Is Panda Research Legit Or Scam? Honest Insights

Panda Research Review

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What is Panda Research? is a known survey website that was directed (founded) back in 2005, this, in turn, makes the opportunity over 10 years old, which is a good thing when wanting to get paid as the longer a platform has been initiated, the better chance you have at becoming successful with it.

Panda Research is also equated with A&A Marketing, Inc, who is a marketing firm based in Illinois US. Panda Research is also owning a few other Survey Sites such as and, however, unlike the latter two brands, Panda Research is the flagship product of the group and has received the most attention by the users.

According the BBB (Better Business Bureau) there are two profiles in which both Panda Research and their Parent company do not have ratings. This leaves us with no clear perspective regarding the reliability of its brands. Although, according to BBB, A&A Marketing Inc. has an old rating of F from a scale of F to A+. The company is not currently accredited by BBB. This, in turn, makes it a zero trust company.

Normally with completing surveys and other tasks at both Survey Sites and GPT Sites, you will get paid more the more you work, so it means the longer the task, the more you will get paid.
Once you have an account created, you will be ready to embark on surveys, but, first, the bottom bit pertains to some of their payments information that you could find helpful:

  • After you have reached $50 USD, you are liable to withdraw the amount to your PayPal account.
  • The withdrawal is subject to verification via phone call. The website maintains that the verification process is to prevent any possibility of fraud.
  • The payment is paid only on the 1st and 15th of the month.
  • The payment is paid 30 days after successful verification.
  • There is a limit of withdrawing only in batches of $50. This means that if you do not have multiples of $50 available (e.g. $107.5), then you would be paid with the maximum possible multiple of $50 ($100) and the rest would be kept in your account for later withdrawal ($7.5).

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How does Panda Research work?

As with all survey websites to get started the new user must provide both their name and email address so that they can have a profile set up to also receive offers. Once this is done you can move forward with you aspects. Creating your account will need both your name and email address.

Panda Research operates the same way as any other website online that offers surveys. The website is clean and offers an amount of reliability when get started, but in fact, the site has actually had multiple upgrades since it perception back in 2005 making it now look both clean and sturdy to perform miracles.

Once your account is set up you will be sent a link to your email inbox where you have to click on a unique link which helps Panda Research verifies your identity.

Panda Research sends survey invites to your email address, so be sure to register with one that you’ll check frequently.

When you respond to any survey, you’ll first need to qualify. The qualification process usually entails a brief questionnaire that determines whether you match the requirements for a survey.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t qualify for every survey you respond to. In that case, you won’t make any money from the survey. Panda Research only pays you for surveys that you can complete in their entirety.

When you do complete a survey, Panda Research will credit your account the amount it stated in the survey invitation.


To my concluding wake of this outreach survey site I have now deemed the site as both efficient and necessary in order to earn money online. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to earn more money from home, or even just as a side bonus site which you can conclude to your benefits.

Pros And Cons About Panda Research


  • Panda Research is free to join
  • Panda Research pays out through PayPal


  • Panda Research has limited earning opportunities
  • Panda Research has a high payout threshold
  • Many complaints about not getting paid
  • They do not guarantee to pay
  • Many offers on the site are VERY poor

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