Is Paid Surveys UK a scam? An In Depth Review

Paid Surveys UK Review

There are so many reasons to want to begin making some extra money online and both Survey and Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites are often among these ways of earning more money.

But do they provide much income? The truth is no not really. I mean, unless you started a business and had employees working for you I don’t think they will ever become much of an earning opportunity. However, there is definitely ways in which you can earn money online by way of thousands.

So, interestingly, What is Paid Surveys UK and does platform give a good way to earn some extra cash? Let’s find out soon.

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What is Paid Surveys UK?

Paid Surveys UK is an online paid surveys website that offers people the chance to sign up and make some money.

After doing some research, I encountered a mere fact that Paid Surveys UK isn’t exactly a site that gives you the surveys to fill out. In fact, they’re just another middle man that which provides different survey websites for you to join. In other words they’re an online survey portable where you can get a better chance of earning more money because some survey sites are all rolled into one.

I have done some reviews on sites like these such as Bigspot, SurveyCompare, and Students Earn Cash.

Is Paid Surveys UK a reliable site to earn?

Paid Surveys UK will showcase two new members a list of survey websites within the UK.

Paid Surveys UK is owned by Submission Technology Ltd., which also operates OhMyDosh, and 20 Cogs, which are popular sites that pay you to complete offers.

So before we continue, it is important to understand that Paid Surveys UK is an affiliate site that provides basic information about survey panels and registers people with selected sites. Therefore, it’s not responsible for handling surveys and cash rewards.

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How does Paid Surveys UK work?

To get started with Paid Surveys UK anyone simply needs to go to their website and sign up with a free account. Once that’s done, you’ll just need to verify your email address by going into Gmail and clicking the link.

It is important to remember that while you’re creating an account and becoming registered with this platform, that they’re indeed an affiliate website. This means that they’re making a lot of money off you each time you join a platform through them. Which reminds me about being able to make enough money with surveys, I mentioned this earlier and noted that you could get employees filling out the surveys for you. Well in this case you could create a portal website like these and become an affiliate of all the sites, therefore anyone who signs up under you becomes your referral.

Since starting my online business, I have started noticing more and more of these portal sites and they seem to be getting more sophisticated as well. I believe they’re here to stay and aren’t going away.

As you can see, the simple sign up process only asks for your name, DOB, and gender. On the next page, it will show you a list of survey sites that you’ll then need to sign up to if you’re not already a member.

What’s nice about this part is that Paid Surveys UK does put in a little effort and writes down key features of each site, such as payment methods, signup bonuses, rewards, etc. They also provide a complete review of the panel by clicking on the link “read more”. This is going to show you the fastest way to an increasing revenue system. You can hit the limits that you vibe with and choose to leave what you don’t like.

Paid Surveys UK claims that you will earn an average of £3 per survey, and if you complete 5 surveys per day, it’s possible to reach £300/month. Well, from my experience, that is an overestimate and I haven’t ever seen someone earn that much from a survey site before, although it may be possible with product testing and what knot involved.

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With the Paid Surveys UK Review finished I can now fully conclude that this site is legitimate but very average. I would think that more people would get annoyed just because they’re in a rush to earn money and come across a platform that isn’t offering what it seems, and this can be very annoying sometimes.

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