If you find that you have funds in many different pathways of currency, just remember that you can convert Perfect Money currency into both PayPal and Bitcoin aswell.

If you head over to the Perfect Money website, you’ll notice that there are lots of different options you can use. This is my way of telling when a company is or is not a scam and Perfect Money has all the right qualities for a legitimate company.

Final Verdict

Now, when it involves using online money transfer companies I’m visiting, to be completely honest with you, there are too many to explain which is my favorite, but after all I will be able to say that PayPal could be a good one! 

I’m supposing that Perfect Money could be a site that’s intended for the usage of individuals who travel plenty and wish something that’s built to be able to transact from all different currencies once they have to; during this sense Perfect Money is incredibly good.

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