Is Paidera a Scam or Legit? An In depth Review

Paidera Review

There is so many reasons to want to begin making money online and in this review, I will speak about a survey site called Paidera. As the name suggests, it is paying people to partake in their offerings to earn an extra side income.

Generally speaking people will try to make money online by searching the internet for information how. This often starts off by leading people to taking surveys and completing GPT activities. These options don’t pay that much but it is a way to gain some further insights in how to make money online and in that particular category.

But What is and is taking surveys a way to pay off a house or do the things you want to do that costs a lot of money? The simple answer is no.

As just mentioned, there are generally two ways that people will advance online and they’re by taking a paid-for-course such as Invincible Marketer or a subscription based training.

To make money from the internet you must create a website and join affiliate programs. This will then allow you to write an article based on a product and get paid commissions when it sells from your website. This is called affiliate marketing and I coach people for free and highly recommend you read this article 900 Referrals in a WEEK! Damn, this is sick! If you wish to learn more or even start now.

What is Paidera?

Paidera is an online paid survey site that offers to pay people to join and take surveys. Although their main aim is to fill surveys, Paidera also offers other ways to make money such as downloading apps, doing tasks, inviting friends, uploading videos, writing short articles, and more.

Is Paidera a scam or Legit? An In depth Review

The front of the Paidera website states: Turning your free time into money. This is a clear sign that the platform means business.

Even though there is no real information on who founded the Paidera website, within their FAQ page, it states that anyone from around the world can join. It also says there is no limit to how much you can earn.

The Paidera website looks legitimate and easy to use.

What makes this opportunity something that people might like is that you don’t need any experience.

But this isn’t really the point, what this is, is a way to earn a low income and not something I advise doing.

Instead, check out Made $7,395 in a WEEK: First Black Friday Results! And do what this guy is doing if you want to make some serious money online.

How does Paidera work?

To get started with the Paidera platform all you have to do is head over and create an account using your name and email address. When your account is created you just need to go over to your email inbox where you can verify your email and this is what Paidera will use to notify you whenever there’s an active survey or activity.

Even though the earnings are quite small, members can still perform these tasks from their computers within general.

Paidera offers micro-tasks, paid tasks, and other similar ways to earn.

The following is some of the amounts paying by Paidera for such activities:

  • Paid Surveys – $0.03
  • Writing Articles – $0.10 for both blog and forum posts.
  • Creating Videos – $0.15 per video upload
Is Paidera a Scam or Legit? An In depth Review

With the referral program, each new person you can bring into the platform is going to pay you $0.10. Now this isn’t a lot but is it something and everything counts when you’re working for these types of platforms. I have actually made a whole page outlining how you can sign up to these platforms and with your referral links get more people signing up, and the key is to create a blog and get traffic from Google. After writing a review on these GPT Sites you earn more by referring others.

There is a minimum of $30 that members need to cash out or if you have 150+ referrals members can cashout at $20.

Paidera does offer PayPal which means you can get straight cash after performing all your work.

So, now that you can see what the Paidera site has to offer its now your turn in getting started.

Spending a lot of time online working for a single-pay amount is not something I highly recommend, and it isn’t the money, it’s the time spent. I couldn’t find anyone behind this platform, so who knows, it could just get shut down without anyone knowing a thing. Now, when you don’t know who built the platform is makes it harder getting your money back.

So, In saying this, I highly recommend starting an online business which earns passive income. This opportunity is now ten times easier than what it used to be and even offers reliable kits where you build your site and engage in an affiliate program all in one. Try reading more with some success people are having My first $1,100 dollar day!, because with the latter you’ll be making money in no time.


After finishing my Paidera Review I can now fully conclude that this company is legitimate and does offer some really good surveys to complete.

But these types of opportunities only pay very low rewards, and especially for the time spent, it just really isn’t worth it.

What I personally recommend

Affiliate marketing is when you build a website and create content that people look for and read. When somebody lands on your website you’re the one who earns money when they click the links and make a purchase. You earn by way of commissions, they pay you and you make revenue based on your website sales.

It is by far better that you build a website and create content over time because one day the content will rank and you will have made a business that is profitable.

If you want to take my hand and get free coaching then start now with my #1 Rated Training and I’ll see you on the inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in taking surveys for rewards? Have you tried Paidera before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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