Is PanelPolls Legit? An Honest Review

PanelPolls Review

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What is PanelPolls? is a survey opportunity that has many more options than your usual Survey Website, as they sport offers for both, families with kids, teens, young adults, parents, and adults. Surveys cover a range of fun and interesting topics including new products, services, TV shows, toys/dolls, mobile apps and games, sports, trends and more. Members can also receive opportunities to participate in other paid research activities like online communities, focus groups & in-person sessions, mobile app and game tests, TV show pilot tests, and movie screenings. So far this survey site is sounding very interesting and it is with a site like this that you immediately write a Survey Review on them and quickly publish your affiliate links to the Review page on to Google. When you have this in place you are ready to move forward earning rewards of the many prospects that see your offer.

PanelPolls have been in the business since 1999 and is powered by the research company, Touchstone Research. This makes it one of the most experienced and longest-running survey sites online. In fact, the company itself started in 1991 and held its first online survey back in 1997. When searching for Survey Websites, it is always going to work out great when the site you’re pertaining to have been around for many years moving forward.

But wait, there’s even more about this online survey company that both sports equity and value, they are in the industry for keynotes and has provided answers for large businesses such as DreamWorks Studios, IBM, and even Google.

Panelpolls members must meet certain eligibility criteria and membership may be limited, whilst parents must give consent for children who are 6-17 years of age and wish to participate. More than one child may be signed up per household.

Eligibility: (United States residents only): Panelpolls is open to kids 2-14 (through their parent – a parent is the member and must review and approve their child’s participation for each activity), teens 15-17, young adults 18-34, and parents of children ages 0-17.

But know this, surveys don’t pay much and in my opinion they’re more about learning and seeing what the make money online opportunities are about. Try reading about real proof from people who take their journey seriously: New commission record $2,000+ in 1 day. This is because the member was focused and built what he was taught.

How does PanelPolls work?

As with all survey sites the signing up process is basic and basically the same every time. To create an account you will need to use both your name and email address. When you are signed up, you’ll need to bust back to your email inbox to verify your email with the survey firm that you are working for and when that’s done you can start receiving jobs

At PanelPolls there is a large variety of offers for you to choose from such as:

  • Paid Online surveys – These pay members up to $10 per survey
  • Online Communities – These pay members up to $10-$200
  • Testing new apps and games – This pays members up to $10-$100
  • In-Person Focus Groups & Research Studies – Participating in this will pay members up to $100-$500

PanelPolls also uses their platform for children to have a large opportunity also. Some projects include: watching new TV shows before anyone else, playing mobile apps & games testing and providing opinions on toys, dolls, and other products, celebrity surveys and rating kid focused brands. 

Panelpolls members may receive invitations to special in-person focus groups and paid research studies on a variety of topics. These studies can pay $100 to $500 each, which will make you rich is you are always getting $500 jobs. They typically last 45 minutes to 2 hours. Examples of past studies include: TV show pilot testing, moms wine and cheese night, mobile games/app testing and other discussion or collaborative-based activities.


Now that I have finished the PanelPolls Survey Review I have fully concluded that this platform is definitely legitimate and that people looking to earn an online income should definitely consider joining, as you can make large amounts of profit even when you use your affiliate links with an online business.

Pros And Cons About PanelPolls


  • PanelPoll has plenty of earning opportunities
  • PanelPolls pays relatively high rewards for their paid offers such as $500
  • PanelPolls also has a fairly low payment threshold


  • PanelPolls doesn’t have payment via PayPal
  • PanelPolls limit certain memberships only for the US
  • PanelPolls could accept a few more members during its running time.

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  1. Hi
    i have taken surveys from panel polls, and they are a reliable survey panel, even i have completed some focus groups and all payments without a problem. Also would like to recommend this panel i have taken surveys from them for some time and so far no problem,all payments on time.
    My best regards

    • Hi James, thanks for your recommendation, that site looks very clean indeed. I will have to do a review on it sometime and see how it goes! Thanks for all your information.

      With Best Regards,

      Michael V.


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