Is OneOpinion a Scam? An Honest Review

OneOpinion Review

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What is OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is an online survey and product testing panel that were founded in 2011 and are owned by Dynata. OneOpinion offers surveys to their members on behalf of some of the worlds largest research companies. As a member, you will be able to further your skill set by learning about new products and services and furthermore helping to develop the products and services into what they are today.

One of the ways that I recommend searching for within a survey website is finding out whether they have a social media presence and this will help you decide on their legitimacy. For example, the OneOpinion Survey Platform has a Facebook Fan Page with over 21K Likes. This is going to be a good way for you to keep up to date with the trends, the platform has to offer plus get site support whenever you need assistance with something associated with your membership.

Also, while Speaking on customer care, OneOpinion promises its members great customer service. If at any point you have a question about anything regarding OneOpinion, fill out the contact form or call the customer service line, and you will be connected with a customer representative that can answer your question(s).

Eligibility: 13+ (with Adult Supervision), Residents of the USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Australia, and Canada may join. Multiple members from the same household may join.

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How does OneOpinion work?

As with all survey websites, a new prospect must complete their sign up registration to begin their experience within the platform. Once they have signed up using both their name and email address they will then have to return to their email inbox to verify they are a real person signing up and not just a fake bot.

Members of OneOpinion get the opportunity to see and test new products that are not even on the market yet. Try new products right in your home and tell OneOpinion about your experience.

Most surveys pay the points equivalent of $1 to $5 ($1 = 1,000 points), so you’ll hit the 25,000-point threshold needed to start redeeming your rewards quickly if you are an active member of the panel. Even if you screen out of a survey, OneOpinion will still reward you with 50 points.

After a member takes an online survey, their reward (points based) will instantly be loaded into your account. These points can be traded in towards great rewards from the OneOpinion Rewards Program.

If a member qualifies for a survey and their profile matches the studies criteria, there may be a new survey for you to take every day for moving forward with your criteria.

Once you have reached 25,000 Points (1,000 points = $/£1.00) you are able to redeem towards items in the OneOpinion Rewards Program. You could redeem your points for a $25 virtual Visa Debit Card instantly. These cards will be sent via UPS to the member’s address by mail. If you cannot wait to receive a physical card by mail, Another way to receive your payment is to opt for virtual assets which you can receive immediately. The last option members have in getting paid their salary is to receive a general payment of one which consists of PayPal or Amazon gift Cards.

OneOpinion also has a “One-Rewards Program”, which lets you trade your well-earned points for diverse rewards that you can choose from, if you prefer rewards beyond cash or prepaid debit cards.


Now that I have fully finished the OneOpinion Review I can certainly conclude that the site is legitimate and members or prospects will be able earn money with their site and have fun.

I actually received this inbox message on Reddit soon after publishing this OneOpinion Review with which I thought displayed a very helpful insight into exactly what the site is like and what people can expect by taking part in this opportunity, enjoy:

Is OneOpinion Legit? Review

Pros And Cons About OneOpinion


  • OneOpinion is a High-quality site
  • OneOpinion allows members to conduct Multiple accounts per household
  • OneOpinion has Instant point rewards
  • OneOpinion also conducts Fast and varied pay-outs
  • OneOpinion has a Disqualification reward for members who don’t qualify for their surveys
  • OneOpinion has a Pre-survey verification which helps authenticate the site for prospects
  • OneOpinion does not have Fees -free
  • OneOpinion has 24/7 customer support


  • Hard to qualify for every survey which is what you want when taking online surveys.

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