Is Peerspace Legit? An Honest Review

Peerspace Review

This is my Peerspace Review. Find out if Peerspace is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. How many reasons are there to want to make an online income within your lifetime? I know there are probably people reading this Peerspace Review right now just searching so inventively for a good opportunity and with this being said, maybe you have some space in your house or apartment that you are looking to get rented out?

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So what is Peerspace about and how are they any better? Let’s find out now!

What is Peerspace?

Peerspace is an online platform designed to connect both professionals businesses and intermediate colleagues to short-term spaces. Peerspace was founded by Matt Bendett and Rony Chammas. Peerspace headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. Peerspace generates $83.8K in revenue per employee Peerspace has raised a total of $37.8M in funding. Peerspace top competitor is Splacer, led by Adi Biran, who is their Co-Founder & CEO. Peerspace serves customers in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Austin, and Chicago. Matt Bendett and Rony Chammas founded the company, with its headquarters in San Francisco in California. Peerspace industries are:

  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Coworking
  • Event Management
  • Marketplace
  • Small and Medium Businesses

Its platform enables users to search, message, and book various spaces that include corporate and private event spaces, photo studios, artist spaces, conference rooms, industrial-chic event spaces, daylight photo studios, video sound stage, and photography studios, production studios, converted warehouses, train stations, photo and video spaces, sports car museum event spaces, and courtyards.

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How does Peerspace work?

Peerspace is the world’s largest market for hourly rentals of unique spaces for events, meetings, photo shoots, and media productions.

To begin renting out your spaces on the Peerspace website you will to create yourself an account which is not hard to do. Simply head over to their website and enter in both your name and email address.

Once your account is made you can create your first listing. It is basically the same as anywhere else you would make an add, and by this I mean you can add pictures, a description, availability, prices, and any exciting features, etc. After you’ve launched your space, you’ll get some inquiries. All guests are qualified and screened, and when a request is submitted, you can reply and accept reservations while viewing the profile. Peerspace has a concierge team that liaises between guests and renters to ensure a smooth transaction. This is another helpful advantage and would probably cost a lot more for you without that. That helps make the prices even more valuable.

For your information there are a few requirements in order to get the establishment moving forward which are:

  • A home or office/study/warehouse/outdoor space that you are willing to rent.
  • Be able to sign a legal contract that is necessary for your area to rent your property as a venue.

Listers can earn $5000 or more for advertising their spaces on the website. Listers also earn 85% of their rental space earnings.

Although there are some good points about this company there are also some bad. According to the Better Business Bureau they do not have an Accredited business with the company. They also sport an F Rating with the organization. There are some bad reviews on there that does not sound very nice at all which you can read more about and determine an opinion for yourself.


Now that I have fully finished my Peerspace Review I can conclude that this site is legitimate and people who want to rent their space at this location will do so and earn some side income.

Pros And Cons About Peerspace


  • Peerspace sports Free listing.
  • Peerspace lets you Earn 85% of the rental rate.
  • Peerspace offers $1 million liability insurance that protects hosts from property or injury damage.


  • Peerspace is Only available in 10 cities currently.
  • Peerspace does not offer any floor plans or design details yet.
  • Depending on where you live, you may need to pay additional taxes, which will lower your total earnings. You may be subject to fees that your city appreciates.
  • Has an affiliate program that is not really worth it and is only available to the hosts and space owners

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  1. Honestly, I just found out about this Peerspace today. There are countless scam sites everywhere today, but it’s nice to hear that this is a legit company. But at present there are only 10 cities. So, I think numerous people can’t do this. But what you have finally recommended is very intriguing. Thanks so much for posting like this. Keep posting like this.


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