Is Palm Research a Scam or Legit Opportunity To Earn? An Honest Review

Palm Research Review

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What is Palm Research? is a Research Marketing company with roots dating back to 2009; based out of California, The Palm Research Market Research Panel has estimated growth of insane value, reaching 250K worldwide. It is because of your opinions among Online Surveys that products and services are being dated to grow within the way we see fit.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Palm Research has an A+ Rating but is not an accredited business with the corporation.

The Palm Research website is simple but yet elegant. Because of the minimum of featured aspects on the platform, it is easier for member’s to disembark and work out what they see fit as doing most.

On the front Page of Palm Research website website they make a clear claim that they will pay their member’s remaining salaries once their accounts have reached a low minimum threshold of $10.

Eligibility: International members accepted. Members must be 14+, however many surveys require 18+ member’s only.

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How does Palm Research work?

As with all Market Research Companies when the prospect member finds something they are willing to partake in them must first guarantee their accounts. This means by entering your name and email Address you are becoming a member and wanting to carry out work tasks in order to receive some income. Once your account is made, you will need to double back to your email inbox to verify your email address.

Palm Research website offers its members the opportunity to participate in online surveys, focus groups, and even product reviews. The Surveys that member’s can take usually take about 6 to 12 minutes to complete, while focus groups are more or a time commitment, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Compensation will be in proportion to time spent, so if you take a survey which takes 5 minutes you will earn less (in most cases) then a survey that takes 20 minutes.

A unique element to Palm Research website is the abundance of surveys available. Each day the site gives member’s 3 daily surveys that are worth $1, $0.75 and $0.50. This makes it easy to rack up rewards quickly with Palm Research which is what many members want. 

As mentioned earlier, once you have accumulated $10 in your account, you may request a cash payment through either PayPal or by having a check mailed to your address. Palm Research keeps it simple and easy to get the rewards you deserve by providing an online website where you can log in and deem first your rewards or just sit tight while Survey Options get sent out to you.


Truly, I think the Palm Research Website is a bit fishy, but they are legitimate. They want far more information than normal Survey Websites but at that same time they still give member’s Surveys to complete while paying them for their work.

Pros And Cons About Palm Research


  • Palm Research does have cash rewards
  • Palm Research offers PayPal as a threshold payout option
  • Palm Research has many different places where members can sign up


  • Palm Research Appears to be a Survey Website Platform whereby they only like to gather other member’s data, whereby they use their Survey Opportunities as the reason for it.
  • Cash out periods can forever to receive your funds
  • The Palm Research Platform has an outdated website and needs to be completely re-done

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