Is Peanut Labs a scam? My In depth Review

Peanut Labs Review

There are plenty of ways to earn money, even just by getting a job is going to pay you some money.

But there comes a time when you start going online and seeing different ways that people are earning money online.

This could maybe tempt you into seeing what the big fuss is all about, even with both GPT and Survey Sites. These are among some of the main ways people start using the internet to earn some extra side income.

But What is Peanut Labs Surveys and is using publishing sites a good way to earn? Yes.

A publishing site works in conjunction to an advertising site, which means you’re completing activities that the advertiser needs done.

This is completely different to running your own website, which over time will make you into a millionaire.

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What is Peanut Labs?

Peanut Labs is an online publishing website that works with both members and advertisers to help one make money and the other complete set tasks that are required for the launch and growth of their company. They also create embeddable surveys for social media sites like Facebook.

Is Peanut Labs a reliable site to earn?

As you can see, by heading over to the Peanut Labs website, you won’t be able to see a quick start button for taking surveys. Instead, you’ll have to send in your details and they will work with where you’re coming from.

Peanut Labs offers a range of tasks members can complete to earn money including surveys, cashback on free trials, downloading apps, and watching videos.

The Peanut Labs website does not have much information about the founders, who are both Prosper Nwankpa and Murti Hussain.

Is Peanut Labs a reliable site to earn?

However, a big problem with the Peanut Labs website is that they sport a 1-Star Rating on Trustpilot. After checking some of them out, I found that people are saying they just are not worth the time of effort.

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Is Peanut Labs Legit?

Yes, even though Peanut Labs has a really bad rating on Trustpilot, it is still a legitimate platform.

A publishing site works in conjunction to an advertising site, which means you’re completing activities that the advertiser needs done.

After setting up your account you’ll be given login details to where you can login into the Peanut Labs dash and complete the offers that are sent your way.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in earning rewards from home? Have you tried Peanut Labs before?

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