Is Partnering With Anthony Going To Make You Rich?

Is Partnering With Anthony a Scam or Legit? Let’s Work Towards Finding out!

Are you looking for a way to make money online? If so, you have come to the right spot. My business is all about helping people look for and access financial freedom by building their own website and creating content that converts.

The only real way to earn money online is by creating quality content with keyword research. When you research proper keywords, you can gauge traffic that noone else has really focused on. Traffic is what a website gets in order to earn money.

Now, with situations like these, there are a lot of people coming out online claiming to be able to show people their secret recipes on making money online. But are these products any good? In many case’s no, because they go to deep without offering actual tools to build your website.

Is Partner With Anthony a scam? Let’s find out today in this review.

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Product Name: Partner With Anthony


Anthony Morrison

$7 per month or $97 one-time fee, plus upsells

Overall Rating:

What Is Partner With Anthony?

Partner With Anthony is an affiliate marketing product that was founded by Anthony Morrison.

Anthony sells he’s experience in the form of a video lesson series that people can buy for a $7 monthly payment or a one-time fee of $97.

This makes Anthony even richer, but does it really help human beings? No.

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How Does Partner With Anthony Work?

It works by creating a course that is to be sold for Anthony to build he’s revenue streams.

Whether it is fully legitimate or not is not going to matter. Because the product is based off a real industry, it sends the appearance of being fully legitimate, but it is not.


The Introductory Tools

Here is a list of the products you may receive inside Anthony’s inventory of training –

  • Funnel Builder from ClickFunnels ($99 to $297 per month)
  • Tracking Links from Build Redirect ($19.99 to $99.99 per month)
  • AutoResponder from Get-response ($15 to $1199 per month) depending on your subscribers
  • Domain from GoDaddy ($2.99 to $12.99) depending on the package
  • Newsletter from M Insider Newsletter ($9.95 a month)
  • Manage Email Subscribers from AWeber ($19 to $195 per month)
  • Access to FB support group and other training videos from Digital Marketing Mastermind ($69.95)

The Differentiated Tools

The list is optional but there. They’re inside the Working With Anthony training and may be the upsells where members have to spend more money –

  • Email Marketing
  • Creating Funnels
  • FB Advertising or FB Fan Pages
  • Creating Digital Courses
  • Creating Automated Webinars


Is Partner With Anthony a legit way to earn money? No. The concept is a legitimate earning method but when people want to sell a course on it, really, it is just the same run-of-the-mill content being generated, and noone needs it.

Is it a safe way to spend my money? No. There is no telling how many upsells there are inside these trainings, and when it says “You really require this, or You Really require that” it becomes very hard to say no. By the end of it, you have spent money and made none in return.

Will I get a refund if I don’t like the training? Yes and no. There have been multiple complaints of people who have bought this training and asked for a refund, but it was a battle to get it. The whole thing is very complicated when speaking to support.

Is Partner With Anthony the right way to build a business online? No. To build an online business, you must build a WordPress website where you can publish proper content to Google. These gains trust in people’s eyes for the long run!

Is it expensive? Yes. Although it sounds cheap enough, it isn’t. These are wrong when it comes to selling courses, I think upsells are awful, but the creators always take them to the next level!

Is it worth the price? No. For what you’ll get, it is so not worth it. It is the ones who work the 9-5 who want to “play” with the purchase. They know what is coming, but they just want to try it because they have the money. They’ll treat me with “I’ll come to him when it’s ready”.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • Commission Opportunities
  • Anthony does have potential to do things right, like point people to much larger networks such as eBay and Amazon

What’s not to like

  • Hidden Charges
  • Anthony Morrison as a Mentor
  • No Refund Policy
  • Bad Customer Service
  • Drip Fed System
  • Done-For-You Funnels
  • It is All About Promoting PWA


The one thing I like to put forward is knowing the industry and where you can go if you can’t earn money online.

Don’t use these small products that are just basically useless.

Instead, try proper and large affiliate networks who are known and trusted already.

To make money online, you just need to find the link on these websites that say affiliate and click it. It will then show you your affiliate links that you can promote and earn a commission.

This is the proper way.

If you don’t have a website, yet, then that can be arranged very quickly using this free guide.


Spending money online is always something that needs caution, but when it is a trusted site, you know for a fact that everything should be okay.

This isn’t the same when we start talking affiliate marketing products.

People who are trying to learn about affiliate marketing should always bite their tongue and just go for the legit way, which is to build a website and start writing content. There is no quick access to making money online, you just won’t ever make money online without time and research.

Partner With Anthony is not a horrible product but what these types are doing just looks desperate. I know because we see it all the time, you just have to go to eBay or Amazon, and you’ll see that they have affiliate programs? Why should these types build their little courses and waste people’s time???

Do you want to see people making money the legit way? $12,000 in 11 months. This is one example. You should look at my free coaching guide if you want real-life guidance from me on how to make money online. I look forward to helping you.

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