Is Money Under 30 a Scam or Legit Finance Blog?

Money Under 30 Review

There is so much information online at the moment that staying out of debt should not be a problem.

But when you have a house, and car, or loan & land package, you must be in debt?

You will need to work hard over the space of your own life in order to pay these off!

Does Money Under-30 give you the power to really make money? Or are they just another finance blog looking to earn themselves? I think the proof is very obvious.

For anyone that doesn’t know what online blogging is, it is the form of writing an article and publishing it to a very high ranking search engine called Google. In turn for your article, Google will spit back a large number of people who are searching for whatever they’re searching for. This generates a large volume of money.

You can make millions of dollars just by writing a simple article like this and ranking it within the Google search engine.

To me, this is how you make money and escape debt.

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What is Money Under 30 and what does it have?

Money Under 30 is a very large online Finance Blog scroll that claims to have all the answers you need when it comes to escaping debt. But how many people have truly become rich by reading their blog? This is an honest question. was founded by David Weliver back in 2006 who himself had sported struggles not making enough money. On the “About Me” page of Money Under-30, it proclaims that in only 3 years, Weliver was able to escape an $80K debt. It does not go any further from there how he did this, but being a blogger myself, I assume that he wrote some articles and ranked in them within Google. Ads, affiliate marketing, everything as such.

This to me is not finance, it is more like marketing. So shall we call the blog both “a marketing finance blog”?

These are all the problems with the internet at the moment, people need to just stay in their lanes. I mean, have you seen how much content there on that blog? The menu has everything money, and thousands of words worth of articles, clearing stating that they are a blog/content mill.

How does or how will Money Under 30 help you?

Learning how to make money online is not going to happen with the website.

The Money Under 30 websites consists of a large menu that says Credit Cards, Banking, Loans, Investing, Insurance, Personal Finance, MU30 In Person.

This internet needs to be sorted out.

I want people to be able to make money and escape debt very easily and truthfully. This means building an affiliate marketing website and writing content. The industry is called affiliate marketing.

People can write about their finance journeys until the sun goes black but you will never make a cent without the truthful information.

At the Money Under 30 websites, I truly don’t think that anyone will be able to find a pathway out of their debt simply with some articles. They need a step by step action path.

If you’re somebody who is facing debt and don’t know what to do, I highly advise you to take my #1 recommended training and following each step along the way. I will also coach you personally on the inside for free.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience with Money Under 30? Have you ever escaped debt before with any one finance article?

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